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    Species: European/Shadow Dragon
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    Ami Suraj [Ver.2018] Empty Ami Suraj [Ver.2018]

    Post by Ami Suraj on Tue Dec 19, 2017 8:23 am

    Ami Suraj [Ver.2018] Ami_refff2_by_xdemonbloodwolfx-dbx6s33
    Personal Info:
    Name: Ami Suraj [Meaning: Nectar Born Of The Gods]
    Nickname: Ami
    Age: 460 yrs (Appears 23 as a human)
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Shadow Dragon Mix
    Alignment: Neutral
    Height: 80 ft
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Black scales that are smooth and overlap one another. Along her whole body is brighter neon like purple luminescence markings that can lighten or darken at will.
    Eyes: Right- Soft Blue Left- Vibrant Purple
    Hair: N/A (Human- Black with purple highlights)
    Looks: Ami is a very lean and slender dragon that's body is made for more, fast and stealthy movements more than anything. She walks on all fours and her winds attach near her shoulder blades. Her front limbs are average length while her hind quarters are slightly long. Along her back is many thin, bristles that help protect her in fights and are able to be straightened or laid back as to not injure others or herself in calmer moments(these spines also glow a bright icy blue). Her tail is fairly long and thin. Ami's wings are large and help her speed and gliding around from either the ground or the air. She has four horns atop her head. Two medium length straight ones and two smaller curved ones. Her talons are straight and sharpened underneath like that of knives(also glow like the spines when threatened or she is being aggressive); curving at the tip and are retractable. Her teeth are sharp and rounded in shape, like an orca's, because of this she doesn't chew but rather tears off pieces and swallows them whole. Her tongue is like a cats and has small barbs and larger ridges along the sides that held her clean herself and also clean her kills of flesh better.
    Ami's blood and flesh are blue, this is simple something genetic on her fathers side.

    Human Appearance: Still working on an image -v-'

    Strengths/skills: Stealth and speed are her best attributes as her body structure allows for low to the ground stalking as well as fast running should she not be able to fly. Having dark scales and marking that can because as dark as her scale, this makes hiding in shadows easy, allowing for surprise attacks. Jaw can also dislocate to make eating faster and easier.
    Weaknesses/Flaws: Her scales are easy to break if caught at the right angle or enough pressure is placed onto them. This is mostly because she has to be fast; heavy and hard scales don't make for quick get away's. Ami doesn't take to being isolated well, she'll become like a sitting duck and just panic. Can see in the dark very well even with the littlest of light to guild her.
    (She can cope with this weakness even in the company of living things from bugs to simple wildlife.)

    Special Abilities: Can breath fire that's purple, not stronger then normal fire; her tail is very long and is very flexible making it a useful whip and tool for grabbing things. She has venom that can be used when she bites something, much like a Komodo dragon, this venom will stop the blood from clotting and allow for prey or attacker to bleed out.

    Ami can turn into a human though she doesn't tend to do this because she doesn't know she can; and if she did she still probably wouldn't  
    Personality: Ami is a very silent dragon, always trying to keep out of view from others because of her past and slight trust issues. Though when and if she is comfortable with someone, she might start to act slightly more childish, this is mostly because she never got to really be a child when she was a hatching. Ami is very creative and intelligent though she can be a bit fast to judge and this results in her being a bit to aggressive sometimes. She is very loyal to her friends and loved ones and while she may not be the best fighter, she will do anything to protect them. Ami is also a very curious soul that always wishes to learn and see more, this results in some hard situations to get out of but she always manages. Is very respectful  nature and will not kill unless she is hungry or in danger and never tries to trample the land around her.

    Likes/Hobbies: Loves all creatures; be it for food or other reasons, storms, flying, feeling of freedom, loves art or creating things from the mud or rocks or sticks, hiding in trees, acting much like a hatchling in many ways. She has a habit of acting like a bat and sleeping from branches upside down, no idea why.
    Dislikes: Irritating people, injuring of the weak, sports fighting, dragon hunters/chasers, being left alone for a long time, super bright places.
    Fears: 1.)Darkness, Ironic yes, but has a fear of what lurks in the darkness than the dark itself. 2.) Loneliness, she fears being forever alone, not loveless but never hearing another voice or seeing another one of her kind's face. 3.)Cold, has a fear of the cold because of her other two fears. Darkness brings the loneliness and with loneliness comes the cold.
    Parents: Deceased
    Mate: Lead
    Stark - Son
    Skia - Son
    Zahra - Daughter
    Exynos - Son
    Tikta - Daughter
    Relative: N/A
    Brothers/sisters: N/A
    History: Ami was born as a half-breed. Part shadow dragon, part European Dragon. And by all standards of Shadow dragons she is a sin against their kind and was deemed to be killed -as well as her parents- but when they hunted her down she escaped with the help of her parent who died keeping the others away from her. Ami was already a juvenile at the time so she could survive on her own, mostly hiding from the dragons hunting her, and when she was old enough and felt the time was right, she left their lands to find some place safer.

    Ami's name was given to her by her mother and father who thought she was the greatest gift from god and would, of course, bring joy to others like she did to them. Where her names meaning "Nectar Born Of The Gods" comes from.

    Being a shadow dragon is where she gets most of her powers. Her glowing luminescence markings, being able to blend into the shadows with ease and see in the dark like it the day, and last but not least, move as quickly and silently as she does.

    Dragon War Info: Ami was there during the war between humans and Dragons, though she didn't really participate in the battles, mostly because she did not know a war was going on and was instead running and hiding from the shadow dragons hunting her.
    RP paragraph: Ami roared as she ducked her head and hunched her shoulder up, wings spreading and trying to make her look larger then she was. Tail lashing about behind her, making the air snap like thunder. The spines along her back flickered and brightened as did all her other markings; the dragoness's claws dug into the dirt as she readied to pounce forward. With a final hiss and bare of her rounded fangs, she lunged forward and toward her target, her wings beating once, twice to lift her higher in the air and land of her target.


    "When you look at the sky of stars, do you see the broken dreams, the lost souls, an falling hearts?" - Ami
    ~"Fairy tales don't tell children that dragons exist. Children already know dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children they can be killed" ~ G.K. Chesterton
    ~When we are HAPPY we enjoy the music, when we are SAD we listen to the lyrics.
    ~You either die a Hero or live long enough to see yourself become the Villain
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    Ami Suraj [Ver.2018] Lami_love_by_xdemonbloodwolfx-db2k39f

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