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Sakrura's Family and Special Friend!!!!  OoC81

    Sakrura's Family and Special Friend!!!!

    Sakrura the Virtuososo
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    Sakrura's Family and Special Friend!!!!  Empty Sakrura's Family and Special Friend!!!!

    Post by Sakrura the Virtuososo on Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:12 pm

    The following companion, The Masked Children, is more than one person but they act like one individual, which is why they share an application.
    Sakrura's Family and Special Friend!!!!  Downlo10
    Name: The Masked Children
    Age: 4 years
    Gender: Two BOYS and two GURLS!!!
    Species: Hoomans
    Appearance: All of the Masked Children look exactly like their father, Sakrura, save for small details. They are all exactly the same height as well, and move in a pack. They are all beautiful.
    Personality: The Masked Chilren act like Sakrura and use a lot of cool words but in a hot way. They don't speak much, but when they do ITS IN ALL CAPS AND THEY ALL TALK IN UNISON.
    Abilities: Like their father, they can extend their limbs up to 15 feet. They move in a pack and attack their prey together for father's secret ingredient.
    Weakness/Limitation: They all move together, so if you hurt one, you hurt all of them. They go wild a lot so they can run off cliffs without even thinking. It's also easy to spot them, so it's not easy for them to hide.
    Weapons: Just teeth and claws.
    History: Sakrura and Lozzy pray to the Stork God to bring them babos and so now they have babos!!!
    Extra: very cute children!!!1!

    Sakrura's Family and Special Friend!!!!  Shaco_10
    Lozzy with frens!!
    Name: Lozzy
    Age: 20 years
    Gender: GURL!!!
    Species: Hooman
    Appearance: VERY PRETTY!!!!1! Long blonde hair and turquoise eyes and wears pink shirt with red heart
    Personality: very nice to everyone and never hurt anyone!!!! Very interactive and loud but also pretty clueless
    Abilities: no not magical
    Weakness/Limitation: is very clueless to the most obvious things and is too trusting.
    History: Married Sakrura and had double wedding with friend Luori and her waifu and had masked children when stork brought them in
    Extra: VERY PRETTY!!!!

    Sakrura's Family and Special Friend!!!!  Twiste10
    Name: Skarl the 2ND the BEAST/BEARDED CHILD!!
    Age: 4 years
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human/Furry
    Appearance: Very beautiful young lady with beard. Crawls on all fours all the time and wears pink onesie
    Personality: very well mannered and enjoys crawling around in rooms and chewing on people in the middle of the night. Likes to tackle people and bite them to show affections (can't talk only speaks in gibberish)
    Abilities: it very strong and has sharp tooths.
    Weakness/Limitation: has weakness around silver crosses and is very small so she can be kicked like a soccer ball and thrown around
    Weapons: TOOTHS
    History: Luori and her waifu made the Beast Child by forcing the stork to bring her
    Extra: was married but broke up because she wouldn't get the moneys

    Sakrura's Family and Special Friend!!!!  Untitl10
    Skarl and friends the Mask Children play with their loving babysitter while he hacks open a door and while Skarl eats butter and Mask Children watch in corner.


    Sakrura's Family and Special Friend!!!!  Downlo10

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