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    Alarick, the Narcissist  Empty Alarick, the Narcissist

    Post by Alarick on Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:14 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Alarick Agnar
    Nickname: The Narcissist
    Age: 33 years old.
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Human shapeshifter
    Alignment: Chaotic good.
    Height: In his human form, he stands proud at 6'3.
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Pale skin.
    Eyes: For some strange reason, he has purple shaded eyes.
    Hair: Ebony hair which is somewhat spiked.
    Alarick, the Narcissist  Alaric10

    Alarick is surprisingly young-looking, despite his age. In private, this guy knows that he's downright gorgeous and isn't afraid to show it off. Quite often, he will only walk around with his long, cape-like vest and his pants on, remaining shirtless simply because he can. His toned muscles and almost scar-free body is something to admire. The only injury he really has is a minor white scar on his back, caused by a stab wound. He likes it and just doesn't get it healed, but it more than able to do such things. He is almost never seen without his long, finger-less gloves. Alarick often wears odd clothing, which can be seen above as that is kinda hard to describe.

    -Being pretty much the perfect man to look at.
    -Duelist, he's incredible with fighting not only in a 1v1 situation, but also when he has multiple enemies coming down on him.
    -His strength and speed is quite commendable when he's actually trying to be fast. He's able to move swiftly without breaking a sweat, moving up to 12m/s without too much difficulty.

    -This gorgeous man, no matter what anyone else thinks of him, he's perfect. Yup, he is incredibly arrogant.
    -Flaws? Ha, he has no flaws, he's too perfect for them. He can't stand fighting in cold environments, or ones which are too right. They have to be at least decent for him. Otherwise, it takes him 2 posts to be heated and acting normally in a fight in the cold. After 6 posts in the heat, he basically will give up, unless he has a reason to fight. He likes it hot, but not too hot. After all, the warmer environment matches his sexiness.
    -He cannot do anything much against ranged attack in general, just hope and pray that he can dodge it in time.

    Special Abilities:
    Heh, you think that's dark magic? - Alarick is able to manipulate dark power in a way to enhance his weapon. He can increase its durability, repair the weapon, increase its piercing capability/sharpness and such like that. This can be done every second post, so a 1 post cooldown. Buuut, he can only influence weapons which have partially melded with himself. The only thing that has done that is his weapon, which will be made in a weapons app.

    Aerial sweep - he can send forth a blade of dark energy from his weapon. This basically comes when he swings his blade, the only way to tell that it's about to use the ability is the dark energy that seems to glow from it for a few moments before he attacks. The sharper it is, the more easily it can cut. The blade of energy is incredibly thin, slightly curved and starts around 5 feet long, with an extension of 1 foot in both directions for every foot traveled, to be a total of around 50 feet long and reaches a distance of 25 feet from Alarick. After reaching max distance, it vaporizes into nothing. Cooldown of 3 posts. This move has increased penetration abilities, able to dent steel and cut through steel and other dense materials to up to 1/4 inch thick. If it's been sharpened right before he uses this attack, it can cut up to 1/2 inch of thick material. This can be blocked like a regular strike, but it will probably dent the metal that makes up the item.

    Fine, I'll stop playing around

    Alarick, the Narcissist  162435-21534

    Alarick does something which is rather stupid. After at least 6 combat posts (or in incredibly dire circumstances, he can do it instantly, but at the cost of having the duration of this ability to be cut in half), he can choose to swap his form. Yup. He can. However, how he does it is rather morbid. He basically swaps the blade to face himself and stabs it straight through his heart with the blade. As soon as his blade breaks his skin, he becomes temporarily unable to be harmed as a shield of darkness comes around him instantly (shield is only a few moments so he doesn't have his head cut off while he shifts). HOWEVER, the weapon stabbing his heart doesn't kill him as the weapon is already melded with his own soul. He then sheds himself of his physical being, allowing darkness that he commands to meld completely with the weapon and himself and overtaking his form. He becomes 9 feet tall through this and is made from the shadows. While he is like this, Alarick basically becomes numb to feeling emotions. That being said, strong emotions, such as desperation, anger and despair will influence his moves. But just because he can't feel emotion doesn't mean that he's a mute. He can still talk. After all, he's gotta make sure that there are people conscious and alive who are there to witness him as he's showing off!

    This lasts for 6 posts. During this state, he gains a few extra things that must be covered.

    Oooh, it's pointy! - In this form, he conjures a scythe which is 7 feet long, the largest blade at the end of the scythe being 3 feet long which tappers out into a sharp point, the next being 2'6 long. This weapon is rather easy for him to use, able to be wielded like a regular weapon AND the steel-like blades of the weapons can be used to block bullets, enchanted weapons, etc.

    His regular hits are enough to cut through steel under a 1/4 inch thick. He cannot break other people's weapons, for some bizarre reason. Probably because the scythe can sense the other weapon and doesn't want to kill it. Things to note is that this scythe is able to only be wielded by Alarick himself in this form, if he drops it, it simply reappears at his hand when he wants it. It cannot be used like this to reform inside people. If others try to pick it up, their hand simply goes through it. It vanishes when he returns to his human state.

    He can swing this with incredible force, enough to easily dent and warp steel hulls of tanks (considered a powerful swing when he does this, 1 use per 3 post). If he manages to break through the steel with the scythe, it cannot cut more than the length of 1 foot. Additionally, the cutting will only happen if he can actively see what he is cutting through. Due to this, if he does, for some reason, decide to attack a tank, it will not break through the completely and kill someone inside- he has to see what he's cutting for it to actually cut, otherwise, the blades just vanish and reappear on the other side and don't harm anyone. However, it does give them an awful fright to see blades go right through their neck and not slash them.  

