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    Ariko and the Ultra-Phoenix Timeline


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    Ariko and the Ultra-Phoenix Timeline

    Post by Akreious on Wed Oct 07, 2015 11:01 pm

    This is a more clear-cut backstory to both Ariko and Ultra-Phoenix. If anything does not go along with the time of the applications, trust this one as this is the OFFICIAL backstory.

    27 Trillion Years into the Future, Sudden Reign of the Super Saiyan Xen Emperor
    During this timeline, The Saiyans found Earth and destroyed it when the Humans refused to work as slaves, making The Beyond in this timeline void and non-existent. Although once the Saiyans has burned through all their worthy enemies and became the height of their power, They slowly decreased in power with no worthy foes and along with their lust for battle, Slowly turning into a super-advanced civilization, Overshadowing anything in the past and slowly gaining a sense of justice, becoming defenders of the Galaxy after looking back on their past objectively. However their Lord differed from them and utilized ancient training ways to reach Super Saiyan Xen and rule over the Saiyans with a Golden Fist, naturally an Advisor objected but the king slayed him in cold blood. The advisor wrote a map from his own blood before dying, going to ancient ruins foretelling the destruction of the Dark King by a child with several natural scars across his body with grey hair, and the Original Saiyan Tail from old times. Saiyans now reduced to slaves.

    3 Trillion Years Later, Advent of the Prophecy Child

    The king's life now extended by Ki manipulation, killed any hope of the king Dying of natural causes. The slaved Saiyans were full of tears and sadness until the Birth of a slave child, considered to be the lowest of the low, The child beared natural scars and grey hair which was unnatural to Saiyans. Thinking they only have one chance, they placed the child in a All-Environment Hardsuit modified to be virtually indestructible because of it's bio-metal regeneration ability, Launching the child into a unknown desolated planet, Where the child would meet the last Ultra-Phoenix. The mission would be called "Mission Ariko"

    18 Years later, The Ultra Phoenix and Ariko

    The Ultra Phoenix found and raised Ariko to teen years where the Teen would learn under the mentor of the "Young" Ultra-Phoenix. Until the date of Ariko's birthday where the King finally found Ariko. The Ultra-Phoenix tried to fight the king and was winning easily, not even breaking a sweat until the King put Ariko and the planet in danger by trying to incinerate it. To immediately incinerate the king and save everything with it's God-like powers was easy although the Ultra-Phoenix didn't want to abuse his power. Instead, He told his student to go back to his Hardsuit and they whisked through time. Although, going back too far sling-shot them into another dimension's past (That's confusing), reducing the Phoenix's abilities and forcing the Phoenix to use Ariko as a host as well as wiping all his memories.

    Now a spoiler
    -Ariko isn't even his true name

    Ultra-Phoenix Side-Story
    Before mentoring Ariko, Ultra-Phoenix had a sad back-story. Originally having a family like any other, they had fun and grew accordingly. Although because of Dark-Phoenixes, The Ultra-Phoenix species has been hunted to near-extinction and the same can be said for Rirkua's family. He was left alone in a dark void until Rirkua embraced Darkness, turning into a Dark-Phoenix Himself and Earning himself the title "Unholy God of Destruction". Until one day, he'd been destroying planets one by one across the Galaxy with his Dark-Phoenix friends until his "Friends" attacked a young girl that tried to befriend Rirkua. Being the first to try and befriend a destroyer like him, Rirkua tried to be nice but his Dark-Phoenix friends disagreed and Killed the girl, by the most brutal and painful and cruel way possible, laughing the whole way through. Rirkua, shocked, Turned back to light for a sanctuary and driven insane, before he turned back into a Ultra-Phoenix and obliterated his Dark-Counterparts, bringing his species from Extinct to Critically Endangered with him being the last Ultra-Phoenix.

    (I'll make a more roleplay-y thing later with dialogue and stuff)


    "True freedom isn't achieved by force, or strength. It is earned when someone unites all in unity! I shall be the one to see it through with kindness and hope!"

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