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    Mox Larrs

    Post by Defaox on Sat Aug 12, 2017 11:17 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Mox Larrs
    Age: 1,500 years old
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Nypherian Synthetic
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Height: 6 foot 2
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Skin, with sleeve tattoos on both arms. He has very tan skin pigment.
    Eyes: His eyes have a faint blueish hue to them.
    Hair: The sides of his head are buzz cut, leaving the top not cut at all. His hair naturally forms into a Mohawk. The color of his hair is jet black, this also is reflected within his facial hair. He has a trimmed beard that starts from both sideburns and wraps around his jawline. A faint mustache along his upper lip.
    Looks: He always carries a stern look upon his face, even if he is holding a civil conversation. A bit gauche when he crosses the topic of his past, his stern look turns inconsolable. His well-defined muscles can be seen through his clothing. The clothing he wears has is to blend in as a human, given his “body” is human. The clothing makes him look like a simple mercenary.
    Strengths/skills: As a Biologically/Synthetically enhanced soldier. He excels in combat situations. He has also been trained to master in small arms repair and the use of said weapons he repairs. A true talent with counterintelligence, he has created a network that connects him with his ship always, constantly streaming information back and forward. What he sees, feels, and hears is recorded, always. He has a faster method in learning languages, than most organics due to him being Synthetically enhanced by Nypherian Technology.  His spine and brain are heavily modified. His spine, collectively made up of Nypherian made metals, connects directly with his synthetic brain. The CNS, has been modified for greatly enhanced collective thinking, problem solving, and quick thinking.
    Weaknesses/Flaws: A large personality issue he has is making friends. Due to being emotionally scarred by the Nypherian Civil war, garnering relationships has been one of the key issues he has on his military record. He will simply have a short response and move on from the conversation. Losing many of his friends and killing some of his old friends, has left an emotional mark. Another issue is remembering his physical limits. This plays into his combat situations, he spent 900 years as a cybernetic soldier. He forgot now that he doesn’t have the same defensive measures he would have as a machine then he would have as a “organic”.  To sleep, he connects with the Server hub within his ship. During that time, he can’t move or react. He is unaware. This cycle lasts 10 hours and he must do this, once every week. When he “Awakes” from this slumber, he recovers in total of one hour. During that time, it is as if he is intoxicated.

    Special Abilities: Being part of the Nypherian Empire, Synthetic Division. He has special abilities that others wouldn’t have. One of his “abilities” is that he can blend his consciousness with another AI. His nervous system specifically modified to blend with the AI around him, thus why he built a similar version of the “Hive Mind Network” of the Nypherian Empire. Since his body is modified, he still holds the physically weaknesses of a human being. He still can get shot and stabbed. However, his body can filter out most infections, poisons, viruses, and other natural causing illnesses. His cells self-repair and sustain themselves. His body, being 90% synthetic has enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, and faster thought process.
    Personality: His personality after the Civil war had hanged greatly. A once cocky mercenary had turned into a quiet, stern, and pessimistic being. He is the kind of person who rather sit back and watch something unfold in front of him, rather than get involved. Speaking to most people with a sentence retort, or nothing. He lets his actions speak for him, rather than his words. A changed being that reflects his “Battle Harden” attitude.

    Likes/Hobbies: His hobbies include working on his ship, small arms repair, learning alien culture, and exploring.
    Dislikes: He greatly dislikes violence(But won’t be afraid to defend himself), overtly crowded places, being unable to get up and move about, and talking about his culture
    Fears: Thoughts about the Civil War, and talking a life in an unfortunate circumstance
    Parents: none
    Mate: None
    Offspring: None
    Relative: None
    Brothers/sisters: None
    History: Mox Larrs started out within the Nypherian Empires Cybernetics Divison at the age of 19. His first experience in combat was during the Asmodian Skirmishes, before the war. As he rose in ranks within the Division, he became less human. By the rank of Sergeant Major, he was 90% machine. He had experienced more than he liked and soon left the Empire. He spent most of his time doing odd jobs for the EFA ( Earth Federation Alliance ). He of course, avoided all job listings connected with Vermire Station ( Nypherian Territory ). Once the Asmodian War went in full swing, he spent time doing jobs for the NGA and the Nypherian Empire because of his large disgust for the Asmodians. Once the war had ended and the Immortal Wars began, he went dark, and was never heard from again.

    Things changed once the Nypherian Civil war started. Signing once again with the Empire but joined the Synthetic Division. He spent time being deployed on many Nypherian Controlled systems, fighting his brethren. The Battle of Iathea, The Battle of Lostrus, and the Battle for Xarn. The conflict lasted for 100 years total and the Old Machines were chased off. He had been recruited to the Exploration Special Task Group after the war. He had been tasked with a small squad to explore other Dimensions.
    RP paragraph:

    When wars are fought, its normally for a few things. Religious belief, petty arguments, and conflicts between governments. When fighting the old machines, they’re not fighting for the right to live. They wanted to kill everything related to the Nypherian Empire. Our brothers turned on us because of simple hatred towards organics. Clinging to an outdated emotion that stained out history, billions of years ago. They attacked every system we had within the North-Western side of the Galaxy, it was madness. Many systems fell under attack by these heretics. Innocent blood spilled because of their hatred, that has lasted since the day we lost Earth.

