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    Curses and Blessings [Private, Arik] Empty Curses and Blessings [Private, Arik]

    Post by Lexia on Sun Jul 22, 2018 5:17 am

    The hour was beginning to draw closer and closer towards a mid morning, meaning a fair way into the night. Meaning sometime. Meaning that it was very hard to see. Meaning that she just didn't know what the actual time was, but when she first came out of her room in an attempt to relax, it was 2:28am.

    Lexia gave a gentle sigh, stiffly sitting in the far corner of their bar, her breaths sharp and shallow. It wasn't like she could help it. The bandages wrapped around her chest which covered a large portion of torn away skin. Too deep and the stitches would tear and bleed as well as irritate the healing ribs. So, shallow breaths it just had to be. The rest of her form was still a patchwork of blue, brown and white, different bruises that created a foreign pattern with her skin. Although something she was still rather disappointed with was that her normal outfit was absolutely destroyed. Instead, here she was just in a blue v-cut shirt with black tracksuit pants to match it. Although Lexia would have loved to wear something a bit more... well, fashionable or fancy, she certainly couldn't as they would cling too firmly against her injured form and more than likely hurt her even more than these loose clothing did.

    Lexia gave a gentle groan, her lips slightly parting to release the sound of discomfort. Even her back had annoying bruises so leaning back against it into the soft, comfortable couches still hurt a little. Although she had to smile. There wasn't really anyone else around to notice the twigs of pain that she gave thanks to their latest mission going a bit more... haywire than either of them had anticipated.

    Hey, it wasn't my fault. I did try and help when I could, although, I am still... tired... Destructions voice quickly petered out as it once again spoke into her mind, returning to a slumber as Lexia smiled and shook her head. Her hand lightly curled around the glass as she swung it back and forth, the liquid occasionally threatening to spill over the side. Even though not a drop of alcohol was in it, it still tasted absolutely amazing. She did have to compliment Sly on that as he had so far managed to sway her away from having too many alcoholic drinks.

    Although, she had to admit, she did crave them from time or time.

    With a smile of content, she tipped the glass onto her lip, taking another short sip of the beverage before swiftly placing it back down against the corner of the table before her.

    Even though every single inch of her ached and there wasn't much that the base could do for her injuries (or more accurately, she didn't trust the equipment), she was still enjoying and lavishing in the rest that she had. Especially because she had been out for several days due to the sheer mental and physical exhaustion she had.

    But she had to admit. Drinking by herself... was rather lonely and she did miss her lover, but he was most likely asleep.


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    Post by Arik on Mon Jul 23, 2018 12:23 am

    Fidgety. That's how he'd describe it. It seemed to grow with the waxing moon, getting worse the longer he went. Arik knew what was causing it, and the thought of it only made him feel sick. Or, maybe it was just the cause again. Either way, he couldn't sleep, at least not now. And pacing in his room was only going to last for so long until it became monotonous. He was running low on parts so creating something was out of the question and there wasn't much activity going on tonight that he could see from his laptop. It seemed like he was going to have to take to walking around the base instead, which would be fine for a bit of time. Hopefully the were would be able to find something to occupy his time, but if not then he could always make his way outside.

    The hallways were dark, his footsteps the only thing keeping him company. A hand was out and dragging along the wall, guiding him along the familiar territory. This wasn't the first time he's wandered the halls at unfathomable hours, and most likely wouldn't be the last.

    Arik turned a corner, light emerging from a room like a beacon, drawing him in as if he was a moth. He peered into the room, seeing Lexia sitting at the base's bar. The boy's first thought was 'sorry to disturb you,' but then, even in the low light, he noticed the coloration of her skin and the bandage peering out from under her oddly casual attire. He stepped in, concern on his face as he spoke. "Hey, Lexia, are you okay?"

    The answer itself was obvious, but it came under the same compulsion as saying 'I'm sorry' for something you didn't do.

    Then it came back to him, Lexia and Sly had recently been on a mission together. He had heard of their return but nothing else. It wasn't that uncommon, their team was busy going on missions and he normally stayed put in his room when he could, so it could be weeks before he saw a fellow teammate twice. But, it never stopped him from worrying for another when he saw them in bad condition.


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