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    In need of staff.

    Post by Slithus on Mon Apr 17, 2017 4:15 am

    So yeah, I'm working on a crappy forum, and I need people who actually know how to do all the coding stuff. So yeah. Anyway, the site is about people, and they colonize a world inhabited by dragons (Cuz why not.) and build a small town on one of the continents, specifically on a grassy area in the east. This area is inhabited by large flocks of Sky Dragons, who are highly intelligent but do not have permanent settlements, a written language, or many things that they travel with. They do not trust the humans, but are not being very aggressive yet. To the west, in an area separated from the plains by a large mountain range, the Earth Dragons live, with their large, underground cities. Only one of these settlements is known of to the humans and Sky Dragons, the rest are kept secret.
    There isn't really an over-arching plot yet, although I might make one. So if you're interested in coding for this place, tell me. And if you aren't interested in actually roleplaying on the forum, that's okay too. You can always leave later.

    Oh and by the way, the crappy title art is mine.
    Here's the link:


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