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    Dimir Orzhov

    Post by Dimir, The traveler on Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:26 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Dimir Orzhov
    Nickname: Dimi
    Age: 100
    Gender: Male
    Species: Demon, I can't find a specific type.
    Alignment: Lawful Nuetral
    Height: 5'11"
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: He has white skin in his restricted form. His right arm and unrestricted form have red and blue scales with light blue lines in his skin that glow as his energy passes through them.
    Eyes: Crystal Blue
    Hair: White messy hair
    Looks: He wears a dark purple trench coat over a blue shirt, the sleeve on his right arm are rolled up to leave the demonic arm uncovered. He has knee high boots and jeans. When he bypasses his restriction, his body becomes covered in his scales. His clothes disappear only to reappear when he goes back under restrictions.

    Strengths/skills: Slightly increased endurance and strength compared to normal humans. His attack Devil Bringer allows him to pick up objects that can weigh up to 500 lbs. or bring Dimir to the object he grabs if it is too heavy.
    Weaknesses/Flaws: Being a demon, he is weak to holy weapons, attacks, or abilities. He lived in hell for most of his life and doesn't know how to interact with people and knows nothing about the state Eslon is in, politically or what guilds are in power. If anyone manages to complete the restriction, then Dimir will become human and lose all his powers.

    Special Abilities:
    Devil Bringer: Dimir channels what remains of his demonic energy into his right arm and summons a giant astral projection of his arm. He can send this arm out to grab any object in a straight line of twenty feet. He can also pick up objects nearby him and use this arm as a weapon. He must maintain concentration on this arm, so attacking Dimir can cause the arm to disappear but attacking the arm does nothing. The arm can be blocked and thus prevented from hitting or grabbing the person.
    Dimir can pick up objects weighing 250 lbs. no problem up to 500 lbs. but this will drain stamina and it does slow him down, meaning he can't pick up a boulder and start swinging it around for fun all day, or even a minute. Picking up enemies is normally used to slam them into the ground, toss them, or use them as shields. This arm mimics his real arm and cannot act independently.

    Devil Bypass: Dimir can exploit the fact the restriction wasn't completed and overload the restriction. This requires him to build up a lot of energy over two posts. This will allow him to have complete access to his demonic power for five posts before reverting to his weakened state. In his unrestricted form, Dimir's skin turns completely demon and he can create his full astral avatar. This avatar counts as a second attacker with it's own sword and can even grab physical objects. Dimir still has access to Devil Bringer in this mode and can recover from small scrapes and bruises instantly while larger slashes take a post or two to recover. This does not mean that Dimir can recover from missing limbs or anything major. His speed is increased from running 20 mph to 40 mph, and his strength goes from lifting 50 lbs. with no problem to lifting 150 pounds no problem. His astral projection can now lift 350 lbs. to 600 lbs. When he is pulled back into his weakened state, Dimir is unable to move and mentally blacks out, becoming completely unresponsive to pain or any external factors. Meaning this power is his trump card where he needs to win now or he will die.
    Dimir is a happy go lucky demon, he tries to live life to the best he can while still protecting those he cares about. He is excited by new things and loves how the world looks compared to hell. He does tend to provoke his opponents and enrage them. He does come off as underestimating his opponents, but he knows first hand that anyone could have tricks and turn the tides in a single move. He is careful and planning, but still likes to throw some shade on the battlefield.

    Likes/Hobbies: Dimir likes talking walks at night and enjoying the calm sounds of nature. During the day he tries to find the most action filled event and push his body to the limits. He likes life and killing demons.
    Dislikes: He dislikes people who take advantage of those who are weaker and liars. Dislikes also includes fire and anything with an exoskeleton. Dimir will try to kill any insect or being that has an exoskeleton.
    Fears: Dimir fears death and other demons who are stronger than him. If he dies, he will just be reborn in hell and then they will complete the suppressing of his power. The same happen if a strong demon finds and captures him.
    Parents: Father is in hell, mother was erased by angels
    Mate: N/A
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: Still in hell
    Brothers/sisters: Two brothers traveling the universe through Hellgates and taking over planets.
    History: Dimir was a citizen of his version of hell, a hell that would create Hellgates to random worlds and would take over that would whenever they get bored or overcrowded. Dimir became tired of watching innocent worlds being set on fire and ruled by demons. So, Dimir rebelled and tried to stop the invasion of the planet Eslon. When the demons learned of his betrayal, they started to suppressing his demonic powers and were going to turn him into their human slave until he was erased.

    The process for suppressing his powers is to nullify all the demonic energy in his soul. This process made him more and more weak, making him take the appearance of a human. The process wasn't completed when he managed to escape, leaving him with his right arm still demonic and with enough power to create the astral arm. Dimir ran to the nearest Hellgate, chased by demons all the way to the portal. He managed to escape and come to the land of Eslon.

    Dimir can use his active demonic power to reactivate the rest of his power, but the restriction in place makes the power quickly lose that energy. This is why bypassing the restriction takes so much energy and is very taxing on his body.
    RP paragraph: Nope.

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