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    Species: H-MM Prototype
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    Askyus Empty Askyus

    Post by Askyus on Tue Sep 29, 2015 11:18 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Askyus
    Nickname: Sky
    Age: Unknown, last recorded age was ~2000 years
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Species: H-MM Prototype
    Alignment: Neutral
    Clan: N/A
    Rank: N/A
    Height: 7 ft
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Hyperstructed Titanium Plating
    Eyes: Blue
    Looks: Most of Askyus's armour is made up of hundreds of small interconnected plates. In his preferred humanoid form, his head is very large and bulky, without a neck(Instead directly connecting to the top of his torso). His eyes are large blue light-sensitive plates. His torso is very tall, and made out of large plating sections. It takes up a half of his body height. Because of his large torso and head, his legs seem quite disproportionate for a humanoid, as a side effect of being designed for low gravity. His upper legs are very thick and his feet are huge, consisting of four large toes(2 long ones at the front, two short ones at the back.). His arms are roughly proportional, reaching to his knees. The plating on his arms is much thicker on their sides facing out. His hands are fairly sized, although very heavy, designed with a large amount of components for precision and weights for striking power.
    Other forms will be described in RP.
    Extra: N/A
    Hobbies/skills: Ever since Sky was woken, he'd always been designed as a reserve technician and special combatant. Although, his skills as a technician have long since become quite obsolete since arriving, and his skill in combat has little improved.
    Strengths: Because of his morph function, Askyus has little trouble getting around or disguising himself.
    In combat, one of his biggest strengths is his armour. Most of his titanium plates have been hyperstructed, meaning they're denser, more resistant to high temperatures, and slightly more shock resistant. Bullets and handheld steel weapons are unable to damage this armour. He suffers little from being pushed, due to his weight. Because he has an organic brain, he is immune to any digital forms of hacking from breaching him.
    Weaknesses: With his incredibly high density and large size, it comes with a hefty price. He cannot run in humanoid form, and not for extended periods of time on four legs, as it quickly drains his energy.
    Sky has four vital components(Most of which are stored in his most armoured section); His Organic Brain,  two Power Crystallines, and his Matter Reactor. Should his brain be injured or destroyed, he would cease to think, and die. Should his crystallines be severely nicked or shattered, the energy stored in the crystalline would escape, and blow a large section of Sky's body apart. Should his reactor be damaged beyond function, Sky would be left to run out of energy and essentially 'starve to death'.
    Because Sky is connected by joints, not a hard, steady frame, his joints are actually stronger than with a normal ball joint, but the mesh of his body can actually be ripped apart with enough force.
    Accessories: When he requires weapons, he has his commonly used Force Projector(Shock gun, can be used as heat gun), his not-really-at-all-used-anymore Particle Disruptor(Anti-Robotic weapon), and a weighted spike.
    Special abilities: Askyus was the only manufactured body with a morph system. For every similarly sized object he finds, he can formulate a way of turning into it(Time depending on the complexity of the object, not always effective). His entire body is connected by movable and controllable joints that can be told to slide, compress, and lock to each other.
    Attacks: When fighting creatures or organics, he always uses one of two attacks with his force projector – One lethal, one non-lethal. His lethal attack is a concentrated cone of force, which can pierce into and through vital organs with some ease(This attack consumes a large amount of power. While his non-lethal is similar to that of hitting someone hard in the head, and is a simple expanding 45 degree wave(Hardly a dip in power).
    Combat style: Askyus largely relies on his armour to absorb impact, while knocking away or disabling his enemies.
    Personality: Sky's emotions are very limited compared to most humans. He has the ability to feel sad, happy, loving, excited, and loyal to an entity, but never really has to. He's rarely interacting with or even being around sentient creatures intentionally. He is rarely intimidated by another, though, and doesn't mind being around people.
    Likes: Finding interesting creatures to become, being able to talk with another human, scaring people, reading
    Dislikes: Having to hide from people, being a robot, not knowing where he comes from, being insulted, being known as 'a machine'
    Fears: Not being able to morph, becoming insane/losing his humanity
    Parents: Unknown
    Mate: N/A
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: N/A
    Brothers/sisters: N/A
    History: Askyus used to be an alien soldier in the Insectoid War, until he discovered that an infection of alien microbes from a bioweapon had invaded his brain and was slowly melting it down. Of course, when he was told that a company specialising in prosthetics had recently been allowed to create 'prosthetic minds' specifically for the large number of people affected by the very same bioweapons. Unfortunately, Sky's operation had been the one in a billion to go wrong, and his body had been treated incorrectly, leading to it's death without Askyus's brain.
    His wife, Naelus took care of him, and talked to him through a computer screen.
    When IW(Insectoid War) 2 started, circumstances led to the military drafting him and putting him in a machine, namely a H-MM Prototype - A heavy duty special forces 'Mech'.
    >Everything above this line Sky does not remember<
    On his second mission, the airlock was destroyed while he was preparing to board a ship, getting sucked out into the reaches of space.
    Half dead, half his systems damaged, his clock broken, he then woke up in The Beyond.

    RP paragraph: Askyus opened his eyes, expecting to see a sea of blackness, littered with stars.
    But what he actually saw was quite different. Sky checked his optical systems, unsure if he was remembering something, or seeing reality.
    His sensors kicked in.
    He could feel soil, and moist grass. This was no lie.
    Sky pushed himself onto a bent and crushed knee, slowly getting to his his feet. He looked around at the dense plants and vegetation around him.
    Now how did he get into this mess?

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    Aero Dynamic
    Aero Dynamic

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    Askyus Empty Re: Askyus

    Post by Aero Dynamic on Wed Sep 30, 2015 2:56 pm

    Looks good :3


    (I read so if you have a problem with this take it to the chatbox :I)


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