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    Smaragdna gear

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    Smaragdna gear

    Post by Leer Senso on Tue Jul 25, 2017 11:14 am

    Character name: Smaragdna Šuma

    Name: Sveti Nos
    Type: Arming Sword
    Materials: Steel
    Thickness: ½” tapering to a fine edge. A fuller has been placed in the middle of the blade.
    Purpose: Fighting
    Abilities: N/A
    Limitations/Weaknesses: Can be broken if enough force is applied, edge can fold and dull.
    Cost: Roughly $250

    Name: Bozanski stit
    Type: Kite Shield
    Appearance: The shield is long enough to cover from his neck to his knees. Engraved was “Bozanski stit” right above the image of the White Fang logo.
    Materials: Steel
    Thickness: Two inches thick where it covers the body that thins as it tapers off at the edges.
    Purpose: To cover the body while still allowing Smaragdna to see his opponent and examine their fighting styles.
    Limitations/Weaknesses: Heavy, this slows him down and against a fast opponent, he must drop his shield in order to keep dodging.
    Cost: $350

    Type: A Tanto knife, a Rondel knife, and a Bowie knife.
    Materials: Steel
    Thickness: The Tanto and Bowie are 1mm at thickest, tapering down to a fine edge. Rondel is 1’ thickness at its thickest.
    Purpose: If he loses his sword or has to lose more weight, he will resort to using these knifes in hand to hand combat.
    Limitations/Weaknesses: very short range. Bowie and Tanto are best for enemies are best for non-armored enemies. The Rondel is best for armored enemies, while it can’t pierce armor, it is best for aiming at a joints or breaks in the armor.
    Cost: $200

    Type: Armor
    Appearance: Smar wore a full suit of armor. Closed helmet on his head, brigandine covered his torso, pauldron on his left shoulder, rerebrace and gauntlets covered his arms. Chausses on both legs, two sheaths were built into the metal for his two knifes. The armor was specially made to allow for a lightweight but strong enough to take hits.

    Materials: Steel
    Thickness: Varying thickness throughout the armor, but it is generally 2mm.
    Purpose: Protecting the body. Allowing Smar to gain charge while not taking too much damage.
    Limitations/Weaknesses: The armor is heavy and limits his speed and mobility. He forged his own armor with no proper blacksmithing experience. This means the consistency is varied. Pyromancy and Electromancy are extremely effective against him.
    Cost: $1000

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