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    Ariko, The Saiyan from the future!


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    Age : 22

    Character sheet
    Character Name: Ariko Uszuniragi
    Species: Saiyan
    Alignment : Chaotic Good

    Ariko, The Saiyan from the future!

    Post by Akreious on Mon Aug 31, 2015 12:46 pm

    A good example of pushing OP to its limits. I repeat do NOT attempt to replicate this level of extreme! Do ABSOLUTELY NOT!


    [A] = Attacks
    [D] = Defence
    S = Special (Finishers, Unique, etc.)
    [O] = Other

    Techniques! (Now):

    -The Kamehameha is a blue energy beam made up of Ki. It is one of the most simple forms of Ki attacks and travels in a straight line! It has the most potential of power but, normally, it is one of the weaker attacks that can be employed.

    [O]Ki Extract
    -Ki Extract is a technique where you send your own positive energy (ki) into another creature or being in a manipulative way. This will make non-sentient creatures (simple minded) docile and friendly. This will also make sentient creatures enter a extremely good mood and would think more logically. This technique could backfire though since if Ariko does not have enough positive energy, this technique could easily just power them up.

    -A technique Ariko does not really train in, but still knows. Depending on the user, it can be used as a go-to for healing or just a back up. It uses Ki to mend wounds of another user or themselves if they could reach the wound.

    [O]Watching/Listening and Applying
    -Focusing his senses, he can replicate almost anything as long as he knows the senses. he can listen to a song and replicate the vocals or watch someone play a instrument and replicate that. this is hardly perfect though, although it is a good start to learning and can skip years worth of struggling! although, this skill will start to deteriorate if he does not do the action he wants to do in 20 minutes. although watching it over and over will help strengthen his copy and apply abilities. assuming Ariko can focus enough to use this

    [O]Maximum Mode Increasing Ki output to his physical strength and body, This ability increases Arikos superhuman abilities further than its normal limits, at the cost of fatigue with prolonged usage, this ability also drains bodily nutrients and has a side-effect of turning the users skin from skin to biological armor, roughening it and making the user immune to even the likes of high caliber bullets. Although rockets has the potential to damage the armor. Although this isn't a skill used often by Ariko as he deems it "unfair" to the opponent unless it's a direct order from Yuuki or the strength is needed to defeat something. The users muscle also bulks up but not nearly as much as Ascended Super Saiyan (Stage 2). The users Ki also temporarily has electric arcs coursing through it due to the sudden temporary power increase.

    One-Off Techniques:

    Ancient Kamehameha - The first finisher Ariko ever has, as of now this power up to the original Kamehameha can only be achieved under unknown circumstances. It draws power from Ancient sources and as such as mystical properties and is not only Ki. It is roughly 100x more powerful than the original Kamehameha.

    Anger Kamehameha - The most common finisher Ariko uses when angry, it is an increased-Output kamehameha when Ariko goes into a rage. it can go up to 80x its normal output if angry enough, as well as the beam being red from the traditional blue due to the sudden emotional surge of anger. There's no magical properties to this attack.

    Ancient Kamehameha

    Personal Info:
    Name: Ariko Uszuniragi
    Nickname: Monkey Boy, Tailed Person, Arkio, Akiro, Riko, Etc.
    Age: 18 (.6)
    Species: Saiyan
    Clan: Dragon Storm [Team]
    Clan: Dragon Storm [Team]
    Rank: [???]
    Height: (Ft, Can not exceed 200 feet)
    Human - 5.75 ft
    Super Saiyan 4 - 7.5 ft
    Super Saiyan God - 6.5 Ft

    Skin/Fur/Scales, Ex.: [Oh god... okay] Skin/Fur
    Eye color: Red [Activated] or Amber/Brown [Human]
    Look: He's basically a normal human with a brown tail and gray hair. He wears a brown jacket along with metallic beads and "lucky" wrist bands on his wrists. He has several scars across his body, which are unknown of how they got there. His eyes are Amber or brown in colour.
    Extra: NO!
    Training, fighting (when it's fair), absolutely destroying standards (when it comes to fights!), socializing, being a moron, eating contests and more training.

