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    Kes's Animals (WIP) Empty Kes's Animals (WIP)

    Post by Keskorie on Tue Jun 27, 2017 10:33 pm

    Name: Champion
    Age: 4 Years
    Gender: Male
    Species: Clydesdale
    Appearance: Champion is a black clydesdale with a white stripe and four socks. He is 18 hands (72 inches) tall and weighs 2,000 lbs. He has a long black tail and mane that can occasionally be seen braided or with ribbons in it. The hair around his hooves is also longer, something common with their breed. He is very muscular and can carry or pull a lot of weight.
    Kes's Animals (WIP) DSC06482
    Personality: Champion is a friendly, gentle soul. He loves treats and pats and spending time with her mother's gypsy vanner, Kenshi. Champ is hardworking and trusts Kes since she raised him from a foal. He is hearty, and while doesn't like not going without food and water, can do so for at least two days before starting to falter, provided he was being well-fed before that.
    Abilities: Champion is able to run up to 35 mph for a short time. His trot is usually at 7 mph.
    Being a draft horse, he is able to pull up to 8,000 lbs.
    Because he trusts Kes, he'll let her lead him anywhere. It's a blessing and a curse as she can take him more places than a normal horse would let, but she's also responsible if he gets hurt by her.
    He will also stay by her side longer than a normal horse if frightened.
    With as big as he is, he is able to handle more than other horses in terms of weight and hits, if it comes to that.
    Weakness/Limitation: Champion will not go in any water higher than his shoulders with a human on it. It is very taxing to his body and it is hard to keep his head above the water with that weight on him.
    He doesn't like it when anyone but Kes rides on him, which can make it hard to exercise him and hard to take other people on him.
    Being just a horse, he can't withstand bullets, being cut, and all that jazz.
    Weapons: Hooves and teeth
    History: Kes had rode horses before at the stable and had always had a favored horse, but not one that was hers. When she was 15 one of the mares had given birth a month early to a tiny little horse. Many thought that he wasn't going to make it, or if he did, that he would grow up smaller. Her mom had offered to have Kes wait to get a horse, but she wanted him. She took him and made sure that he got all the love he could need. She even tried to sleep in the stables with him and succeeded, until her mom found out the next morning. Kes had cared for him, broke him, and also trained him with a little help from the professionals.
    Extra: N/A

    Name: (Name of the pet/companion)
    Age: 2
    Gender: Male
    Species: Bernese Mountain Dog
    Appearance: He has a lot of fur and is 11 inches tall at the shoulder. He weighs 110 lbs and is very bulky.
    Kes's Animals (WIP) $
    Personality: He is friendly with everyone, and doesn't make a great guard dog. He has a lot of energy and constantly wants to play. He also wants a lot of attention and pets. He also isn't that good of a listener and will chase after squirrels if he sees one.
    Abilities: He has almost limitless energy, and can run for days.
    He likes to fetch.

    Weakness/Limitation: (What are your pets' weaknesses and limits?)
    Weapons: Claws and teeth
    History: (Does your pet/companion have a history behind them?)
    Extra: (Anything else you would like to mention about you pet/companion?)


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