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    Post by Alarick on Tue Aug 22, 2017 7:24 pm

    Crimson Legion Crimso10

    The tall grass lashed at his legs, but that soon gave way to the pavements once more as he finished his wander through the park. Or what was left of it. For the first time in his life, the man was quiet, refusing to utter a single word as he continued to walk through the destruction, the collapsed buildings. People were still pulling others from the rubble, dead, injured or dying, he didn't know. Nor did he really want to find out. It was a sober sight, cries of pain that stung his ears.

    This was the place his brother had found work. The broken sign swinging from the half demolished office giving the man the name of the area. He was in the right spot, but, where was he..? His blood ran cold when he saw someone, his walk breaking into a run. No one stopped him as he knelt down near one of the deceased, raising his hands to clear away the dust and dirt from him. He felt his heart sink as he raised the corpse and held it, closing his purple eyes as he felt tears sting them.

    His brother's death was on the hands of the police, the government, the guilds who were meant to be here. They were suppose to stop something like this from ever happening.

    Yet, here they stood, some injured, others not. But ultimately, they had failed. Failed to stop the terrorist and their devastation before it was too late. Through his tears and sobs as he rocked the body back and forth, his mournful cries joining the song around him, he vowed one single thing.

    He would never let this grand city be subject to so much destruction ever again.

    Crimson Legion Locati10

    Crimson Legion 42-83744

    Located on the outskirts of the grand city of Xastristan is where the Crimson Legion currently has their home. They moved to this city from another, where their Leader founded the original guild. However they moved to being so close to Xastristan so that he and his specialist guild members could keep an ever watchful eye on the Capitol. Unlike some guilds, he ensures that each person he recruits, he recruits for a very specific reason. Each member in his guild are in his guild for a reason, even if they seem useless to others, he holds them in very high regard.

    The strange, the beautiful, the outcast, they have a place with this guild, especially if he sees something special in them.

    The guild itself isn't hidden at all, it's grand features a stark contrast against the hills and technology heavy city near it. It consists of a multi story building which has an a quite sort of style to it. The building that looks vaguely like a castle, with various spires and towers that climb high into the sky. Around the castle, there's a saltwater river which houses a few creatures that can readily scare people off. There's also a shrine-like area at the outer edges of the castle. However, guests only have access to the first story of the guild. Only with escorts can they go any further.

    Crimson Legion Facili10

    The first floor consists of the grand entrance, common seating areas and just general things like that. There are hidden security cameras to ensure that nothing big breaks out, but they are so well camouflaged that no one would be able to detect them. The second story and third are where things get more interesting. Housing their own personal bar, not a large one as someone keeps drinking everything... The extravagant common rooms have sofas, chairs, tables and the basics. However, they all have surprisingly up to date technology inside.

    The fourth story is where most of the bedrooms are, the third story having only four.

    But the top story, that's where no one goes as only the guild leader and those he calls for meetings are able to go that high. As such, what it looks like is a large mystery to most.

    The only thing that's bad is that there's only 1 working elevator. The rest of the passages between floors are do on by staircases.

    However, something that probably also should be mentioned are training grounds at the back of the guild and inside. The inside ones are restricted to members only, ensuring that their skills are held under wraps and hidden to others. Outdoors are where anyone can come to train, really. The guild leader also gleans there for potential new members. However, very few make it through the harvest and into his guild.

    Crimson Legion Member10


    Crimson Legion Alaric12

    The Guild Leader, a man so regal, so proud and yet surprisingly handsome. He is known never to hold mercy to those who harm his guild. His name can be heard in whispers among the halls, new members knowing to comment on the looks as the Reaper walks by.

    Crimson Legion Azalea11

    A being, clothed in mystery, a flower blooming among the electronics of this world. Alive through an accident, though incredibly unique to the Reaper, they flourish and grow, tending to the plants bestowed upon them. They never part with their gifts, nor their secrets.

    Crimson Legion ZLEc2kQ

    Light weaves from his fingertips, the flash of the brightness the only thing before your attacks fall useless against those who he considers his guild mates. A saviour, his sword flashes and defends his allies valiantly to ensure that no evil befalls his guild mates, something which the Reaper himself is in debt to.

    Crimson Legion Kim110

    Young, unrefined, potential flowing from her fingertips- volatile, unpredictable as it is now. Too enthusiastic for most people to handle, never allowing her guild mates to go through the day without exercise, she is both a bane and a blessing to the Reaper.

    Crimson Legion Allian10

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