    I joined back with the Empire on that day, the day I heard natives to the world of Tarisfull, were butchered by the heretics. I took the title of Sergeant Major once again and brought the fight to the old machines. I went from many systems but the system of Lostrus. That was a whole different fight. It was nearing the Second Cycle of the second year. We had liberated most of the world, but one large city remained. Ironically, it was the capital city. The largest city on the planet and we had to go in and slaughter every Heretic. Securing a beach head was hard, but the real fight was on the ground. Lostrus never leaves my thoughts, this is my story.

    Lostrus, year 24 since the battle for the planet:

    “Today is the day gentlemen! This is the day that we will push these heretics off this rock!” LT Colonel Heross said over the coms. Mox Larrs sat upon the tank that had been carrying his squad through the tight streets of the city. Many other tanks were slowly moving through the nearby streets. The city itself seemed to be on fire. Almost every citizen had abandoned the city or had been killed during the first initial attacks by the heretics. The buildings around him were either burning or had recently burnt out. The echoing sounds of the tank column reverberated within the city, with the occasional Nypherian fighter flying over them. Mox glanced up, his sensors picking up the combat within the sky, miles above the city.

    Within his arms resting on the barrel on his rifle. The tank column had been moving for the past two minutes without any issues, which worried most of the soldiers. The tanks, the M446A3 Ravager, is as unique as every other Nypherian tech. The tank is its on AI system. It requires no driver as the tank is a highly advanced AI. It can see everything the Nypherians can see, with the connected Hive network. The tanks would kick up small bits of steel and large clouds of dust. The dust was more of the fires that continued to burn all within the city. Mox Larrs gaze slowly moved towards the street. The square within the first sector of the city was coming.

    Lights from laser fire came streaking across the board side of the tank he rested on. A few Nypherian soldiers got struck in the heads. The slumped over and fell of the side of the tank. The column of tanks stopped and the soldiers jumped off their respective tanks and moved behind them. A few unlucky stragglers got picked off by machine laser fire. The laser bolts struck the ground around the tanks, kicking up large amount of dirt. Sparks splashed all around them whenever it struck the tanks. “Move up into the square! Squads, move into the nearby buildings, assuming firing postions! Expect enemy mortar fire soon! Said LT Colonel Heross, as he remained on one of the tanks. He rested behind the large turret of the tank and popped off the occasional round in the direction of enemy fire.
    Heross wasn’t a Cybernetic, well not fully. He has 20% of his body removed and the rest Synthetically enhanced. He stood near seven feet tall, covered in black armor. His species wasn’t even human, he was one of the first aliens that enlisted into the Nypherian Empire. He looks like a Kangaroo but he has fingers like a human being.

    As the tank line moved up, the enemy fire began to increase. Mox Larrs moved with his unit, bent low to the ground, avoiding enemy fire. The energy bolts passed him, and he could hear the buzzing noise they would make as they passed by. Entering the doorway on his left, he moved towards the stairs. Making his way towards the second floor, he spotted one of the Heretics across the city square. Once he spotted the enemy, every Nypherian could see the enemy. Within seconds, gunfire exchange crossed between the square.

    A faint whistle could be heard that seemed to overshadow the sound of conflict. Mox moved behind cover, using the wall of the building to hide himself. He knew exactly what that sound was, “Screamers! Stay indoors! Keep Awa…” he was cut off as a large explosion ripped into the building he was hunkering in. The explosion killed a few Nypherians that had been caught in the initial explosion. The blue and green fire licked around the wall he was hiding behind. Once subsided, he turned the corner and open fired. His bullets, a hybrid creation of Ballistics and Ion/plasmic energy streaked across the courtyard. The rounds found home as two Old Machine soldiers hit the ground instantly, one thrashed upon the ground for a few seconds.  “Incoming HO1’s!” a voice said over the coms. HO1’s, the heavy gunners of the Nypherian army core ran up the stairs, that Mox Larrs is in. They reached the second floor and moved towards the windows. Four of the in total, and they brought two heavy machine gun weaponry. These guns need two soldiers to operate and set up. The guns were placed so that they have a clear view on the courtyard. “Covering fire!” yelled Mox Larrs. His squad and the tank line began to open fire on the buildings that held enemy forces. Steel and fire erupted from the attack by the Nypherian tanks. Once the heavy guns had been finally set up, they opened fire. Green plasmic bolt streaked across the courtyard and easily cut into the buildings. Mox just watched as the heavy gun fire took care of the enemy resistance.

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    Re: Mox Larrs

    Post by Lexia on Sun Aug 13, 2017 12:51 am

    Hey there, I have a few things I need you to just change about please before I can even begin to grade this app.

    I honestly cannot make out when strengths become separate and such. Please compile the strengths, weaknesses and special abilities into lists before I will really start to look through it as, right now, I'm just getting word blocked. It's hard to read and sore on the eyes, please make it a list like dot points...

    However, there was one thing I also need you to add in the form of a list before I can continue as well.

    He has also been trained to master in small arms repair and the use of said weapons he repairs. wrote:

    I need you to compile a list of things that he can repair, just so that we can keep track of them. And keep in mind, there's a rather large limit to things such as guns, so be sure to include their max range and such if he can use them.

    When you've just made these things into lists and such, bump it up for me to look through it again ;u; Sorry to be a pain, it's just so hard to read and understand.


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