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    Post by Aero Dynamic on Wed Sep 05, 2018 9:34 pm

    Welcome to the guild shop! Here you can buy various upgrades for your guild, allowing you to have more members and other great benefits. They can also be added into your rps for more experiences. Check back often for new items and special offers!

    One Bedroom - $75,000 (Upgrades max number of members by one)
    Three Bedrooms - $220,500 (Upgrades max number of members by three)
    Five Bedrooms - $356,250 (Upgrades max number of members by five)
    Gym - $50,000 (Allows missions to be completed with one less post. With a trainer, abilities have 5% more effect)
    Kitchen - $50,000 (Opens a perk slot. With a cook consumables last one more post)
    Alchemy Lab - $50,000 (+50% potency to consumables)
    Meeting Room - $50,000 (Allows alliances to be made between guilds. With a  diplomat, alliances can be made with the country's government)
    Technical Center - $50,000 (Allows access to more missions. With a technician, bounties can be lowered by $1,000)
    Infirmary - $50,000 (Allows simple injuries and illnesses to be healed. With a healer, serious injuries and illnesses can be healed 25% faster)
    Garage - $50,000 (Allows the storage of a vehicle)
    Kennel - $20,000 (Allows the ownership of a companion or pet)
    Armory - $25,000 (-5% cost when buying weapons. With an armorer, upgrades cost 5% less)
    Extra Base - $550,000 (Allows another base location and upgrades max number of members by three)
    Custom Room - Varies (Make your own room. Price discussed with staff)

    Alarms - $7,000 (When set, they will go off with unauthorized entry. Pair with other equipment for a better effect)
    Prison Cell - $50,000 (Allows a secure place to put one captured character)
    Cameras - (Simple, stationary recording cameras)
    Motion Cameras - (Cameras that follow movement. Beep when movement is detected)
    Fingerprint - $20,000 (Uses fingerprints for entry)
    Voice Recognition - $25,000 (Uses voice recognition for entry)
    Biometrics - $175,000 - (Only allows authorized access to those in the system. Can use voice recognition, fingerprints, face recognition, and iris recognition)
    Security Bot - $200,000 (A bot that detects intruders and looks to remove them)
    Custom Security - Varies (Make your own security. Price discussed with staff)

    Simple Health Monitor - $10,000 per member (Looks like a wristwatch and can fall off. Leader can see heart rate, oxygen level, and
    Advanced Health Monitor - $30,000 per member (Small, lies right under the skin. Leader can see heart rate, oxygen level, blood sugar, blood level, and activity)
    Simple Tracker - $7,000 per tracker (Small and light, attaches itself where placed. Can be easily removed/destroyed. Shows current location.)
    Advanced Tracker - $16,000 per tracker (Inserted into the body. Hard to remove. Records movements and tells speed and direction.)
    Uniform - $1,000-$5,000 per (Have a uniform that your guild is known by)
    Tattoo - $250-$1,000 per (Identify guild members with a tattoo)
    Custom Item - Varies Make your own item. Price discussed with staff)

    -There are no perks to be bought at the moment-

    Group glow - $300,000 (A fun glow for your group. Does not affect usernames)
    Custom Rank - $100,000 (A rank that goes under the username)
    Custom Rank Image - $50,000 (Must have a custom rank and provide an image no larger than 200px)
    You can find more things like these in the OOC Marketplace.

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