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A short story I wrote about my insane bab Kurisu OoC81

    A short story I wrote about my insane bab Kurisu


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    A short story I wrote about my insane bab Kurisu Empty A short story I wrote about my insane bab Kurisu

    Post by Minea on Mon Sep 18, 2017 3:22 pm

    Optional background music:

    The snowflake slowly fell onto the others, disappearing into the white void that eats at my feet. I wonder how long before I disappear like that? Do I want to? Should I care? There’s really no way of telling.

    The wind reminds me of its presence as it bears its cold teeth on my back. Nothing will let me go. I’ll die alone here. Empty and sad. They don’t care. Why should they? They watch and laugh.  

    Shards of glass hover around me endlessly spinning, reminding me of my enemy. Their eyes look back at me through the mirrors. They’re all so cold and pierce my very being. I’m not like them. I never could be. But why would I want to be like them anyway? I want to break the mirror more, to make those eyes stop looking at me like that, but I can’t. I’m too frozen to move. I have nothing, no one, and I will be eaten by the snow.

    A young boy asked me why one time. I could hear him barely mutter the word from his sad lips as I plunged my hand into his chest. He was warm. I knew this wouldn’t be the case for much longer. “Why?” He asked.

    It’s dark. There’s no source of light anywhere. I know where I am, however. I’ve been here many times before.

    Move, or else.

    How many times have I died here? How many times will I be killed here? How many times have I done this?

    They grow and barrel into your feet. You stayed in one place too long. There’s no need to rush, you’ll only go around again. Move while you still can.

    My footsteps echo in the long cave.

    You can only walk for so long.

    There is an end. It gets shorter. I walk on. The crystals follow close behind me. My feet are warm, just like his.

    He falls to the ground, trying to get in his last breaths for air. His question resounds in my head. His blood flows further down my arm. It’s comforting.

    The end finally arrives. I know I can’t turn back, but I do anyway. There’s nothing there. It’s an empty void. The crystals resume stabbing into my feet. I cry in pain. The void eats it. My feet weren't enough. They continue to devour my legs and I feel more of them creeping from the ceiling. They know. They pierce. The circle turns once more.

    The graveyard was broken a long time ago. I broke it.

    No. They broke it.

    We had no choice.

    It remains. Poles stick out from rabbits and into the ground. They didn’t know. How could they? It’s gone now. It can never return. How many times?

    A laugh. My laugh. It breaks more, crumbling into to void. If I looked to the sky what would I see?



    Eyes. They barrel into me, even now. I look around knowing they can see me, knowing they judge me, knowing they hate me. That’s okay, though. I hate them too. I can do the same. I yell at them as loud as my voice will permit. They don’t care. They continue. If I get rid of them, more will take their place. They itch. I need to get rid of them. I need to get out of here.

    I know.

    Over there. To me.

    I pass many graves. They lost their names. Their faces were erased. Nobody cares anymore. They were evil. I’m evil too. Over, under, though. It won’t fix itself. It can’t be fixed. Why would you want to fix it anyway? It’s fun here. Here we’re happy.

    I know.

    Move on, you’re almost there.

    The laughing returns. I sit on a grave on a broken hill. She ignores me. She wears my skin. She calls herself me, but she knows nothing. I look at her. Her innocent eyes soon find me and change. They’re just like everyone else's.


    I raise the gun. Did I always have it or did it just appear? I point it at her. She doesn’t try to run. She doesn’t scream. She just sits there, frozen. Her eyes change once more and she calls in his voice.


    I pull the trigger before she can repeat it again. The mirror shatters. It settles by the snow. Their eyes are visible now, though the mirror. They’re all the same, one way or another. The familiar feeling of the cold once again eats at my body and against all my wishes I find myself muttering, “Why” ever so faintly.

    He was so warm. His blood was so warm. I stole his warmth, but it’s gone now. Now I am cold, just like him. The crow swoops down to eat its meal and caws at me happily. It cares. I move on.

    It’s so cold.


    "Hold onto your regret; it's the only thing that's keeping you human."

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