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    Smaragdna Šuma

    Post by Leer Senso on Tue Jun 27, 2017 5:48 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Smaragdna Šuma
    Nickname: Smar
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Armadillo Faunus
    Height: 6’6”
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Tan skin
    Eyes: Light Brown
    Hair: Black hair, extremely short buzzcut.
    Looks: Very bulky and tall. His very muscular build makes him look intimidating. 205 lbs. out of armor, and 260 in armor. In a full suit of armor, he is not as fast as he could be going. Smaragdna isn’t exactly pretty. His face was worn and rugged, yet clean shaven. Smar wears a full suit of armor. Closed helmet on his head, brigandine covered his torso, pauldron on his left shoulder, rerebrace and gauntlets covered his arms. Chausses on both legs, two sheaths were built into the metal for his two knifes. The armor was specially made to allow for a lightweight but strong enough to take hits.

    Strengths/skills: Strong. He knows a fair amount of martial arts and sword play. He analyses his opponents fighting styles so that he can plan on how to counter it.
    Weaknesses/Flaws: Being on the defensive combat wise has its downfalls. If an opponent can knock him off balance or be strong enough to stagger his defense they would get some good hits it. Smaragdna does tend to get over confident when he achieves his perfect form, leading him to misjudge how much time he has left and accidentally putting himself into a dangerous position.
    Special Abilities: Smar comes from the land of Remnant. He has control over the natural energy his soul releases, called aura.  This energy creates a passive energy shield to protect the warrior and even heal minor wounds. He can even manipulate his aura to use his Semblance.
    His Semblance is called Royal Guard. When an attack comes at Smar, he can decide to let some damage through. The leftover energy from his aura not taking the hit stores itself. When Smar has stored enough energy, he can release this energy into a perfect form.

    In his perfect form Smar takes no damage and his aura level doesn’t deplete when he is hit. When in perfect form Smar can’t gain anymore charge as he can no longer be damaged. An opponent can tell he has activated perfect form when he becomes surrounded in angelic armor. His speed is reduced but his strength becomes boosted. This perfect form can only stay active for a maximum of thirty seconds, which Smar can toggle on and off at will. After the initial triggering of his form, charging of this form is dropped by half for the next hour.

    Charge dissipates over time if he stops taking damage. He needs 100 damage to get a full charge. The formula to determine charge added goes like this [(how deadly was the attack)-(what got blocked by armor)]*(what percentage did he let through)=(charge added).

    So take for example a stab to the stomach. Deadly: yes. How deadly: moderately. Did it hit armor: yes. What happened: it got deflected. Did damage get through: no. How much did the aura block of remaining energy: all of nothing. Calculating.
    (60-60)*100%=0*100%=0% charge added.

    Personality: Smaragdna is like a big teddy bear. He is strong in both the physical sense and mental sense. He cares for orphans and children who live in bad families because he relates with them. He tries to be the best person he can. He believes that true strength doesn’t come from how much you can destroy, but from those who look up to you.
    But this doesn’t mean that he can’t be fearsome. On the battlefield, he is cold and focused. To him a fight is like a dance. He focuses on the patterns they move in, how they hold their weapon and where they strike. He is still protective of allies, but intimidating to his opponents.
    Likes/hobbies: He loves children, nothing pleases him more than going to an orphanage and cheering them up as best he can. In his off time, he tries to keep himself in shape and tries to learn new ways of fighting. When on Remnant he had a sparing buddy. They would spend hours at a time in the arena switching between being on the offensive and defensive. They would even challenge each other by saying “No use of left arms” or “You must only use pommel strikes”.
    Dislikes: Smar dislikes humans. He tolerates humans that show sympathy for other Faunuses or other non-human species. His dislike for humans stems from the fact that humans on Remnant treated Faunuses as second class citizens.
    Fears: Smar fears defeat. He was born into a harsh world with no protection of any kind. He had to survive in a land full of murderers and thieves. Smar wants to protect other people from harm, he would even surrender a fight if he knew that surrendering would protect others more than if he were to fight.
    Parents: Unknown
    History: Born and raised in the kingdom of Vacuo, he lived among thieves and murderers in his early years. His Faunus trait of tough skin helped him survive and he built his fighting style around having the best defense. While he was among the worst society has to offer, he came to hold honor, loyalty and kindness as his highest virtues. He trained himself in the ways of being a knight of old from stories and old books.

    When he became old enough he moved to the island Menagerie. There he met Gira and grew close to him. Smaragdna pledged himself to the protection of the Faunus and he would fight for their equality with humanity. After Gira started the peaceful organization called the White Fang, Smaragdna was his right-hand man and leader of the White Fang Defense Force.

    When he isn’t stationed on Menagerie, he goes to Faunus villages to bring protection and supplies. He even helps them learn how to protect themselves.
    After many years of trying to help the faunus people gain independence through peaceful means, Smaragdna turned to combat. He transformed the White Fang from a peaceful organization into a terrorist group meant to force humans to respect Faunuses. During an attack on the Schnee Dust Company, Smaragdna fought against Qrow Branwen and fell in battle. When he awoke, Smaragdna found himself in this new world.
    RP paragraph: Smaragdna is in a new world and needs to learn the ways of the world. Kinda like Samurai Jack, except there is no way back to Remnant. This new land seems to be far past what he is capable of, after all dragons exist. Anyone willing to team up with this misplaced warrior?

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