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    Sulu the Black Mage


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    Sulu the Black Mage

    Post by Sulu on Fri Mar 24, 2017 3:41 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Sulu Zhada
    Nickname: Lu, Master Zhada
    Age: 3,000-ish
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Species: Feline Sorcerer
    Alignment: Neutral
    Height: 7'2 feet
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Black fur
    Eyes: White
    Hair: Sulu has no hair.
    Looks: Sulu is a slim, tall figure that resembles one of a feline. Soft black fur covers his entire body. He has legs that have relatively large thighs with knees that bend backwards like a cat. He possesses a fluffy tail that is around the size of his own body, and it starts out at black but fades to a bright shade of purple. Sulu has a rounded head with a face that doesn't seem to have a nose. His eyes are basically smol white dots, and there are navy blue teardrop shapes above his eyes that serve as eyebrows along with straight yellow lines protruding from the top of his eyes. There is almost always a full-toothed grin on his face, which is full of sharp teeth. Pointed ears are atop Sulu's head, the insides being a light lavender with a small yellow diamond shape in the center.

    Sulu is clothed with a type of blue garment that is a bit like a robe. It covers his torso, a bit of his hips, and top of his tail. At his chest the cloth is cut out to make a star shape. He wears a hood as well, pinned to his chest with a huge star pendant. The blue silk-like cloth has golden trims and small ciphers, along with some flecks resembling stars. There is a cipher wheel on each of his gloves. Sulu wears blue knee-high boots.
    ~Sulu Zhada is good at academics such as math and language.
    ~Sulu can be sneaky and go about quietly. However, this is best in dark areas thanks to his black fur, as a little bit of light can make his presence known thanks to his bright blue clothing.
    ~Sulu can concentrate on something really well, even in places of loud noise. This makes him pretty good at studying new things. His train of thought can be interrupted simply by making physical contact, like accidentally bumping into him. Unless he is examining something right in front of him, he will have trouble remembering what he was thinking of.
    ~Sulu has a vast knowledge of herbs and plants, which can help him make potions that he can use in battle or sell.
    ~Being given his fur, Sulu can withstand colder temperatures than entities with no fur at all. This doesn't give him a complete resistance to the cold though, and it's still possible he can get frostbite or a bad cough.
    ~Sulu can paint. Even though he isn't quite an expert, he is still learning.
    ~Sulu LOVES to talk. This can be annoying for his friends or the occasional random person he strikes up a conversation with. He can't seem to shut up!
    ~Remember how I said Sulu has fur and can withstand low temperatures? This can go against him in hot weather. He can get overheated quicker than beings with no fur can, thus making it more likely for him to get a stroke. He never stays out in the sun for long.
    ~Sulu is forgetful about small parts of his day. He will never forget a sin, but he will forget what he had for lunch yesterday! This goes against him when he hides things. Of course he's going to forget it. Probably about a week later he will start to remember.
    ~If this can be a weakness, Sulu can't really drink carbonated beverages. They hurt his throat. So, if you don't want to kill him but just want him to be in pain. . . Hold him down, pour soda down his throat.
    ~Sulu can't cook very well. He seems to have a rivalry with all ovens, toasters, and microwaves in existence. He will often burn whatever he's trying to cook. He also doesn't understand or follow written directions well, so this can make him even fail at the microwave. Instructions must be spoken to him for him to have a better grasp.
    ~Being on a search for all knowledge, Sulu is quite the ambitious person, although generally friendly. In some cases he can be selfish, which can give him a guilty conscience and bad thoughts. In the end, this has the possibility of harming himself by getting in trouble.
    ~Sometimes Sulu doesn't know when to quit an argument. This can forge pretty bad rivalries.

    Special Abilities:
    Dark Matter: This ability allows Sulu to conjure a mass of dark matter. It is dark purple or black in color. It is 3 feet in circumference. Sulu can summon this mass only in the air no more than 20 feet away. It initially travels 30 miles per hour but gains speed as it falls. Since it can only travel no more than 20 feet, the fastest it can get is 35 miles per hour. It is meant to crush its opponents, and the reaction upon impact would be something similar to if a large rock was hitting them. Sulu can only summon one of these every two posts.

    ~Once the target of the mass is set, there's no going back. Even if the victim moves, the dark matter can't follow them like a missile or shift direction to hit them.
    ~The only effect this ability has is hitting the opponent. When it falls, there is no fire or bonus damage to those around it. Thus, if the victim dodges even by a few inches, they won't be impacted by the strike.
    ~It is easy to dodge this. As the mass is placed in the air, it makes a crackling noise that is audible. As it bullets to the opponent, it makes a high-pitched whistling noise. This happens for the whole 20 feet, so the victim should have enough time to dodge.
    ~If the opponent is wearing metal armor or has a magical defensive field around them, the mass will have little to no impact.

    Rope Trap: Sulu can generate a violet string-like structure that can attach itself to people, depending on their size. The structure is about the size of a rope used in a game of tug-of-war. It has a texture similar to sticky liquid glue. Sulu can shoot one of these out of his palms, and they can go no further than 10 feet. If the opponent is further away, they won't be touched. The structure is meant to pull the victim slightly closer to Sulu. How far they travel depends on their size.

    0-3 feet: 5 feet
    4-7 feet: 3 feet
    Anything larger: The string will snap

    The structure can also break if a second person owns a weapon. The string can be broken by metals in blades, bullets, or Tier 1 magic. Sulu can summon one of these once every three posts.

