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    Post by Fenrir on Mon Jul 31, 2017 3:00 am

    Personal Info:
    Name: Fenrir
    Nickname: Fen
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Species: Werewolf
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Human form: 6’3”
    Were form: 6’8”
    Full wolf form: 4’6”
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.:
    Human form: Light, almost pale skin
    Were form: Black fur
    Full wolf form: Black fur
    Human form: Yellow
    Were form: Yellow
    Full wolf form: Red
    Human form: Brown, shaggy hair
    Human form: Fenrir has a defined jawline and is fairly well built.  He has yellow eyes that sometimes change to red when he hasn’t shifted recently.  He has a small tattoo on the backs of his right and left hands and one on the back of his neck.  He tends to wear a dark jacket with a lighter colored shirt underneath.  Jeans are his go-to pants, but he’ll wear shorts if it is too hot outside.  The stone around his neck is a greenish shade of cyan.  He has a slight Swedish accent.
    Were form: In his were form, Fenrir is a few inches taller and is much more muscular than in his human form.  He has no markings, and his tattoos are not visible.  His eyes stay yellow while in this form.  His teeth are much sharper and his bones are much more dense, allowing him to exert himself without worrying as much about getting injured.  His voice is much deeper and somewhat distorted.
    Full wolf form: In this form, Fenrir looks like a normal black wolf, just much bigger.  Ha cannot speak in this form.
    Were form: Fenrir shifts at least once a month, due to full moons or just wanting a change.  He is much faster and stronger in this form and is able to easily make his way through dense areas due to his senses being heightened by 2x.  He can reach speeds of up to about 50mph and can lift objects up to around 2 tons.
    Full wolf form: Fenrir can’t lift things in this form, but he can run at speeds up to 80mph.  His senses are 4x more sensitive in this form, and he can sniff out prey from up to 1 mile away.  As a full wolf, his jaws are much more powerful and can break human-sized bones.
    Athletics: Fenrir is fairly athletic and likes to stay in shape.  In his human form, he can bench around 350lbs.  He is very agile and used to do gymnastics when he was a teenager.
    Regeneration: His body heals much faster than a normal human’s due to his altered genetic structure.  He can only heal parts of his body that he is still connected to, so if he loses an arm or a leg, it is gone forever.  If a part of his body is too damaged, it will not heal.  He can only regenerate physical wounds, such as broken bones or large gashes.  A paper cut takes 1 post to heal, a broken bone can take anywhere from 7-11 posts, depending on how bad the break is, and a large gash takes 16 posts.
    Mercury: Unlike most werewolves, mercury is one of the worst things that Fenrir can come into contact with.  He gets a severe rash on the part of his body that the mercury touched. If he ingests 1 drop of mercury, his throat will swell. Anything more than 1 cup will kill him.
    Full moons: During a full moon, Fenrir is forced to shift into at least his were form.  Even during the day, if the full moon is visible, he will shift.  His temper is noticeably more hostile.  During a blue moon, the effects of a full moon are enhanced.  He loses control over his emotions and is forced to shift into his full wolf form.
    Emotional control: Normally, Fenrir has at least a little bit of control of how he makes his emotions visible.  While in his were form he has less control, and in his full wolf form, he has almost none.
    Violent outbursts: Every once in a while, when Fenrir is extremely upset about something, he will have violent outbursts, sometimes causing him to shift.  He has been working on controlling this, but it still happens from time to time.
    Special Abilities: Fenrir has two forms he can shift into and out of at will (most of the time).
    Personality: Fenrir think that the way he wants things should be the way that they are.  He wants things to be black and white, where there’s no question as to if something is right or wrong.  He normally tries to do the right thing, but can be manipulated easily by someone persuasive enough.  He has no patience for people who don’t see things his way.  He is slightly self confident and a little aggressive, and does not always know when to back down from an argument or fight.  Fenrir tries to be a model citizen when he has control over his emotions, but that normally does not go according to plan due to his impulsiveness.  He frequently takes days to just connect with himself so he can try and control himself more while in his other forms.  Every now and then he gets a recurring nightmare that the people he interacts with stop trusting him because he is a werewolf.

    Being in control of his life
    Going to the gym
    Shifting into his were form
    Raw meat (except lamb)
    Going out at night
    Fish, mainly because of the high amounts of mercury found in them
    Water, it makes him smell like wet dog
    Enclosed spaces
    Other people telling him what to do
    Hurting someone he cares about
    People hunting him down
    Someone finding out he is a werewolf.  He thinks that if anyone find out, word will spread and people will start being afraid of him
    Being trapped
    Parents: ???
    Mate: N/A
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: N/A
    Brothers/sisters: N/A
    History: Fenrir does not know who his parents are/were, and has no clue about where he came from.  He woke up in a forest when he was 15, only remembering his first name and age.  He found his way to Oak Hollow and started a new life, not knowing anything about who he was.
    RP paragraph: Hi, this is Leif.


    It's just enough to keep on trying  
    But not enough to keep from dying  
    But you’re still here and it still hurts  
    So you’d better try again
    Aero Dynamic
    Aero Dynamic

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    Re: Fenrir

    Post by Aero Dynamic on Wed Aug 02, 2017 3:48 pm



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