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    Dog on the Loose (Invite only)


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    Dog on the Loose (Invite only)

    Post by Keskorie on Wed Jun 28, 2017 3:15 pm

    They we on the streets of Xastritstan, Keskorie and Volestri. Kes was slightly annoyed, wondering what she could do with her tiny guild. It was a fine balance between being unknown and being well-know, by being unknown no one was going to come to you for anything, but being known everyone was going to come to you, or if you were an unfavorable guild, the government would be on constant watch for you. Currently, they were unknown, and the only reason Kes had accepted this mission, if you could even call it that, was to actually do something. Apparently there was a mutt running around the streets of Xastritstan. Why they didn't just call animal control she wouldn't know, but they definitely weren't the city's animal control. But maybe this dog was more than it seemed. Maybe it could shoot lasers from its eyes and its bark could stun everyone in a ten mile radius. Now, if that's what they came across then she'd be excited.

    Before that could happen they needed to find the stupid mutt. It had to be at least two in the afternoon by now, and they've been out all day since Korie had received the request this morning. Maybe there was no dog and whoever sent it wanted to make a fool of them. If that was the case Kes was going to have to track them down and teach them who they were really dealing with. If she had someone that was good with computers and that kind of stuff she wouldn't worry about it, but she was only mediocre at it. "You think we could find it if we bought some dog treats?" She asked Volestri, an edge to her voice but trying to lighten up the mood. Maybe they could end the day on a good note and buy some upgrades for the base, like a punching bag so Keskorie could get her angry out over this mission later.


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    Re: Dog on the Loose (Invite only)

    Post by Volestri Yesterday at 10:39 pm

    Volestri would be beside Keskoire at this certain point of time, currently looking rather disinterested in what they are currently doing.... well, he would if his entire head wasn't surrounded by his helmet, which gave him a obvious blank expression. I mean, retrieving a Canine? He could care less about such a pathetic life form, and a individual has the audacity to tell him and his "superior" to retrieve one? Not only is the a mockery of this makeshift guild, but a mockery to himself. A soldier, albeit low ranking, forced to do such a miniscule task that even a child could do this. Like his "superior", he too is wanting to track down whoever dared to even call them to do it, but to him, he more or less wants to devour them alive rather than simply teaching them a lesson.

    He however would perk up from his thoughts of aggression to what Keskorie said, noticing a little edge to her voice, but thought nothing much of it, saying to him if they should buy "treats" to help aid them finding the canine. He would reply back, It is unwise to do such a thing, Miss Keskorie.
    While it could possibly aid us in such a... degrading, predicament, we have a finite money supply that we can't be wasting, especially on such a pathetic being."
    His voice would be more annoyed and agitated than anything, obviously signaling he is hating what they have to do. "Do you have a picture of what this life form looks like? Possibly something like fur, or something that belonged to it so I can get a scent on it? Even in a city like this, my agility and speed would be more than enough to help track it within a short amount of time." He said, himself looking at Keskoire this time, his visor showing a glimmer of his face, and what little that can be seen looks like he is just as done with this as she is too, even with the different facial anatomy.

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