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    Dahlia Azura  Empty Dahlia Azura

    Post by Dahlia on Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:40 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Dahlia Azura
    Nickname: Sometimes Dahlia can go by Dal.
    Age: 24 years
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Species: Faunus (butterfly)
    Inspiration: Bilbo Baggins
    Alignment: Neutral
    Height: 5'7 feet
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Pale white skin
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Dahlia has hair that is reddish-brown in color. It falls slightly below her shoulders, and is about halfway to the center of her back. It has wild curls which make it hard to tame, and harder to notice the butterfly wings at the back of her skull.
    Looks: If Dahlia was not cooped up inside her master's home in her previous life, she would have gotten a considerable amount of attention due to her pretty and delicate exterior. While she once wore an old maid gown, she has now taken to wearing a red overcoat laying atop a green button-up shirt. Her skirt goes halfway down to her knees and is yellow in color. All in all, she looks fairly normal until you see the back of her head. Back there, two small blue butterfly wings are perched. They flutter in excitement, droop in contentment, perk up at surprise, and flatten in moments of fear. They are very small, only going as far as the base of her neck.
    -Dahlia is very good at solving riddles. Should she encounter a sphynx, she wouldn't have much trouble discovering the answer to the puzzle.
    -This woman is quite knowledgeable when it comes to tending wounds, despite being able to skip all the steps of the first aid kit due to her semblance. She had a dream to be a nurse, but that never came to be.
    -She can cook as well. She is quite good at it, considering she had to do it for a family of five for most of her life.
    -Like all Faunus, Dahlia can see in the dark.
    -While Dahlia has a strong mind, she is clueless when it comes to combat which makes her an easy person to defeat.
    -Because of her delicate and shy demeanor, Dahlia is easily pushed around.
    -Dahlia doesn't know much about this world, so she can easily get lost and can make a fool of herself when someone mentions Xastristan and she's like "what's that?"
    -Although she is mistrustful towards humans, she easily places her friendships, mainly because in her past life she never had a friend. This can cause her to be easily manipulated if she gets to know the wrong people.
    -It really hurts when you pull on her wings.

    Special Abilities: Like all living things of Remnant, Dahlia has an aura, which is a sort of magical shield that protects her from minor harm and can heal small wounds (such as a scraped knee). Along with an aura, Dahlia has a semblance. This semblance is the ability to pass on her healing power (AKA her aura) to allies, healing minor wounds. Dahlia has an average aura amount of 200.

    What she can heal and aura points deducted for it: scrapes (5 pts.), bruises (5 pts.), cuts (5 if shallow, 10 if deep). Injuries worse than those is a no go. She can heal more than a single wound at touch, but this will deplete more aura.

    What damage she can deflect and aura points deducted for it: slashes of a blade (5 if normal attack, 15 if power attack), shots of a gun (5 for a regular barrel shot, 20-30 if shot with something more powerful, like plasma).

    Dahlia can regenerate aura as well. She can regenerate 15 points a post, but will only gain 5 if she is doing more healing or taking damage. When the aura is gone, she is vulnerable. If you want to kill her, do it then. She wears no armor. It will be an easy kill.
    Personality: Dahlia Azura can be easily described as an introvert. She relishes in being alone, and while she welcomes company, she is afraid of what tidings they might bring with them. A reader of novels and solver of puzzles, Dahlia has quite the strong mind, but her exterior is not as so. She is generally a shy and soft spoken fellow who stammers often when speaking (although she can stop her stuttering should she wish to). She's awfully inquisitive and is known to ask a lot of questions, which can be annoying for others.

    There are some times when some kind of hidden door opens inside of Dahlia Azura and a new self seems to come out for a small amount of time. Sometimes, the usually shy and timid girl can get a little bit sassy if she is feeling confident (which, let's face it. . . That's almost never). Along with this, there are times when Dahlia dreams of going off into the unknown. . . But she always thinks better of it and stays home.

    -Books, including coloring books, riddle books, and maps
    -Cooking. It's a nice hobby, especially when people enjoy it.
    -Sleep. Who doesn't like sleep?
    -Friends. She didn't have any in her past life, so she relishes in the ones she has now.
    -Being ignored
    -Being called pretty or cute
    -Having her wings pulled
    -Long lines
    -the unexpected
    -being hit/starved
    Parents: Undetermined.
    Mate: Hopefully sooner or later.
    Offspring: None.
    Relative: Undetermined.
    Brothers/sisters: Undetermined.
    History: Dahlia is from the world of Remnant. She had lived as a slave for 24 years before she died from starvation under the power of her human masters. The gods of Remnant took pity on the butterfly and sent her to Eslon, where she is determined to start anew.
    RP paragraph: No thanks. ;ω;
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    Dahlia Azura  Empty Re: Dahlia Azura

    Post by Aero Dynamic on Sun Mar 04, 2018 9:37 pm



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