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    Cecily Empty Cecily

    Post by Cecily on Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:31 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Cecily Yi
    Nickname: C.C. or Lee. Little Yi may work as well.
    Age: 8 years
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Species: Fox
    Alignment: Neutral
    Height: 4'3 feet (adult height will be 5'4). As a fox, she is around the size of a cat.
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Pale white skin. As a fox, her fur is orange.
    Eyes: Caramel brown
    Hair: Golden blonde, long in length. It's often tied into two neat twin tails with a fringe of bangs going straight across her forehead.
    Looks: Cecily looks like any normal female child, but with a few exceptions. Those exceptions are, of course, the traits of a fox. . . A fennec fox, to be exact. She has huge, long fox ears which are white in color, the tips darkening to a shade of gray. The insides are full of soft fluff. On one ear is a gold earring. Cecily also has a fox tail, which are like her ears: white, but go to gray at the tip. It's very poofy. She wears white attire as well, with a few black trims and a black bow at the collar of her shirt. She also wears black buckled shoes.

    Cecily 198fee10

    In her fox form, she looks a lot like a regular fennec fox pup, save for her caramel-colored eyes.
    ~Cecily is good at providing distractions and changing the subject in conversation.
    ~Like foxes, she is cunning and intelligent. In games like checkers and tic tac toe, she often plans a few moves ahead.
    ~Running. She's not fast, but agile and capable of maneuvering at the last minute. Luck, or skill?  
    ~Since Cecily is small, she can be shoved and kicked and harmed easily.
    ~She is very curious and stubborn, meaning she will go great measures to sate her curiosity, which can be dangerous indeed.
    ~She can't read very well and has trouble pronouncing long and complicated words.
    ~Cecily has a speech issue. Her Ls sound like Ws instead, which can be annoying. She may grow out of this.
    ~She is just weak in general. She is tougher than other girls her age, but not nearly as strong as an adult. Using the little magic she is capable of casting tires her as well.

    Special Abilities:

    Cecily has two abilities. The first is to cloak herself in fire. A wall of fire surrounds her, burning anyone or anything who gets close. It can't make anyone turn to ash or anything, but it's enough to give them nasty burns. If a blade went in the fire, it'd just turn very hot. Cecily uses this to protect herself and can only use it once per topic. It lasts for a post, and once it's all gone then only smoke remains. The shield can be doused with water or ice, though.

    Cecily can also turn herself into a fox at will. She can stay in fox form for as long as two posts since she hasn't yet learned to hold the magic out long enough to last longer. It has a cooldown of six posts. She often is exhausted after being a fox. This ability will most likely grow as she gets older, so I will update the bio when the time comes.
    Personality: Cecily Yi is your typical child. She is cheerful and innocent, not even fully understanding the tragedy that occurred in Xastristan recently. Actually, she doesn't understand how a lot of things work. How she's survived so far is a mystery. She can be greedy, especially with food. But not any food. . . Sweets! Oh, how she loves cake and candy and waffles and taffy. . .

    Much like the fox her kin, Cecily is very curious-- perhaps too curious! She will poke around with anything. You think it's cute? To the people who looked after her before, it was much more annoying! She'd eat anything if she thought it looked interesting. She'd be the kid who ate play dough and glue.

    C.C. can be bit of a handful as well. Like a lot of kids her age, she has a good bit of sass and will pout if nothing goes her way. She is, however, too afraid to snap, but she won't be scared to stick out her bottom lip, cross her arms, and sulk. Despite all this, she is still a very kind and loving girl. She would like to help everyone, but she's too busy trying to help herself.

    ~Sweet stuff (especially taffy)
    ~Learning magic
    ~Talking to others
    ~The color yellow
    ~Being yelled at
    ~Being alone
    ~Sand, dirt, mud, etc.
    ~Summer. Too sweaty. . .
    ~Being too hot or too cold
    ~Being chased
    ~Being yelled at
    ~The dark
    Parents: Lorne is her adopted father.
    Mate: None.
    Offspring: None.
    Relative: Insignificant.
    Brothers/sisters: Insignificant.
    History: Cecily was created in a laboratory, made from the combined genes of a fox and a baby girl. She was created along with lots of other boys and girls. There were birds, cats, wolves, monkeys, lizards, and even fellow foxes like Cecily. The woman who created her as an assignment for her mentor had the last name Yi, so Cecily was given her last name. The children in the lab were treated all right. Sure, they didn't have a pampered life with servants massaging their feet, but they were fed, cleaned, and healthy. The only problem was that the scientists didn't allow playtime. The children were to stay in their own room (which they all shared), learning to read and do math. However, sometimes a magician would come in to check on the progress. Cecily liked this magician. He taught a bit of magic to the children, all of which were the flame cloaks. He also taught them how to go into their animal form. It was strange, to see one of her best friends turn into a moth.

    One day, however, something terrible happened. This will probably be revealed through RP. Let's just say, she is the only survivor.

    Now, Cecily is out there, trying to survive on her own. . . But what she really wants is a real family and a chance to learn new magic.
    RP paragraph: This is Night. I was bored in class so I made a character real quickly(so it's kinda badd). Plus I have writers block so maybe this will break it. <3


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    Cecily Empty Re: Cecily

    Post by Lexia on Sun Sep 10, 2017 11:14 pm

    It's so cuuuute <3

    I don't see anything wrong with this.



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