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    Alioth's Singular Ability


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    Alioth's Singular Ability

    Post by F.U.R. on Thu Jul 13, 2017 12:57 pm

    Probably won't get excepted, but please help me develope stuff ~!


    Name of ability: Spacial Distortion
    Type of ability: Offensive
    Type of ability 2: Can be used for ranged or melee
    Any object affected has to be within 5 meters of him
    Type of ability 3: Active?
    Description: He can alter the shape and size of objects around him. Most of the time objects are turned into barricades, traps, or weapons to attack other with. While he is distorting an object it can be moved slightly from its location, but not to the center of his range(himself) or outside of his range.
    -Cannot be used on living things, or anything attacked to that living thing (weapons, clothing, jewelry, ect.)
    -Cannot make objects micro-sized, or Godzilla size
    -Cannot manipulate objects of the previous sized mentioned
    -Can use to make into weapons, but will only stay as strong as the original material itself (if he used a street-stone, it would be much more stable than a cafe' table if he were to make his most preferred weapon, a spear)
    -can only manipulate 4 objects at once
    -cannot stop bullets or highspeed objects
    (I will add more if necessary or if I can think of more reasonable ones, I don;t want it to be super OP)
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