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    It's Bugging Me


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    It's Bugging Me

    Post by Nexus on Mon Oct 05, 2015 8:06 pm

    The sound of metal gears rang through the hallway as a steel door was shut closed and its lock was rotated into place. Concrete floors were fixated with the noise of boots marching down the narrow line of barred corridors, along with the faint echo of monotonous voices and the constant rev of a drill in motion. A man stood in place, flipping through a chart of lists and names, while the source of the marching stopped several feet away from him. The man was adorned with a starched suit sewn from gray string, topped with a staunched campaign that was stained with a matching color. He looked up from the papers, revealing his glare to a person with hands bound by cuffs being carried by two others with matching uniforms.

    This glare was only matched by the tone of his voice as he nonchalantly pronounced, "Lieutenant David E. Vicht- or, rather, Ex-Lieutenant David E. Vicht, you have been tried in The People's Court at 07:00 hours and found guilty of influencing higher officials to cause actions of great mental harm upon the welfare of the populace." The man paused as he began to shuffle through a clipboard of documents, then continuing with, "Your public defender has chosen this course of punishment instead of an alternative to condone for your acts; rather than serve half of the remainder of your life in maximum confinement, you were instituted to stay here, at The Facility of Bioprogression, for three months. Your decisions have been made for you, but can only continue with your consent. Sign." As soon as the statement was over, the gray-suited man turned the clipboard towards the direction of the bound individual, allowing for a visual signature on the document presented.

    The bound individual looked at the document without a word, began to turn his attention upwards, and spat at the man in the grey suit. This individual was promptly pushed forward and carried down the solemn corridor by the uniformed grunts. Without turning back, the suited man reached for his vest pocket and pulled out a handkerchief. He slowly wiped his face and muttered condescendingly, "Enjoy your stay..."

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