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    The Ouroboros and Karma (A short poem about my characters)


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    The Ouroboros and Karma (A short poem about my characters)

    Post by Minea on Mon Sep 18, 2017 2:59 pm

    The Ouroboros and Karma

    A downed bird wanders in a small world of light
    Unaware of the darkness on the doorstep.

    Ignorant people feared the unknown,
    And they were quick to cast it aside.

    The willpower of one is nothing compared to many,
    Forcing the truth to be forgotten and replaced with lies.

    A cycle of bad luck seemingly broken,
    Paused to later come down in a tidal wave.

    Lost in thoughts all alone while desperately chasing after hope
    To discover the river of promise changing directions.

    The white Oak Tree detached its petals to befriend the snow,
    Which vanquished as the bird flew in front of the crimson sun.

    A crowd member is taken on stage
    And given the secret to the cage.

    Armed with a forgotten remnant of the past
    To attain victory through perseverance.

    An illusion was cast and soon shattered
    as the truth slowly became uncovered.

    A cut noose lies with a pile of corpses,
    a lonely girl, who sits among them, laughsweeps

    A storm of emotion makes an unstable sea
    whose only purpose and clarity is drowning.

    A bird with clipped wings confined to a cage
    waits patiently for its time to escape.

    In the loss of hope endeavors die,
    But yet unknown runs the course of fate.

    The violet petals of the white Oak tree
    Are regained once the winter is vanquished.

    The wind pursues the river to the abandoned
    To ensure that one day the waters will be calm.

    The bird released shared its song with all whom it met,
    without attending at the responding concert.

    The combined hate of the lingering wills
    punished the responsible innocent.

    The first tick of the time bomb resounded
    as the puppet was chained to their own cage.

    This is a highly revised version of my old poem if you read that. I worked really hard on it and I'm proud of how it turned out. I really suck at poems so to make something that's sub-par is a big accomplishment for me. Thanks F.U.R. for helping me, oh poetry master. Oh, and just pretend the crossed out bits are overlapping.


    "Hold onto your regret; it's the only thing that's keeping you human."

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