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    Nightingale's Super Complicated History (HUGE WIP)


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    Nightingale's Super Complicated History (HUGE WIP)

    Post by Nightingale on Wed Oct 07, 2015 3:01 pm

    ~~B.N. (Before Nightingale)~~

    Before Nightingale, the god of Magic was a man by the name of Vixen. He was light purple in hair, to the shade of lavender, and his eyes were dark blue; a blend between navy and royal. Yep. This is Nightingale's father. Vixen had three sisters, and only a half-brother. Their names were Lilia, Aquillo, Kazi, and Shenzi; remember Shenzi, though. He's going to be important.

    Okay, so one day Vixen disguised himself as a mortal man because he was bored. He wanted to go and walk amongst the 'normal' people of the world, instead of being stuck with his three annoying sisters. His brother, Shenzi? Well, he was okay, but he wasn't immortal; Shenzi couldn't live forever, and Vixen had a hard time getting along with the fiery man.

    Among the streets Vixen walked upon, he saw a Princess of the city he was strolling in. He had seen her before, and plucked her name from her mind, and as he heard it in person, it rung in his ears like harmonious bells...

    Princess Jessabelle.

    It fitted her perfectly. Jessabelle had long ginger hair and eyes that shone like emeralds. A beautiful name for a beautiful lady.

    Okay, so, you know what happens. They fall in love, and then, like, 2 years later, BABY NIGHTINGALE! :D

    Unfortunately, Jessabelle died while having Nightingale. This made Vixen depressed, but upon looking at his new daughter, his heart hardened. This little girl looked like the spitting image of her father. For some reason, this turned Vixen's sadness to fury,  and took the child. He used his godly powers to lock her inside a star. Nightingale, of course, had no idea what was happening. She had died, but only because her father couldn't handle his lover's death.

    ~~About a month after Jessabelle's death...~~

    Vixen had realized that he needed his daughter. Upon speaking with his grandfather, it has been tradition that whenever a god or goddess dies, their offspring is to take their place as their successor. So, he actually needed Nightingale. But he couldn't bring himself to raise her, so he gave her to his half-brother: Shenzi. Shenzi lived in this old cabin within the forests by the city Jessabelle lives in, so he was lonely. He was happy to be given a little girl to raise as his own child, despite her being his niece.
    After giving Night to Shenzi, Vixen was never seen again until Nightingale was a mere toddler.

    ~~When Nightingale was 2...~~


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