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    Iris the Talking Fountain Empty Iris the Talking Fountain

    Post by Iris on Sat May 27, 2017 9:43 am

    Personal Info:
    Name: Iris
    Nickname: Mister Fountain
    Age: Approximately 450 years old
    Gender: The fountain itself is genderless, but the ghost who inhabits it is a male
    Sexuality: Bisexual, but prefers lady ghosts
    Species: A ghost, but is cursed to forever inhabit a fountain
    Alignment: Neutral
    Height: As a fountain(which he is most of the time), Iris is 15 feet. As his smaller ghost form he is 7 inches, but in his natural form he is more like 7 feet.
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: As a fountain, Iris is made of a tan-colored stone. In both of his ghost forms, he is white and covered by a ghoulish mist that somehow has a form.
    Eyes: Fountain has no eyes, although they are carved into the design(otherwise, it is the same color as the stone he is made out of). Both ghoul forms have yellow eyes.
    Hair: No hair, although the fountain has some carved designs of a bit of it. More described on looks.
    Looks: For most of the time, Iris is a fountain. The fountain begins by making a rimmed pool on the ground, then has a pillar sprouting from the middle which is broad and smooth all around, save for a design in the middle. The design is at the very front, and there the stone is carved to portray a masculine face. The face is intentionally carved to make it look elderly. The eyes have no pupils. A beard is carved around the mouth, which is open to spray out water forever. Some more hair carvings are around the head, and there is a crown design amongst it if one were to look closely. In the pool below where the water goes, one can often find coins like pennies laying there.

    Iris has a tiny ghost form, which he can turn into at will. He only uses this to sneak around and look over things without being noticed. . . And if someone is to notice him, at least he'd look innocent. He has a smoothly rounded head that resembles a skull in a way, and that is connected to the rest of what he calls his 'body' in that form: a typical whisp of white mist, but can be touched and coiled up like a snake. If he were to be touched, it would feel like silly putty, but be careful! He can be hurt easily in this form. He wears a dark cape-cloak hybrid around him, and a hood is often on his head. Broken and old chains are on his wrists.
    Iris in Tiny Form:
    Iris the Talking Fountain Ghost_by_sephiroth_art-d4gxq2n

    Finally, his natural form. This is the form he is when he exits the fountain every full moon. In this form, he looks much less innocent than his tiny one. He is much taller with a more human-like form, such as long legs and arms. He has a somewhat tranquil look on his face, which is ghostly white without a mouth. His whole body(except his head) is covered by a long black cloak that drags the ground behind him when he walks. Though it covers his limbs, when he reaches out an arm or hand, is is wholly black. His fingers have sharp ends, like claws. If this were to be touched, it would feel like bone, but he is more solid in structure, unlike a skeleton. A hood covers his head a lot of the time. Although he has no mouth, he can somehow still speak.
    Iris in Natural Form:
    Iris the Talking Fountain Ghost_of_hope_by_sephiroth_art-d9ljl91

    Annoying people, particularly as a fountain.
    Strategy games, such as checkers or chess.
    In both ghost forms, Iris can blend in well in the dark due to his cloak. However, this also has a weakness.
    Iris has a good memory.
    Iris is swift in motion in both of his ghost forms.
    Iris is a fountain for often three weeks at a time. A lot of things can happen to him in this time, and he is powerless to stop it. Someone can chip the fountain or completely destroy it, which can also completely destroy him.
    He isn't the best at making friends.
    Iris can be very selfish and doesn't like sharing at all.
    Although he can blend in well, if he shows his face, even in the dark, it can be easily spotted. This is because of the white shade.
    In tiny ghost form, Iris can't pick anything up. He can also be hurt or even killed very easily, due to his small size.
    Both of his ghost forms are more vulnerable to fire.

    Special Abilities:
    Iris is a fountain most of the time, as said before. He can't do much in this form, but he can talk. He only does this if someone just so happens to be talking to him/herself or to the fountain in general. So yeah, that is kind of rare. A thing he can do is spray out a spout of water from his carved mouth, where water often trickles out. He can only do this for, like, a second, but it can douse the victim pretty well. It just gets people wet, nothing else. He only does this when he is bored.

    On the night of every full moon, Iris can exit the fountain as a ghost, but only for four nights. Then it's back to the fountain with him. He can't move around in the day. Only at night.

    As a tiny ghost, Iris has no special abilities, except for floating around.

    In his natural form, Iris has the ability to conjure glass shards. He can only summon and shoot two glass spikes per post. These spikes are typically a foot and a half long, and shatters on impact with hard materials like stones, metals, or armor. The glass can pierce skin though. They travel generally at the speed if a person were to throw a javelin or spear. If it manages to slice the target or stick itself in there, it typically pops after a few seconds into clear sand-like material. If it misses and simply sails past, it does the same thing. The impact and pain it causes is basically the equivalent of being stabbed by a knife. These can only travel 10 feet.