    1. Ariko is a extreme moron so you can use that to your advantage. (Just don't expect him to be a moron in fights)
    2. Ariko's tail turns him into the Oozaru form because it collects blutz waves with nerves in his tail. But this also means his tail is extremely sensitive and will temporarily cause paralysis if applied enough pressure on it.
    3. Ariko is strong, but he also needs high maintenance. He requires a lot of food to even survive so when starved or deprived of food, he cannot operate properly.
    4. As of now, Ariko uses a lot of Ki. That means he can run out of Ki, which you can use to your advantage!
    5. Food. Simple as that, distract him with food. He LOVES food. Unless you killed his friends and or tortured them. Then no
    Ariko -
    Himself, Heavy training Armour
    You should know if you watch DBZ buuut...
    - Oozaru [MONKEY!]
    - False Super Saiyan
    - Super Saiyan [Active]
    - Mastered Super Saiyan
    - Super Saiyan Overdrive
    - Super Saiyan 2
    - Super Saiyan 3
    - Super Saiyan 4
    - Super Saiyan 4 Overdrive
    - Mystic
    - Super Saiyan God
    - Super Saiyan God Maximum
    - Super Saiyan Beyond God
    - Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan
    - Xen Mode [Super Saiyan Evolved]
    - Dark Super
    - Heavy Training Armor

    Blaze -When digging deep into the storages of his soul, Ariko can obtain a mystical power that his own Ki cannot reach on its own. The blaze form represents Ariko's strength and courage. As such, this form is 150% of Ariko's maximum power and gives Ariko a arsenal of fiery attacks. this form also increases speed by 50%. Whilst in this mode, Ariko has a red silhouette and red pupils.

    Aqua Another element of Ariko's soul, Aqua represents the Sympathy and Kindness of Ariko. This form increases speed by 200% and a whole arsenal of aquatic attacks. This form allows him a bunch of utilities as well such as being able to breathe anywhere as long as there's water in the air or faster healing when exposed to water! this form of course gives him a light blue silhouette

    Storm Another Element of Ariko's Soul, The Storm element represent's Arikos bravery. This form increases speed by 150% and strength by 50%. This of course gives Ariko a dark blue silhouette and gives him a arsenal of electrical based attacks along with a unique technique that lets him travel at the speed of electricity/lightning which is 224,000 mph! This form also allows some flight in the air as well and allows him to digitize as long as the thing he's digitizing into has electricity already.

    Hurricane The final element of Ariko's soul, this element represents the prosperity of Ariko. This is the most balanced form at increasing his strength by 100% and speed by 100%. This form also utilizes air to attack so it is designed for combat in the air or air manipulation, therefore giving this form full-maneuver flight in the air, this also adds a cyclone effect so his attacks and is the most precision-based form. Also the most ranged!

    Crystaline The final element of Ariko's soul, and is only second to Miracle. This combines all the previous forms into one along with representing Ariko's soul as awhole! this increases the user's abilities 1000% and gives the user all the abilities of the previous forms but also gives Ariko Ki/Magical weapons called Crystalline Strikers which follow behind Ariko. These daggers are triangle in shape with one long point sticking outwards, forming a square behind Ariko. these in colour are white and can be used for a whole slew of abilites! This form can temporarily dash at the speed of light with maximized use of the daggers and energy manipulation.

    MIRACLE The final mastery of All the elements, this form's chances of appearing is one in a thousand but once this form appears, everything is increased to 10,000% of its normal maximum. The user gets a rainbow silhouette as well as the eyes. This form's increase is so powerful that it can fight at the speed of light and even teleport! Although this form can be particularly stressful to the body. chances of this form increases if the user's situation is not in want, but a need. this form can also be forced out by Ariko's inner spirit.

