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Alioth because I'm bored (Character Application) OoC81

    Alioth because I'm bored (Character Application)


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    Character sheet
    Character Name: F.U.R.
    Species: Animal of a sort
    Alignment : Neutral Good

    Alioth because I'm bored (Character Application) Empty Alioth because I'm bored (Character Application)

    Post by F.U.R. on Thu Jul 13, 2017 12:43 pm

    NOTE: I don't expect this to be accepted as a character here, but I would appreciate the feedback <3
    Also my spell check died while typing this, so please tell my on spelling erros ;-;
    Alioth's Appearence:
    Alioth because I'm bored (Character Application) Alioth10

    Personal Info:
    Name: Alioth Aries
    Nickname: Ali
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Acsexual
    Species: Human
    Alignment: Neutrual
    Height: 5"1
    'Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Ghostly Pale Skin
    Eyes: Violet
    Hair: Slightly wavey; drained down blue(aka very pale/light)
    Looks: Alioth is scrawny and slightly feminem looking, but still very distinquishably a male. He has a very whitish blue chin lengthed hair, than is slightly wavy, but the bangs are straight and sweep over the right half of his face(mostly, not completly.) His top is a light purple button up, which ruffles outh along the wrists before it gets tight at the button-cuffs. Over that he wears a dark purple vest with a gold outline with little patters at the point, and a matching light purple bow around his neck with a red gem in the middle. On the more simple side, Alioth wears movable and cozy black spandex shorts, with black knee-hight sock(with two white stripes on the top), where at the bottom there's simple white sneakers. Over his shoulders and back, he has a darkpurple cape with a hood of which he wears most of the time, On the inside there is an intricate star/galaxy pattern.
    Strengths/skills: Swift, light on feet, thinks fast, good problem solving skills, analytical, and offensive
    Weaknesses/Flaws: Squishy babe(not so good defense/can't atake a hit too well), emotionally dissconected, socially dissengaged, lacks emotions and feelings of regret, think irrationally compared to the average joe, and doesn't care about others(comes off as a douche)

    Special Abilities:
    Personality: Alioth has Schizoid personality disorder, so he lacks strong connection with emotion. He has trouble feeling it, and has troubles understanding others. Even when provoked he doesn't express anger. Due to his lack of emotions, he may come off as anti-social, cold, or rude. He still does feel some things, and doesn't like to be alone, despite the fact that he avoids socializing like tha plague. Alioth even has troubles understanding his own emotions whenever he does feel them, but they're never very strong so he ignores them most of the time. His prime goal is to survive.

    Likes/Hobbies: Practicing abilities, reading, forests, small population, winning, succeeding(academically), not having to deal with people's overyly complicated thoughts, and 'simplified" things
    Dislikes: Wasting time, overly complex things, drama, cities, losing, being bothered, sexual confronation, and flirting
    Fears: Failure, having stong emotion
    Parents: N/A
    Mate: N/A
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: N/A
    Brothers/sisters: N/A
    History: Alioth simply spent time studing in the library, achieving achedemically and teaching himself magic through textbooks in his family's library, for they are a family of mages.
    RP paragraph:
    (Tis F.U.R. Doot doot)


    Alioth because I'm bored (Character Application) Liek_i11

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