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    New Place New Face [Private Kuro]

    Post by Kimberly on Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:03 pm

    A mound of cardboard boxes laid in the hall outside room 665 at the end of the hall. A few of them had invaded the area around the room nextdoor, the movers seemingly uncaring of how it would affect the person who lived there. A few of the boxes were looming and still had a packing lable on them with the name "Kimberly Johnson" as the recipient. They had been coming up for the last couple hours, but no sign of the new resident had appeared yet.

    It was late in the evening when the door to room 665 finally opened. A slim and energetic figure entered, taking the dusty air, illuminated by the last strands of light, into her lungs. New things always had an exhilarating effect on people, but the woman was excited to be here. The apartment was empty, but that didn't matter to her. There was a reason for all the boxes outside anyways.

    First thing first, she needed music. Something to pump up her body and begin to move all of these boxes inside. Kim grabbed a smaller box from outside, placing it down on the counter before opening it. Inside was a portable bluetooth speaker along with a phone charger and a few other things deemed necessary in this day and age. She grabbed her phone, plugging the charger into the wall and hooking the device up to the speaker before relatively loud music began to play. It was currently close to her neighbor's wall in 666, but even if it wasn't the resident wouldn't have had a hard time hearing it through the thin walls.

    She got to work moving the boxes, lifting them all with an ease that would have been hard for any other human to do. One of the boxes would later be revealed as a new treadmill, some of the others containing other sorts of exercise equipment as well. The blonde never broke a sweat while moving these boxes in, unaware of how her ruckus might be affecting her new neighbors.


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