    That being said, he can still cut through skin and damage organic creatures rather easily. He doesn't need to see what's underneath skin, hide, scales, etc, in order to cut it.

    Execution - Alarick pours the power of darkness straight into the scythe. He does this over the duration of one post, which can be told by shadows that peel away from his 'form' and go into the blades of the scythe. Tendrils of shadows also begin to form at the head of the scythe and trail after each movement with grace. After one post charging, then chooses a target within 100 feet of where he was standing.

    After doing so, Alarick dashes forward at an incredible speed (60fps to a max distance of 100ft), the shadows stored in his strike allowing him to get to such speeds. He then brings down the scythe and unleashes the stored power it into one incredibly crippling strike, which power radiates out in a cone-shape in front of him/the strike to around 50 feet from the impact of the blow. This blow is three times more powerful than his empowered strike. The empowered is nothing compared to this. This move is is more than enough to cripple anything standing in front of him which is hit directly by the blade and blow them back several feet. Steel hulls? Yea they kinda get broken upon impact with this move.

    He gets one use before he's pretty much useless in all definitions of the word. This INSTANTLY throws him out of this transformation and into his human state after use. It also leaves his human form incredibly drained and barely able to defend himself. And 'injuries' obtained during the charging of the blade AND the post that he strikes WILL transfer to his human form, meaning that he will have holes from bullet wounds, cuts from swords. The initial blow can be blocked, if you are strong enough...

    -Alarick doesn't really get tired when he's in this form, able to keep fighting until the final post of this form.

    -Naturally, he can move swiftly as he is 'weightless', he's a shadow-like being after all. Max movement speed is increased to approximately 16m/s. So yes, he's swift and can actually move.

    -Even though he's weightless, his strength is still there in spirit and he can still block hits and quite easily has the strength to do things with his scythe.

    -When he finally leaves this form, any and all injuries which he absorbs, he really begins to feel it.

    -Despite not being 'injured' by the physical objects, they still hurt him as if he were actually damaged. Just. At a lesser extent.

    -Although it's a blessing that he doesn't get physically hurt by physical items, they go right through him. The reason that this is rather bad is because he cannot body block for people like he sometimes would.

    -The only thing which can interact with physical objects while he's in this state is his scythe.

    -While he is using this, magic damage will still hurt him just as much as a regular person.

    -He can ONLY cut what he sees when he is using an empowered strike!

    -Despite being a ghosty form, he cannot move fast enough to block bullets- unless they're incredibly predictable and he can bring up the scythe to do so.

    -He cannot use any old weapon to use his other form. It MUST be his blade, or he's effectively killing himself.

    Alarick is a narcissistic man who is incredibly proud of his appearance. He's someone who is rather hard to insult, and, the more of a challenge you are to him, the more that he'll go after you. In more ways than one. He'll do almost anything to prove that he's better than someone as 'ugly' or 'lowly' compared to him. And, well, he's never met anyone that he thinks is better than himself. He's incredibly arrogant.

    That being said, he's not an idiot about it. He knows not to shove it in peoples faces too much, but it wouldn't be Alarick if he didn't show off during engaging conversations.

    Another thing to note is that he's actually quite a happy man who often can get lost in his own thoughts. Distractions are something that easily work on him in regards to thoughts, his mind acting like a butterfly as it jumps from one thought to another. Due to this he is actually really good at noticing a lot of details that others may miss. Unless someone gorgeous is near him. Then. Then sometimes he's going to get distracted and just end up thinking how beautiful they are near him. Ultimately, he will remember, that no one is as gorgeous as him and keep moving with his life.

    Alarick is also quite a flirt, just happily saying what's on his mind.

    But don't get him wrong. You don't want to push this man too much. Not unless you want to see what happens when he becomes incredibly angry with people around him. Quite often, people get really hurt from those displays and tremble in fear from his outburst. Why? Because he is merciless with his punishments.

    -Looking in a mirror to admire himself.
    -Giving out compliments just to see how others react, especially the girls.
    -People admiring him and his skills.
    -Being the center of attention.

    -People being negative. He hates that.
    -People not acknowledging that he's handsome, it will just take more effort from him to get them to think that he is!
    -Boredom... Its so... boring.
    -When the spotlight is on someone else.

    -Fear of losing his looks.
    -He's afraid of losing his eyes as then he can't see how handsome he is.

    Parents: Mother and father are both living in retirement, but his father has a heart condition meaning that he's in constant care.
    Mate: Hey girls, this sexy man is single~!
    Offspring: Kids? No.
    Relative: Nah.
    Brothers/sisters: He had a sister, but he has no idea what happened to her, the blonde girl just seemed to vanish. Alarick also had a brother- however fate was cruel and he was killed during the time where I̧̨͜n̡͡sa͏͝ņ̸͜i̧͡t͢͜ý went on its rampage.
    History: I'd like to reveal more information about the sexiest man to ever come onto TB through RP please.
    RP paragraph:
    Alarick grinned. Today was a good day. No. It was fantastic- and the reason for that was rather simple. He'd woken up and, quite by chance, saw the most amazing thing in the world; his reflection.
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    Alarick, the Narcissist  Empty Re: Alarick, the Narcissist

    Post by sLy on Tue Aug 22, 2017 12:07 am



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