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    Smar's Semblance


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    Smar's Semblance

    Post by Smaragdna on Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:11 am


    Name of ability: Aura
    Type of ability: Defensive/healing
    Type of ability 2: energy that covers the user.
    Type of ability 3: Passive
    Description: Energy that the soul produces. Smaragdna is one of many warriors from his world to unlock and master aura. This energy acts like a passive armor that helps the warrior survive strikes. This energy can also heal minor wounds like scrapes, bruises minor cuts.
    Limitation/Weaknesses: Can’t stop sicknesses, limited supply that needs to recharge.
    Cooldown: The recharge time from no remaining aura is three hours.

    Name of ability: Royal Guard
    Type of ability: Defensive
    Type of ability 2: Manifestation of his auras unique ability (Semblance)
    Type of ability 3: Activated
    Description: Smaragdna can choose to let damage through his aura. This will injure him, but the aura that would have prevented the damage is instead stored to charge up his perfect form. In this prefect form he is immune to simple attacks. Attacks that have strength or is strategically aimed are then reduced as the armor is thicker and perfectly made. (by perfectly made, I mean that it is dense where needed and lightweight where needed. Heavier armor so it can protect against stronger attacks.)
    Charge is gained by how deadly an attack is. First Smar must have a number in his mind on how much damage hitting the aura he lets through, if he doesn’t have a number in mind then any damage that does go through aura does not affect charge gained. Then the attack must go through armor and aura, this will be changed based on how much damage Smaragdna decided to let through before the attack hits.
    He needs 100% charge. Let’s use an example I used with Sly. A horizontal attack that would normally cut a person without aura or armor in half. After it hits the armor the attack now only cuts to the spine, not through it or cutting the spine but to the spine. Smar had decided to allow twenty five percent of the attack through. Aura would normally reduce the attack to only being a three-inch-long gash with the depth of half an inch. After the aura lets twenty five percent of the damage through, the attack is now a four-inch-long gash with a three fourth inch depth. This is deadly but not immediately deadly as Smar can still fight, it will just be a little bit more difficult. The final charge added will be 30%. This may seem like a lot, but consider the size of the wound and how much blood will be coming out of it. You could reach in and grab some of his internal organs.
    Limitation/Weaknesses: He can only be in this form for thirty seconds. This time will be represented by three posts from everyone in the fight. Afterwards he will revert to his normal form and must regain charge, except for the fact that charge. In this form he gains more defense at the cost of moving slower.
    Cooldown: Charge has to be gained while fighting. But after the initial charge has been completed, the charge gained from attacks will be cut in half for the next hour.

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