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Nightingale the Smolibrarian (Updated) OoC81

    Nightingale the Smolibrarian (Updated)


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    Character Name: Nightingale
    Species: Human
    Alignment : True Neutral

    Nightingale the Smolibrarian (Updated) Empty Nightingale the Smolibrarian (Updated)

    Post by Nightingale on Fri Jun 09, 2017 8:00 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Nightingale
    Nickname: Night
    Age: 26 years
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual (Straight)
    Species: Human
    Alignment: Neutral
    Height: 4'6 feet
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Pale skin
    Eyes: Yellow
    Hair: Long and straight. A soft lavender color.
    Looks: Nightingale used to be a thin human, but due to the life she is carrying in her womb she has lost such shape. Her most remarkable trait is the giant bulge of her belly, which indicates that she is heavily pregnant. She has very pale skin with a few scars on her ankles. The features on her face are soft as she often has on a look of tranquility. She doesn't wear heavy makeup-- only a bit of concealer to cover up blemishes. She is really busy, so she doesn't have much time to pretty her face up. Night does, however, pay attention to her hair, which she really likes. It is always brushed out, and if Nightingale is feeling like putting in a little more love, she may put in some loose curls that unfortunately never stay put. She wears her wedding band on the proper finger. It is a simple silver ring with a small diamond to adorn it. A simple white dress is what the smolibrarian wears most of the time, complete with flats on her feet, which was given to her from her uncle as a final parting gift before she left to lead her own life. What makes these so special is that they are made of glass, like Cinderella's slippers. They do look nice, but they end up making Night's feet sore! Nightingale adds some glam to her appearance by having simple small diamond studs for her ears.
    ~Nightingale, being a librarian, has grown to be decent at organizing things, particularly by alphabetical order. This may be just because she is acquainted to the little building she calls a library, but she knows where stuff goes when she is putting stuff together by the order of the alphabet.
    ~Night paints as a hobby. She is neither awful or spectacular, but she has gotten good at using layers and blending colors.
    ~Nightingale has a decent memory.
    ~Nightingale is pregnant. It is great that she is carrying a child, but with this comes weaknesses. She is sore all over, particularly around the waist and abdomen. She has trouble picking heavy things up. She has gained a lot of weight as well, and it's not just the baby. She has gotten a bit of fat around her baby bump and thighs. This makes her very slow if she can even be bothered to run, but she has always been a slow walker anyway, one who has always stopped to smell the roses.
    ~Nightingale has long hair, so it can get very tangly with little to no effort.
    ~This girl has very low stamina, so she can't stay up late at night at all and gets tired very easily.
    Personality flaws are underneath the personality.

    Special Abilities: Nightingale was born with telekinesis. This power is very weak, and can only be used to pick up light objects like books, writing utensils, paper, canvases, her phone, etc.. She may use this in simple tasks, like writing or turning the light switch on and off. She can't use this to carry larger objects, like blades, guns, or boxes. She also cannot use it on living entities. Nightingale cannot perform two or more tasks with her telekinesis at once. For example, she cannot write on a piece of paper and type on a computer at the same time. When it comes to carrying items, Night can only carry three at a time. She can use this at will

    Personality: Nightingale is a quiet person, but this does not mean that she's shy or bashful. In fact she enjoys interaction and may sometimes crave it. She is naturally a person who doesn't talk much, and she is fine with that. Talking is like ketchup. If you enjoy the food enough, you do not need the ketchup. If you enjoy the company enough, you do not need to talk. However, she can be a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to this, as when someone else may not talk much in a conversation she is likely to become annoyed and maybe a little stressed. What if they don't like her? What if she said something wrong? What if they think that she is a weirdo and they will never talk to her ever again? Yes, the girl knows that not everyone will like her and it is only a fact of life. She just has a hard time wrapping her mind around it and tries to make friends with all people she comes across anyway. She does this by being nice and patient, though after a long day she stops trying and just wants to be left alone. She is kind, but she is capable of snapping and saying something she may regret. Having a guilty conscience, this is something she will never forgive herself for.

    Nightingale is considerate to others. She is one to approach somebody who appears lonely, sad, or afraid. She does this because she strongly follows the rule to treat others the way you want to be treated. Although she enjoys helping people through temporary issues or tough times, she gets annoyed when she attracts someone who is rather clingy. She would like a bit of time on her own for a little bit. This is another situation where Night can be a hypocrite, as she can become clingy to someone she really admires as well. *cough* Jhin *cough* Nightingale is willing to do a good handful of things to help a friend, but this can harm her in the long run as she can give someone something to help him that she may need sooner or later and will have to spend her money on. . . Or, if it's worse, it is something she can never get back. This is a big problem for her since she is someone who showers her pals with gifts, even if it isn't a special occasion. Just expect a random present, okay? This is an issue since this can make Night have no money to treat herself with. Night has a good bit of friends, but there is the rare case when she gets really close to someone. Really close. I am talking about romance. Nightingale has had a few 'small' boyfriends before or crushes, but her heart belongs to Jhin. When she is with someone she likes a lot, she can suddenly get bashful. She may begin to stutter and be at a loss for words. This can embarrass her or the person she is talking to.

    The librarian is also stubborn and determined. Once she has her mind on something, she will work hard to achieve it. This only comes in spurts, though. Sure, she may work hard, but only for a bit before giving up and going off to do her own thing. When Nightingale is performing an activity she is really deep in, like painting, she can get annoyed when it is interrupted and she has to do something else. This is another thing that can make her snap or be grumpy. This can make her an unpleasant person to be around for a short time. In addition to being unpleasant, in some cases Night can get very paranoid and constantly worry. This can make her rant to other people about pointless things, which can annoy them. Nightingale often ends up catastrophizing, which is bad for the mind.

    Personality Flaws:
    ~Nightingale, as said in her personality, can be a hypocrite at times.
    ~When she is angry, Nightingale can snap or be grumpy. This makes her an unpleasant person sometimes, and can lead her to saying something she may regret.
    ~Nightingale is very generous, but unfortunately this can leave her with no money to treat herself with. She can also end up regretting giving people gifts at all since it can leave herself with nothing, and this makes her very guilty.

    ~Lemons, especially desserts
    ~The colors purple and pink
    ~Spiders and snakes. . . you know what? Just animals in general.
    ~When she riding a bus and like the bus suddenly all like vroom vroom
    ~The dark
    ~Intense temperatures like hot and cold
    ~Being cramped
    ~When she riding a bus and like the bus suddenly stop all like vroom vroom
    ~Doctors. Nightingale is very scared of when she goes into labor and she has to go to the hospital.
    ~Maggots. How disgusting. . .
    ~Having a miscarriage or losing her baby.
    ~Losing Jhin for good.
    ~Losing Shenzi.
    Parents: Vixen (mother, assumingly deceased), Aurelious (father, alive)
    Husband: Jhin
    Offspring: Nightingale is pregnant with her and Jhin's daughter, and is around two months away from labor.
    Relative: Shenzi (uncle, alive)
    Brothers/sisters: None
    RP paragraph: Aiko
    Aero Dynamic
    Aero Dynamic

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    Character sheet
    Character Name: Aero Dynamic
    Species: Dragon
    Alignment : Lawful Neutral

    Nightingale the Smolibrarian (Updated) Empty Re: Nightingale the Smolibrarian (Updated)

    Post by Aero Dynamic on Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:02 pm



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