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    Naoma - Paramedic Robot Empty Naoma - Paramedic Robot

    Post by Teddanator on Sat Dec 02, 2017 4:26 pm

       Personal Info:
       Name: Naoma
       Nickname: Angel, Medic, Red, N
       Age: 27
       Gender: Female
       Sexuality: Straight
       Species: Robot
       Alignment: Lawful Good
       Height: 5"0'
       Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: She has an stainless steel plating, with aluminum plates by her joints. The aluminum plates are all black, and the stainless steel is mostly white, with some grey. There are red accents on a few key parts of her, that glow in the dark.
       Eyes: White, and they glow.
       Hair: N/A

    • Right above her head floats a ring of white light with a circle design in the front, back, and on both sides. The ring never moves, and floats about 2 inches from the very top of her head. If someone tries to touch the ring, their hand would pass right through.
    • On the front of her head, she has 6 eyes, She can see out of all of them, but the bottom 4 she uses to scan a person's body to see their health condition. She has to see the person out of all 6 eyes to see their health, and the person can't be partially obscured.
    • Her face is black with white eyes that glow, and the top of her head is covered with white & gray stainless steel plates. There is a black line that runs from the top of her face to the top of the back of her head. The back of her head has a piece that glows dimly, with what looks like a rectangle piece taken out of it. That is where she plugs herself in to recharge or plug in to a computer system.
    • There are a few triangle-shaped plates on the side of her head. There is a white one that glows, and a black and gray one. The black and gray ones act as a radio antenna and her ears, but unfortunately due to a glitch in her system, the radio part doesn't work.
    • Her core body has a feminine shape to it. At the base of her neck, and just a bit above her chest, there is an inlaid orb that glows white. That is her health meter. White is full health, Black is death. There is heavy plating on and around her chest, and in the middle reads core 2000. A ring of white light wraps around her waist, floating about 2 inches all around. The ring doesn't connect to itself, instead 2 circles finish off each end right at her stomach. Just like the ring on her head, it never moves, and a hand will pass right through it. A stainless steel plating "skirt" wraps around her waist, open in the front. 4 plates jut downwards in triangle-shapes, all 4 glowing white.
    • On her back are a few glowing white circles, all with varying distances and sizes. The first one that floats closest to her is solid, with the next one floating just a bit away from that. The 3rd one floats the furthest away, 4 inches to be exact. White glowing wing-like shapes extend from the 2nd circle, but the circle and the wings never meet. A white glowing ribbon extends from the first circle, stopping just below her bottom. And just like the circle on her head, the glowing white wings and circles never move, and a hand can pass right through. The white glowing ribbon does move a little when Naoma moves.
    • Just below the wings, and sitting on her waist is a small health pack. Inside is cords to plug her into a computer and a power source, bandages, antibiotic & alcohol wipes, an emergency blanket, various splints, and a few drugs for low-risk to intimidate requirements, like aspirin.
    • Her left and right arms are almost identical. They both have identical plating, with heavier plating near the shoulder. The only difference is that the right arm has a red, white, and black band that says Licensed Paramedic. There is a small pouch right below the band, and 3 syringes attached as well. On her forearms, Are white glowing lines and there is a white glowing spot on both her palms. They, and the glowing lines on her forearms, act as a defibrillator, sending electrical energy through her arms and to her palms.
    • Her legs are mostly white stainless steel, with a red glowing line around at her hips. Her shoes are white with a red glowing accent. on the side of her shoes are a black circle, with 3 glowing white lines coming out the back.


    • Can scan a person and see how their health is, only they have to be completely visible, and none of her eyes are blocked.
    • Her palms act as a defibrillator, with the help of the lights on her forearms. She has to have both palms on the person (on their chest) in order for the defibrillator to work.
    • Her fingers have strong "nails" that act like tweezers.
    • Can lift up to 140lbs.


    • Humorless. Can't take a joke.
    • Very soft-hearted. Can't resist helping someone they see in trouble, suffering, or in need.
    • Gets flustered easily, especially if she makes a mistake. She can hide her face, but her overheating CPU and noisy fan gives it away. If she overheats too much, she can crash her system, and be needed to reboot.
    • If overworked or tired, her speech gets choppy, and her walking gets laggy

       Special Abilities: see Strengths.
       Personality: Comes off as cold and calculated at first, but can warm up to people. It just takes some time. Humor wasn't programed into her, so she literally can't take a joke. She just doesn't get it. She doesn't talk much. It's hard for her to talk about anything besides her job. Especially if the topic is herself. Doesn't really like the people who talk too much.
       Likes/Hobbies: Likes cold weather. Loves to work and help others. Likes stars. Likes to find out about new things. Likes new things in general.
       Dislikes: People who talk too much. Summer. Water or rain. Getting flustered.
       Fears: Death and heights.
       Parents: Unknown.
       Mate: N/A
       Offspring: N/A
       Relative: N/A
       Brothers/sisters: N/A
       History: (WIP)
       RP paragraph:
    Naoma stood still on the sidewalk, looking up to the night sky. A sigh escaped her, as she admired the beautiful little stars. Suddenly she heard someone cry out for help, and she ripped her gaze away from the sky to find the source. A person was hurt, lying on the ground, just across the street. From what Naoma could see, it looked like he may be bleeding. When it was safe to cross, she ran over to the hurt man, scanning him first to access what she must do. It was his leg, an injury to his leg. "Did you trip?" She asked him softly, he nodded. She went over to his leg, taking off the small box on her back, and finding the bandages inside. But before she put the bandages on, she asked, "Can you bend your knee?" The man shook his head. Naoma inspected his leg while carefully putting the bandages on. "I'm going to take you to the hospital." Naoma stated, helping the man on his feet, and off they walked.

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