    Heavy Training Armor -Designed by Ariko to make training harder for himself so he can break his limits faster, he most commonly uses this suit to... Well train as well as cover his body when on missions. This suit utilizes a special particle generated by the suit called the Specium Particle. It gives flight to a maximum of Mach 3 and can utilize this particle in other ways such as making Specium Blades. The Specium particle on its own is one of the most strongest particle known in the universe! This suit utilizes it into blades and blasts by condensing them so much it matches the cut of obsidian but retains its unmatched strength! For a particle at least. This suit may be mobile and seem to be all great, there is one setback. Ariko designed this suit for training so it weighs a total of 85 tons! The suit may help the user stand and the like but moving would require intense training. Although Ariko stopped using this suit once he reached Super Saiyan in pure strength. This suit uses the same technology as the Inhibitor Suit which Ariko keeps in his closet when the occasion he needs it to protect his friends from the demon inside him.

    Oozaru - Also known as a great ape, The saiyan turns into a giant monkey. In order for the transformation to take place, the Saiyan needs to have a tail, as the glands responsible for initiating the transformation are located exclusively there. The Saiyan also needs to absorb at least 17 million zeno units of Blutz Waves through the eyes to initiate the transformation. Blutz Waves are found only in sunlight reflected by a moon. If there is no moon, a planetary body will reflect the same amount of rays. The easiest way to achieve this is to gaze at the full moon, making Saiyans similar to werewolves in this aspect. If any clouds covered the moon and/or a planetary body, it would block certain amounts of the radiation. Several Saiyans once made himself transform by firing Power Ball, which is a "fake moon" reflecting the requisite amount of Blutz Rays into the air, and then staring at it. This transformation has a 10x multiplier of your base form. Although once trained this form has a 100x multiplier.

    False/Pseudo Super Saiyan - This form can be achieved at any level. It is the weakest Super form at only 45x. This form requires the user to be in a fit of rage [Any rage] to be used. Once used, the user can utilize this form whenever they want. When they go back to normal, they return to their normal form before they transformed. in this form, your pupils turn white.

    The Legendary Super Saiyan - This is the legendary Super saiyan. the user's hair turns golden and the aura is now golden as well. This form is achieved when a Saiyan has reached a high enough strength level and loses himself in a fit of rage and need. Like when a friend is about to die. this form's multiplier is a 25x multiplie at first but when you get used to it after awhile it is the normal 50x multiplier, and when form is mastered, this form instead gives a 125x multiplier! your hair in this form will also stick up and be all spikey. Just transforming will cause storms and the oceans to shake! This form is also the most versatile having 3 variants, Super Saiyan Grade 0,1,2! The higher the number the stronger but slower the form is.

    Super Saiyan Overdrive - Pushing the users body over the limits, this multiplies the users power by 500x! This is superior to Super Saiyan 2 normally or is exactly the same in level.  The users Aura has electricity like Super saiyan 2 although the Aura is more of a flame and can displace solid matter easily. This form is more risky than Super Saiyan 2 but also has the advantage of increased Ki control than Super Saiyan 2.

    Super Saiyan 2 - Also known as the Ascended Super Saiyan. Once transformed, this form gives a 200x multiplier but when mastered it is 500x your base power. In this form your hair is extremely spikey and there are now electric arcs across your body. Your aura is also more "Strong". This form is achieved by mastering the normal super saiyan and getting the same rage, This form also makes the user more violent unless they're focuses at their best.

    Super Saiyan 3 - This form utilizes the full Saiyan blood, it is designed to manipulate the user's Ki to the body's maximum they can! At first this form is a 1000x Multiplier of the user's base form but will soon go all the way up to 100,000x the user's base form once fully mastered. This form is achieved when one trains with super saiyan 2! Your hair will be longer and the electric arcs will be more violent. This form is extremely hard to control and zaps Ki quickly. Just transforming into this form will cause the very Planet to Shake!