    Retractable Claws: Being of feline descent, Sulu has 4-inch claws that usually hide in his fingers. He uses these to scratch at his adversary. The claws can't go through metals, and even trying to scratch them can hurt Sulu.
    Personality: Sulu Zhada -- The only emotion he ever seems to display is happiness and/or amusement. He has a darn specific notion about every topic you can imagine, may it be good or bad. And trust me, he will take just about every offer he gets to rant on it. He is an energetic entity who always seems to be happy, which can appear a bit. . . odd. He wants to know everything there is to be known, and is always searching for further opportunities to learn more of science and history. He has a secret hatred for other mages because he feels like he must compete with them and they're trying to be better than he is. Paranoia. To new people, Sulu is basically a nice guy who wants to get to know more people for both companionship and aid on his search. He is pretty friendly and likes to hang out with friends he is close to, Sometimes he may have moments where he thinks solely of himself, and examines all the paths that could be taken to get what he wants. . . But of course, he'll always feel bad about it afterwards.

    Sulu is also quite the comedian. He would joke around and playfully tease with people he knows. Sometimes, however, when a day of his has gone bad he can be aloof to whoever tries to talk with him. These times are rare though. So, all in all? Sulu is your cheeky "yay i need to make new frends!!!!" character, but with a twist.

    ~Chatting. Sulu craves interaction with others and making new friends and allies. Even if he makes an enemy, at least he knows who's against him.
    ~Popsicles. Sulu just really likes them and would even eat one in the winter.
    ~Stormy nights. Sulu finds it easy to fall into a deep slumber with thunder and raindrops outside.
    ~Art, especially paintings of landscapes or terrain. It comforts this cat and relieves stress when he just gazes at a pretty rad painting of a huge mountain.
    ~Magic, especially the dark arts. Growing up as a progidy, Sulu has learned to embrace the gifts and academic intelligence he was born with.
    ~Children. He likes to believe he would have one of his own one day, but how likely is that?
    ~Math. Sulu enjoys solving problems and figuring out a missing variable. The more complicated the problem, yhe better.
    ~Autumn. It's when the color of the leaves start to change.
    ~The study of the paranormal. Sulu would like to interact with scary entities like ghosts, spirits, angels, demons, etc..
    ~Anime. Senpai! Kawaii! Desu! Um. . . Kouhai? All these strange, foreign terms just aggravates Sulu(simply because he doesn't know what they mean), and he doesn't want to bother reading the subtitles.
    ~Pizza. I'm sorry that melted cheese on top of tomato sauce and bread doesn't appeal to him.
    ~Super hot days. Who likes getting stinky and sweaty? As said before, he is also more likely to get a stroke than humans.
    ~Taking off his hood. Sulu is Gollum, and the hood is the preciousssssss. He just doesn't like taking it off.
    ~Having nicknames. Sulu likes his own name. He wouldn't like to be called anything else.
    ~Being alone. Sulu can tolerate it, but he would just prefer being with other people.
    ~Buffets. He feels like he's eating out of a trough.
    ~Maggots. They're just disgusting, and Sulu will not go near them.
    ~Dying without anybody caring.
    ~Getting a terminal illness.
    Parents: Yeo(mother) and Clavicus(father)[NPCs]
    Mate: None
    Offspring: None
    Relative: Sulu has a couple of aunts, uncles, and cousins, but they are insignificant.
    Brothers/sisters: Via(older sister)[NPC]
    History: Sulu was the first son and last child of a formal and wealthy family in Tasatsu. With both Yeo and Clavicus being born with magic, it was definite that their offspring would have mana running through their veins. And surely they did. Via was their first child. Her magic revolved around the arts of healing and support. She was seven years old when Sulu was born. Sulu, however, wasn't born an animal mage like Yeo or a white mage like Clavicus. He was a black mage. It is most likely he got this from one of his ancestors.

    Sulu was a prodigy in magic and could cast simple spells at age 8. Whenever Yeo or Clavicus tried to teach him, his magic would somehow get out of control. When he started, he couldn't stop. It seemed a white and animal mage couldn't teach a black mage. When they finally found a black mage who was willing to mentor a young boy, Sulu finally found control over himself. As he grew older he gained a hunger for more magic power and knowledge, thus leaving Tasatsu to follow his dreams at age 19. Though he's a nice guy, he's pretty ambitious. It's entirely possible he may turn his hunt into a deliciously evil pursuit. . .
    RP paragraph: "Hi," Sulu said. The end. (Nightingale)

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    Re: Sulu the Black Mage

    Post by Sulu on Sat Mar 25, 2017 4:49 pm

    Done. <3


    "When you see the shards of your shattered dreams, create with them a mosaic in which a brighter tomorrow can be seen."

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    Re: Sulu the Black Mage

    Post by Lexia on Sat Mar 25, 2017 7:14 pm

    Heya! Can you describe and clarify what this dark mass actually does? You mention that it's... A well, mass. But that's all. Is it heavy and designed to squish things? Or is it a weightless blob..? What does it do XD

    Please bump when edited x3



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    Re: Sulu the Black Mage

    Post by Sulu on Sat Mar 25, 2017 7:21 pm

    Bump. :3


    "When you see the shards of your shattered dreams, create with them a mosaic in which a brighter tomorrow can be seen."

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    Re: Sulu the Black Mage

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