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    Post by Aero Dynamic on Wed Sep 05, 2018 2:52 pm

    Guilds are different groups of people gathered together for different reasons. Most of the time, guilds are seen in a bit of a negative light, but not all guilds are full of bad people looking to do bad things. Being in a guild can give you access to special missions, competitions, protection, more rp opportunities, and different perks. Each guild is different and you have to apply before joining one, or if you'd rather buy one you also need a few members to join you first.

    -Each user can only have up to three characters in a guild at a time. This is to prevent one guild having a bunch of filler characters from the same person.
    -There can only be one guild leader, but others can help in the purchasing of a guild.
    -Each user can only have one guild leader.
    -You need at least two other users to plan on joining your guild before you can create one.
    -Every guild needs to have a different color from the others.
    -Do not force or guilt members into joining your guild.
    -You must make an information page and inventory of your guild.
    -Information page must include affiliation with other existing guilds and requirements for new members wishing to join

    The guild inventory is a collection of everything the guild has. Anything bought from the guild shop or received from guild missions go there until otherwise distributed. Members of the guild can donate items and money to the inventory as long as there is space to do so.

    Upgrades can help your guild by allowing more members, benefits in roleplaying, and by looking cool. The guild leader can buy various upgrades in the Guild Shop, either with their own money or the guild's money.

    Every guild has a different perk that makes them stand out from one another. Perks can be earned through various events, missions, or competitions. They can affect purchases at the store, missions, rps, and more. Note, chosen perks must make sense in relation to what your guild stands for. E.g. If you are a guild valuing pride and honor in battle, you are not eligible for perks relating to underhand tactics or stealing. 

    Leader Perks
    After gaining 5 different members (none from the same user), the leader of the guild can gain a special perk. This leader perk is only activated if the leader goes on a mission solely with their own guild. If anyone from outside of the guild joins them on this mission, the perk is not activated.

    Dragon Storm - Lead by Yuuki off the coast of Xastristan, they do things for their own benefit.
    Shadow Raiders - A guild of assassins and thieves located in Almor and lead by Keskorie.
    Crimson Legion - On the outskirts of Xastristan and lead by Alarick,


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