    Super Saiyan 4 - The saiyan when using this form will have red fur and have a 1000 multiplier so 100,000,000x your normal power! this form requires the saiyan to have a tail and be able to go super saiyan 3, you have to look at the moon but regain consciousness, this form is achieved. Unlike the Supers before, this form does not require training and is permanent. The energy zap goes back to Super Saiyan 1 but in this form it is hard to keep your cocky attitude away. This form although is especially dangerous as it has the potential to shake the solar system just by transforming the first time!

    Super Saiyan 4 Overdrive - This form is achieved when despite already mastered Super Saiyan 4 by default, they still train to Super Saiyan 4's limits and once they are able to exceed the capacity of normal Super Saiyan 4, this form quite literally pushes his body over the limits and utilizes all energy he has in his reserves, because of this, this form has a multiplier of 1,000,000,000,000x but this is coupled by a nasty energy drain that could leave a inexperienced saiyan that uses this form a mere 5 minute transform time, however this drainage can be overcome by higher Ki storage or strain minimization.

    Mystic Form - A form that's outside of the Saiyan transformations, the user's aura turns white with white electric arcs. This form exceeds Super Saiyan 3 in strength but is behind 4. This form utilizes the Ki and Magic in one's body to access a strength that was once designed to counter immortals and super-Strengthened beings. This form has a multiplier of 500,000x your normal form!

    Super Saiyan God - The Saiyan God form,this form has a multiplier of 1,000,000,000,000,000x! This form can only be achieved When 6 or more good hearted souls contributes energy into the saiyan, This form can be achieved at any level. You don't even be a super saiyan 1 and achieve this form! Although if you did not have experience with super saiyan form, the more it zaps your energy. The most you can spend in this form is 1 week long with maximum super experience! This aura is more of a flame and your hair is bright red! when mastered, the user will return to normal at peak form! But if they do not have experience, they may pass out. After they transformed, the user permanently has 2x multiplier even in base! In legends this form is said to give the saiyan the power to fight gods! Another effect of this form is, with the exception of hearing and sight, this form cannot be detected by the likes of radar and the such. a downside to this legendary form is that, the user will lose all of their previous super saiyan forms but can be reobtained.

    Super Saiyan God Maximum - When someone does the super Saiyan God transformation, but exceeds 15 people, they achieve Super Saiyan God Maximum. This form is the bare maximum of Super Saiyan God, with an insane multiplier of 1,500,000,000,000,000x! When a user of this reverts to normal, they return in peak physical condition unlike the regular transformation where you have a chance of passing out.

    Super Saiyan Beyond God - If a saiyan Masters Super Saiyan God in their short time frame or went God a total of 3 times, they achieve this form. It replaces their base form and has a permanent 5,000x multiplier and will require the user to be under quite some extreme punishment to get them to revert back to their real base form. The saiyan's aura turns white, Also this form utilizes godly Ki just like the normal God form.

    Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan - the strongest from,Now if a saiyan goes super when they are in Super Saiyan Beyond God, they reach this form. Instead of a red aura or the golden aura, they get this blue aura! This form is said to be even MORE stronger than God! Legend says this form might have the strength to fight the strongest of Gods! This form is so extreme that even its multiplier is unknown but it is said to be 100,000,000,000,000,000x! Exaggerating or no, this is a hypothesis as NO OTHER SAIYAN HAS EVER achieved this form. This form is said to contend with the most powerful beings in existence and non-existence.

    Super Saiyan Xen
    - This is the "true" form of Super Saiyan from Ariko's own universe. it is also the Super form he automatically dons when travelling much MUCH faster than light, as this form is basically just a space-age version of the super form. it has the same 50x multiplier but his Ki reserves increase way more to 200x his normal Ki storage.

    Dark Super Saiyan - Not really a super saiyan, this is when a saiyan is close to achieving the super saiyan form. Technically it is stronger than super saiyan, being a 650x multiplier. The person is very close to being super but not quite, and the person goes into a rage, they do not go super but instead this form. In this form, the user's mind goes into a haze and gets a red electric arc. Naturally they have the impulse to destroy anything a "Threat" and is hard to snap out of. This includes even rivals and friends!

