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    Minea's weapons updated


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    Minea's weapons updated

    Post by Minea on Wed Jun 28, 2017 8:41 am

    Character name: Minea

    Name: Enchanted sword
    Type: Pokey-stick
    Appearance: I'll have a drawing in a bit, but it's about as big from Minea's armpit to the ground. (she's 5 ft 5 in tall.)
    Materials: Normal steel that has been infused with elemental magic.
    Thickness: Not armor, so N/A
    Purpose: This is her offensive weapon. It's rather aggressive and allows her to fight with much more skill and options in battle since she has no natural powers she can use in battle and doesn't know how to fight without any weapons.
    Abilities: As it is imbued with elemental magic, each element has a different use.
    Fire: Her blade is laced in a liquid, gel like fire which will attach itself to whatever the blade touches. This fire cannot be put out nearly as easily as normal flames.
    Water: She stabs her sword into the ground (or whatever she's standing on) and in a target location a geyser of hot water will erupt.
    Air: She can swing her sword and send forth a crescent of wind that's either dull for pushing or sharp for slicing. As it's air you can't block it with a simple sword switch.
    Energy Cost: The magic doesn't leech off her energy. It has weakness and limitations elsewhere to balance it out.
    Earth: Her sword becomes enveloped in a crystal which allows her to absorb and store one attack from the enemy for her own use later.
    Fire: The gel-fire doesn't do nearly as much damage as normal fire does. It's more akin to damage revived from bleeding, as it does a little over a long period of time. While it is hot enough to damage living beings, it's not hot enough to damage weapons or armor.
    Water: If she can't stab her sword into the ground for whatever reason, then she can't use this. Also, the water symbol that is on her sword will appear in the target location before the geyser erupts, giving a chance for others to dodge. This does more damage than the fire, but in no way would leave anyone unable to fight, it would only leave them weakened. It has a range of 150 feet.
    Air: This is really an extension of her blade in a sense. Despite it being air, it is rather easy to see coming and dodge or block by way of sheild. As it's en extension of her sword, it does the same amount of damage if it hits, so it's not going to cut down a tree or boulder.
    Earth: If the attack is too powerful to be absorbed, it will break and the full damage will be done to Minea. It can't store attacks like punches, sword slashes, bites from an animal etc, as there's really no way to store it. She can only store one attack at a time and she can only store it for 3 posts (including the post she captures it in.). If she uses the attack or her time runs out then the crystal will break and take 3 posts to re-form.
    Overall: Only one of these can be used at a time. So no fire-y wind gusts here. Also, the elemental magic can be used by literally anyone that holds it.
    Cost: I don't think we're still doing money, are we?

    Name: Enchanted throwing knives
    Type: Support weapon
    Appearance: Again, will have drawing soon. It's about 10 in long and 3.5 mm thick. (I did research)
    Materials: Steel
    Thickness: Not armor but 3.5 mm.
    Purpose: These give her a long range option for combat, but are mostly used to give her more options in battle. She holds them in two pouches that he wears on her hips, each 8 by 8 in. Each pouch can hold up to 10 throwing knives due to how sleek they are.
    Fire: This function essentially turns the throwing knife into a flash bomb.
    Water: Releases a spray of water that then quickly freezes. This is useful for defensive purposes and limiting the enemy's movement.
    Air: She can attach a string of air to the throwing knife, allowing it to be used as a rope, grappling hook, and tripwire. As this string is made of air, it can't be cut.
    Earth: Upon hitting the ground, a sonar is sent out and immediately received by Minea. Allowing her to know the positions of people even if her sight is compromised.
    Energy Cost: Again. Doesn't use her energy, but has weakness and limitations to balance it out regardless.
    Fire: If fired too close to herself then she will be blinded as well, as she's not immune to its effects.
    Water: The water freezes quickly, not giving itself enough time to ever fully cover anyone's body so if someone does get frozen it will only be a portion of thier body like the front side of thier arm. Also, for said example, the arm would be free from the rest of the ice mass. This ice is just normal ice and can be melted as easily as any other ice cube.
    Air: Despite the fact that the string is air, you can still see it as long as you look for it. While it can't be cut, it can still be grabbed just like normal rope.
    Earth: This can't detect anything not in contact with the ground and only detects things in the moment it hits the ground. If anyone changes direction or moves from standing still afterwards, Minea won't be able to tell.
    Overall: Can only use 1 at a time, must be holding the throwing knife in order to activate an elemental ability. Elemental magic can be used by anyone holding the throwing knife.
    Cost: Still don't think we're doing this anymore, right?


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