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    Therzimon The Digital Monster Empty Therzimon The Digital Monster

    Post by Troy on Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:49 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: He goes by many names and is king of many people, but the one you need to know the most is Therzimon.
    Nickname: Like I said, he goes by many names, go to "Special abilities" to know them.
    Age: Therzimon is 17 years old.
    Gender: He is obviously male.
    Sexuality: He is Straight.
    Species: Therzimon is obviously a digital monster, or Digimon for short.
    Alignment: Neutral Good.
    Clan: He has not clan.
    Rank: Considering he has no clan, he has no rank.
    Height: Considering he can change form and can be multiple sizes, his sizes will vary. But since he will be Rookie level at the start of a RP, he is 5'7 feet tall.
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: He technically is made out of data, but if I had to choose, he would be scaly, feathery, or even a little bit furry, it all depends on the form he is in.
    Eyes: His eyes are a orangish yellow.
    Looks: Since he can change form, it can vary, but since he is starting at rookie form in RPs, he would look like a humanoid dinosaur looking guy with bandages on parts of his body.
    Extra: He has a total of 9 "Digi Armor Eggs" at his disposal, look at "Special abilities" to learn more. He also kind of have different personalities in each Armroed form. , , and are his forms.

    Hobbies/skills: Therizimon is good at many things, like cooking, fishing, and gardening. He is also very good in combat.
    Strengths: Being a Digimon, Therizimon is naturally strong in the physical department and is semi-immune to mind break attacks because of his digital origin.
    Weaknesses: Each one of his forms has their fair share of strengths and weaknesses.
    Regular Evolution weaknesses.
    Zymon: Completely useless in battle.
    Syzemon: Same thing with Zymon.
    Therzimon: The most fragile and weakest of combat forms, not really able to take a hit from a above average attack.
    Therizinomon: Slowest of the evolutions and physical attacks are a bit sluggish.
    WereTherizinomon: Physical attacks are weak compared to his other forms.
    Therizinodramon: Attacks takes time to charge and being the biggest of the forms, he is kind of a big target.
    Therizinodramon Dragon Form: Same thing as regular Therizinodramon form.

    Armor Evolution weaknesses.
    Pyroramon: Weak against water based attacks.
    Thylacimon: Same thing with Pyroramon.
    Ramphomon: third most fragile of armored forms.
    Epipromon: second most fragile of armored form.
    Nothorychumon: Weak against fire based attacks.
    Pristimon: Weak against ice based attacks.
    Syntheotoceramon: Same thing with Nothorychumon.
    Akaruidramon: Has a timer and does not last too long.
    Microramon: 1st most fragile form.

    Accessories: He has a pair of goggles.

    Special abilities: He posses electrical attacks in normal evolutions and elemental attacks in each armored form.
    Attacks: Each one of his forms has different attacks.
    Regular Evolution Attacks.
    Zymon: Bubble Blow- blows harmless bubbles at enemies.
    Syzemon: Bubble Blow- blows harmless bubbles at enemies.
    Therzimon: Lightning Striker- claws become surrounded with electricity. Electro Breath- shoots out a minor lightning projectile from mouth.
    Therizinomon: Electrobeam- shoots out lightning from visor. Thunder Cutter- claws become surrounded with a stronger electric charge.
    WereTherizinomon: Bandage Shocker- wraps enemy with bandages and shocks them. Metal Stabber- Middle claw extends to impale enemies.
    Therizinodramon: Lightning missile- Shoots out a missile that detonates in a electric explosion. Electro Slicer- metallic claws become surrounded with a even stronger electric charge.
    Therizinodramon Dragon Form: Charge Blast - Sends out a powerful electrical fire blast from mouth. Lightning Meteor - From wings, he sends up a beam of electricity to the sky, then falling as meteorites of lightning down on the enemy.

    Armor Evolution Attacks:
    Pyroramon: Sun breath- breaths out fire hotter than lava. Ember Claws- claws become engulf with fire.
    Thylacimon: Thunder Bite- bites enemy and releases a electric charge into them. Lightning striker- gets engulfed with electricity and runs at the opponent so fast and strong that he is like lightning striking you.
    Ramphomon: Tornado flap- shoots out two small tornados from wings. Kunai wing- Wings folds up and Ramphomon drops down at the enemy, wings first.
    Epipromon: Buzz Bomb- throws multiple minor bombs at enemy. Bug spray- Shoots out a noxious gas from mouth.
    Nothorychumon: Clawtana- katana claws elongates and slashes enemy. Shuriken strike- throws multiple leaf Shuriken at enemy from tail.
    Pristimon: Sea-Saw: Blades on nose rotate like a Chain saw. Water Torpedo- Fires a small Torpedo made out of water from mouth.
    Syntheotoceramon: Ice Horn- Horns become Ice-sickles. Freeze Beam- shoots out a beam from nose horn that freezes on contact.
    Akaruidramon: Breath Of Heavenly Flame- breaths out holy fire from mouth, does extra damage to evil people. Halo Rise- Wings unfurl and lets out a blinding light.
    Microramon: Stealth wing- Becomes nearly invisible by covering self with wings. Mini Bite- Bites enemy but does little damage.
    Combat style: Therzimon has many options in combat considering his different form, so he does not have special way of fighting foes.
    Personality: Therzimon, having different personalities, would obviously act differently.
    Therzimion and normal Evolutions: Kind and surprisingly loyal.
    Pyroramon: Hot headed and has a short fuse.
    Thylacimon: Prankster and a bit lazy.
    Ramphomon: Basically like a fighter pilot.
    Epipromon: Very nerdy and does not want to fight often.
    Nothorychumon: Has a high sense of honor and protects the weak.
    Pristimon: Basically like a sailor.
    Syntheotoceramon: Calm and patient.
    Akaruidramon: Noble and like a angel.
    Microramon: Childish and often tries to use his cuteness to get what he wants.

    Likes: Therzimon likes cooking for people, having friendly sparring matches, doing work, and gardening.
    Dislikes: Therzimon dislikes being attacked for no reason, bullies, villains, and beng hungry.
    Fears: Therzimon fears being all alone and being mistreated or used.
    Parents: Unknown.
    Mate: N/A.
    Offspring: N/A.
    Relative: N/A.
    Brothers/sisters: N/A.
    History: Therzimon used to be in the digital world in a village. He was happy in the village, but felt like something in his life was... missing. That's why he is now on a never ending quest, trying to find new friends and possibly enemies. This was until he stumbled into.... the Beyond.
    RP paragraph: This is Gojira, so if you want to know how I RP, go to my other profile.

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    Aero Dynamic

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    Therzimon The Digital Monster Empty Re: Therzimon The Digital Monster

    Post by Aero Dynamic on Thu Oct 01, 2015 4:48 pm



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