    Particle Saiyan - potentially dangerous, this form utilizes particles as a weapon. Specifically specium particles, it uses the user's body as a giant generator. This is dangerous since this could poison and kill the user. Physically it changes nothing but the particles generated are not artificial like metal, but it is more natural and therefore extremely dangerous. The entire body of the user is engulfed in particles and with glow with the colours of rainbow! This form lets the user become one with the particles giving a pseudo Omnipresence to a surrounding area. this form has a total multiplier of 15x depending on what particles is there. And since this form uses particles it can "Quantize" or teleport by literally converting your body into a bunch of particles and reforming.

    Special abilities:
    Ki manipulation, transformations, extremely strong biology.
    Also a thing known as Zenkai, when a saiyan goes near-death and recover, they get a power boost. these boosts can range from a bit to MASSIVE depending on the level of near-death. a Saiyan's power can almost triple if they are on the verge of death and recovers at the last second!

    Attacks: Kamehameha, and Zepillion Ray (Two most common Attacks). Dragons Fist (Ultimate attack)
    And that's it.
    Combat style: Ariko being a martial artist uses a custom martial arts called "The Blossom Way" which focuses on quick, strong attacks or powerful counter attacks. While this style lacks in defence it will make up in force and speed.
    Ariko is naive, or naiivette Due to having Amnesia, he is particularly curious about almost anything and everything. he is very happy-go-lucky and moronic as people call him along with the fact that he is innocent to mostly everything even to the point of when people make suggestive sounds, he will shrug it off and probably go find food. Although he is particularly good in learning and applying due to his enhanced senses compared to a humans.

    Fair Fights

    Icky stuff
    Losing friends!

    Tail being pulled. It's painful you know!
    Everyone dying while he can't do nothing.
    Parents: ???
    Mate: Most likely Mitsuko
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: N/A
    Brothers/sisters: N/A
    27 trillion years into the future, Humanity has perished at the hands of the Saiyans. Yet once the Saiyans ran out of worthy foes, they slowly lost their lust for battle and slowly lost their once battle-made genetics. Saiyans became protectors of the Galaxy for quite some time with advanced technology instead of brute strength! But one day, their leader gotten corrupted with power once he activated his old Saiyan battle genes, Gaining Super Saiyan Xen. When the king killed 3 of his advisors for revolting against him, the last Advisor's dying words foretold a unnaturally weak Saiyan with Grey hair, born with several scars on his body. This boy was called the "Boy of Legends", and the Saiyans was reduced to slaves.

    Fast-forwarding 3 trillion years later, the king developed a serum to extend his lifetime while retaining his abilities. But, when one of the low-class slaves gave birth to a grey-haired boy, with several scars along the body, they knew they couldn't leave him to the king's might. They put the boy into a space-pod armour and sent him off before the king knew. Landing on a undisclosed barren wasteland of a planet, the last of its species, a "Ultra Phoenix" adopted Ariko and grew him up to age 18, until the King found their planet and reduced it to smouldering ashes, along with 2-3 other planets. Having no choice to not engage in combat or else risking Ariko, the Phoenix put the grey-haired boy into his space pod and entered the boy as a host and sent them both back in time, attempting to stop the king from ever being born.

    This did not work however as 1 second into over-shooting his time travel sent his powers of the future limited and was forced to be sent into another dimension and even further in time, landing in another world's past.
    RP paragraph:
    As the little girl equivalent of aliens approached the dormant I.A Armor, Rirkua moved through the shadows quickly. When the girl tries to inspect the armor Rirkua quickly closed in with his Bio-Strands in a spear shape. The spear ripples through the girl as the bio-strands covers the girl, absorbing the girl quickly. Adding to the kill count. Rirkua then fleeing from the scene quickly before the security checks on the I.A Armour as his DNA quickly gets to work on breaking down the little girl's blood and adding it to Rirkua's energy reserves.
    - Leave this as it is, I don't care >_<


    "True freedom isn't achieved by force, or strength. It is earned when someone unites all in unity! I shall be the one to see it through with kindness and hope!"

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