    Iris can also fire red masses of magic that are often in the shape of flames. It isn't exactly fire, but can be shot from his hands at the same speed as his spikes, but a bit slower(yah they are basically fire balls). These can be summoned three times per post but cannot be summoned again for two. They can be easily dodged, but if one manages to land on the target, it stings and feels like the equivalent of being stung by five wasps at once. These can also travel 10 feet.
    Personality: Iris is a fountain. But a fountain with a personality. He is generally quiet and doesn't talk all that much unless he is spoken to(but who would ever talk to a lone fountain?). However, if you stay at the same place all the time for three weeks, you tend to get bored. Iris will often claim every chance he gets to amuse himself. . . Often via dousing people with water. If he does happen to strike up a conversation with someone, he does his best to seem friendly and may even play with the person he is speaking with. He really likes to receive compliments, especially when he is trapped in the fountain. It makes his time in there seem less awful.

    I said earlier that he tries his best to seem friendly. He does get lonely and craves conversation and interaction, particularly so he could find a way to break his curse. However, he is not good at making friends at all. He can't seem to hold his tongue and may blurt something out. It may be an insult or mockery to the person he is speaking to. Or maybe just an awkward statement that may freak people out or make them cringe. He is learning to be kinder, but at this rate, it may take longer than, well. . . a long time. Especially with very few people going to the fountain.

    As a ghoul, Iris takes his four nights and tries to make them count. This is the time he interacts the most. Again he tries to be friendly. He often travels around as a smol ghost in order to appear cute and innocent. He really prefers his natural form though. He can be a bit narcissistic and stare at himself in a mirror or pool, thinking about how beautiful he looks and why the lady ghosts don't like him all that much(lol). He knows he is bad at interacting, but sometimes he pretends it is not existent just to make himself feel better and generate hope.

    Also Iris is selfish and hates to share. Since the people who pass the fountain may sometime toss in a few coins for good luck, he has a bit of money(it really isn't much, since most of the coins are pennies he probably actually has 10 dollars or something). However, he hates it and gets angry when people take the coins from the fountain. He doesn't even need them, and just likes them because they are pretty. Prepare to face a fountain temper tantrum of water when you take a quarter.

    All in all, Iris is a dude who pretends to be nice and cuddly but is actually kind of grumpy and selfish. He just tries to have a grudging respect for people from all walks of life, although it is not only because he is lonely; he wants to break his curse.

    ~The cold weather
    ~Interacting with others
    ~Coins, especially the shiny new ones
    ~Meeting lady ghosts. Gives him a chance to practice his flirting.
    ~Arguing. . . and winning
    ~Rainy days
    ~Being a fountain all the time
    ~Being touched
    ~Being insulted or made fun of
    ~Being destroyed while being a fountain and left powerless to do anything about it
    ~Never breaking the curse
    ~Worms and centipedes
    Parents: Two nobles from a long time ago, but are now deceased
    Mate: None, but is open to possibilities
    Offspring: None
    Relative: Probably has descendants/great nieces or nephews or cousins frolicking around, but it's not like Iris would know
    Brothers/sisters: Iris was the only brother out of seven sisters, but they are long gone.
    History: Iris lived a few centuries ago and was the Thane of a small city with a decent sized castle. One snowy night an old woman approached the castle and knocked at the door. It was Iris who greeted her. She wanted to go in for shelter and to visit family within the castle. Iris barked in laughter, mocking her for thinking that he would let her in and that he would believe that she was related to such royalty. He then shut the poor homeless woman out. The woman froze to death in the snow that night. Iris slept well, but woke up to being dragged into the dungeon. As it turned out, the old woman was the King's adopted mother. The king executed Iris himself, then to make sure that he wouldn't be coming back anytime soon, he went to his court wizard. The wizard cursed Iris and trapped him in an old, lone fountain in the woods of Eiria. The only way to break his curse is if Iris became great friends with someone. Cheesy, yeah, but how likely is it that Iris, a selfish man, can make a friend? Especially as a fountain? He can only exit the fountain for four nights every full moon. If he cannot do that, then sorry dude, you are a fountain forever.
    RP paragraph: I am Nightingale. :3

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    Iris the Talking Fountain Empty Re: Iris the Talking Fountain

    Post by Lexia on Sun May 28, 2017 12:54 am

    I came back... JUST so I could do this...


    I approved a fucking fountain. Time to tick that off the bucket list. XD


    Iris the Talking Fountain DsVEdim

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    Iris the Talking Fountain Empty Re: Iris the Talking Fountain

    Post by Iris on Sun May 28, 2017 7:41 am

    Thank you for approving my character! :)I know it is a dumb and quite silly concept, but he is actually a character from a story I have made up, and since he seems to be the most complex character in the story, I wanted to have a chance to develop him. Also I wanted to have kind of a character on the site that is different, even if it is kind of silly!! Haha! Anyway,  I just wanted to say it's good to see you! I missed seeing you around. ;w;


    Hey, do me a favor and tell me if you see any lady ghosts around here. Thanks.

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    Iris the Talking Fountain Empty Re: Iris the Talking Fountain

    Post by Sponsored content

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