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    Aiko's Axes ((WEAPON REMAKE))


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    Aiko's Axes ((WEAPON REMAKE))

    Post by Aiko on Fri Mar 10, 2017 2:52 pm

    Character name: Aiko Papyrus Kaijin

    Name: Both are named Karma
    Type: Weapon - twin spinning axes
    Appearance: By default, Karma appears to be a single long double-edged axe with intricate and specific designs on the sparkly silver metal, sporting the sleek figure of a sword. The handle of the axe is a circular rim with spikes pointing inwards. The bar in the center of the small circle has grips for Aiko to grab. When spun, half of the axe slides off its 'cap' to form not only one, but two blades. One side has the intricate markings while the other is smooth and bare. Making the axe into a single blade for melee combat is not an option. There are two copies of these axes.
    Materials: Chromium, silver in color
    Purpose: Karma is made for ranged combat. Wielding the weapons can be difficult for anyone who is new to it, as Aiko must manually go catch the spinning axes while or after they spin back.
    Abilities: Karma has no enchantments, but it should be explained how they work. They are made to be thrown, not fenced or thrusted like a sword. When thrown, the axe's two blades spin towards its target like a frisbee. If it encounters nothing in its path or misses it, it will fly back like a boomerang. Aiko must go out of her way to manually catch the axe, which can cause her problems in battle. The axes can be spun standing up, making them spin on the ground like wheels. They will then return to Aiko much like how they rolled away. Either flying or rolling, the axes can go 25 ft. away and then back at a maximum speed of 40 miles per hour, although the further the axe goes, the slower it will get. It will bounce back to Aiko when encountered with a steel armor, but if the blade happens to hit it again it can dent it. On the third try, it can dent the armor further or, depending on the strength, pierce through it. All in all, it takes at least three tries to get through armor. It begins its way back to Aiko with renewed speed, but the speed will gradually decrease like when it was thrown. It depends on the force of the throw, so if Aiko doesn't make a good spin the axe won't go very far, causing it to land and not return. That makes Aiko go and get it herself.
    Limitations/Weaknesses: Karma has no enchantments, but it has its flaws. It doesn't spin well in the rain, and the axes may not spin at all. It also has to be caught manually, as said before, which makes the user temporarily turn their back to the enemy to catch it. Aiko must train a lot before getting into a real battle. If she uses both axes in one go, she will be left weaponless while going to retrieve them, making her vulnerable to damage. Even as she masters her weapons, she will still face these hardships.
    Cost: $1,365 each

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    Re: Aiko's Axes ((WEAPON REMAKE))

    Post by Nightingale on Tue Mar 14, 2017 6:13 pm

    Bump? ⊙ω⊙


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    Re: Aiko's Axes ((WEAPON REMAKE))

    Post by Lexia on Tue Mar 14, 2017 6:38 pm

    Something I would like you to add to the weaknesses are what things that it can and cannot damage. Can it dint steels? Slice through them? What can it do to other armoured people? o3o


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    Re: Aiko's Axes ((WEAPON REMAKE))

    Post by Sponsored content

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