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    Sakrura the Virtusoso!

    Sakrura the Virtuososo
    Sakrura the Virtuososo

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    Sakrura the Virtusoso! Empty Sakrura the Virtusoso!

    Post by Sakrura the Virtuososo on Sat Jun 24, 2017 2:32 pm

    Sakrura the Virtusoso! Unnamed
    Art is made by my friend, not me.
    Personal Info:
    Name: Sakrura the Virtuososo
    Nickname: The Virtuososo and The Pot Roast Master
    Age: 27 but he wants to be 44 or 4
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual but he prefers females
    Species: Probably an enhanced human
    Alignment: GOOD!!!!!
    Height: 7 feet
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Nobody knows because he wears a gray onesie all the time. Not even Sakrura knows!
    Eyes: Black with red pupils
    Hair: No hair because he wears a onesie all the time
    Looks: Sakrura is very handsome man who wears a grey full body onesie all the times and also a white mask. He is very tall and has very long limbs. He has a very very beautiful face with a charming smile on his face all the time he never stops smiling because he so happy!!! His mask can blush and like move on its own

    Strengths/skills: making pot roast, painting, being a good father
    Weaknesses/Flaws: very sensitive, often comes off on the wrong foot with others, looks scary (but think hes handsome) so scares everyone away. He wears onseie so like he gets hot a lot so like he gets a stroke sometimes which is bad we dont want that
    Special Abilities: Sakrura can extend his limbs and neck up to 15 feet whenever he wants. This isn't very energy-draining since he does this all the time ever since he could remember. The only thing he can grab with extended limbs are his chrildren and pot roast, nothing else.
    Personality: Sakrura is very artisitic but in a hot way. he draws a lot and he also makes a lot of pot roast because he likes to cook. He is very nice to everyone and always very happi. He is trendy and has all the latest rad trends like fidget spinners and nail polish and hoverboard thingies and fatherhood. He always wants to be caught up in the times because like if he doesn't have trendy things then he is offically not cool and that makes Sakrura the Virtuososo very very sad. :c He is kinda quiet though because like he prefers his actions to speak for him. He is a strict yet loving father to his four offspring. He also good friend because he invites all over for the pot roast!!!!! :DDD

    Likes/Hobbies: the masked children, his beautoful wife, POT ROAST, painting, all his friends, nail polish, his mask, THE NUMBER FOUR!! :DDD also the lovely story of lovely suzie
    Dislikes: JERKsadin!!!, not having on mask, not being called artistic, not wearing nail polish. when nobody comes over to have his pot roast
    Fears: people finding his secret ingredient in the pot roast, not being pretty :c
    Parents: Undetermined
    Mate: YES I AM MARRIED npc lol
    Offspring: Four children called the mask children who was brought in by the stork
    Relative: ew lol no
    Brothers/sisters: NO!!
    History: Sakrura was lost and did not know what to do with his life until he met his wife and married her and then like they went to school together before deciding school sucked so they dropped out and then they had the masked children. it was one child at first but then like sakrura demanded four children because he likes the number four a lot!!! then he make the worlds greatest pot roast with a secret ingredient NO ONE KNOWS!!!!!
    RP paragraph: Sakrura just got married on the shcools foat ball field and was standing there for memories while eating his legendary pot roast. He was crying bc the school foat ball field was so beautoful but then HIS ARCH ENEMY JERKSADIN came up and said "get off this is my swamp!!!" and so Sakrura was all like "DID U JUST ASSUME MY GENDER" and he did a super triple back flip to scare away JERKSADIN and so the gross man cried and ran away. Jerksadin is pop star and doesn't like Sakrura but thats ok because Sakrura doesn't like him either!! >:C


    Sakrura the Virtusoso! Downlo10
    Aero Dynamic
    Aero Dynamic

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    Character sheet
    Character Name: Aero Dynamic
    Species: Dragon
    Alignment : Lawful Neutral

    Sakrura the Virtusoso! Empty Re: Sakrura the Virtusoso!

    Post by Aero Dynamic on Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:09 pm



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