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    F.U.R. the Odd


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    Female Posts : 359
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    Age : 17

    Character sheet
    Character Name: F.U.R.
    Species: Animal of a sort
    Alignment : Neutral Good

    F.U.R. the Odd Empty F.U.R. the Odd

    Post by F.U.R. on Sun Sep 20, 2015 1:00 pm

    F.U.R. the Odd Good_e10


    Personal Info:


    Name: F.U.R.

    Nickname: Fur, Furry

    Age: 11

    Gender: F.U.R. has no official gender, but it swaps around depending apon what gender it feels like at the time.

    Sexuality: Pan-sexual, F.U.R. don't care XD

    Species: Unknown

    Alignment: Neutral Good




    Clan: Rouge

    Rank: N/A




    Height: Male Form: 4’11” Female Form: 5’6” Gender Neutral Form: 5’1”

    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Fur, white

    Eyes: Blue

    Looks: Furry and white, stands on two legs. Has a round face and two piercing blue eyes. It’s mouth can not be seen if rested, when moving show similarities of that of a cat(the mouth). It has two arms that extend above its waist and three fingers on each hand. Has 2 stump legs with cute little paw pads at the bottom. A long tail, and some scruffy fur on the top of it’s head.

    Extra: He has a shadow that sometimes appears as a living entity.




    Hobbies/skills: aimlessly walking, talking to it’s shadow, shadowing people, concealing weapons, acting differently than what it feels, hitting itself

    Strengths: Making quick strategies, concealed weapons, shadowing people, crying, saying weird crap

    Weaknesses: Can’t control which form it’s in, Each form has a different Personality, Odd Mood swings

    Accessories: N/A

    Special abilities:


    -When F.U.R. uses his shadow and merges it with another to stalk or ‘shadow’ them.


    Wrist Blades

    -Blades that come out of its wrist, natural weapons

    Venom Bite

    -A Poison that is made to make the senses of the one who is bitten go off

    Large Claws

    -Natural Large claws that are like daggers

    Tail Whip

    -A hit of its tail feel like a whip


    -The Points of its ears become hardened and sharp

    Combat style: N/A





    Male: He tends to be sad all the time. You will usually see him crying, and sitting down. F.U.R.  in its male form usually likes to be alone and talk to his shadow. Any means of communication or planning will be completely stopped, for he is overcome by sadness. He is very self conscious, and doesn’t like others to see him for he feels that they will judge him. Only those who have managed to get close to him will be able to make him accomplish anything.

    Genderless: The genderless form of F.U.R. has no emotions, will or desire. It is like a mindless drone that will do practically any bidding. It has no emotions, so it does not enjoy what it does, but neither hates it. The actions performed by this version of F.U.R. will seem unordinary, and robotic. It fails to serve the purpose of a living being.

    Female: She tends to be very blunt and straight to the point. This version of F.U.R. is very cunning, so you shouldn’t get too clumsy when around her. She enjoys playing games and loves being right. F.U.R. likes to spend time training, and shadowing people around just for fun, but when it comes down to business she gets serious. Whenever it comes to the point of when she has to kill an opponent, she tries to deny the enjoyment of their suffering, but deep inside she knows that she enjoys it.

    Likes: Male: Being alone, talking to shadow, feeling emotions other than sadness, exploring the world, and not being judged

    Female: Training, being with close friends, being right, winning, playing around, and fighting

    Dislikes: Male: Being in large crowds, being exposed, being judges, getting wet, and being touched

    Female: Being alone, having to wear clothes(what animal wears clothes? Seriously.), being wrong, losing, not learning things on time, being wet


    That one day it will lose control and be stuck in it’s genderless form, where it has no emotions or desires.

    Flooding will happen and they will have to swim. Ugg, water...




    Parents: Unknown

    Mate: N/A

    Offspring: N/A

    Relative: N/A

    Brothers/sisters: N/A


    History: F.U.R. is a modified egg of his original species. His fur color is considered unnatural due to it being white, versus the darker colors that the other of its species has. F.U.R. never really had a family and was bullied all the time. In this portion of its life it was always in male form. One day he made a female friend who shared a similar fur color and they became friends. They became great friends, but they were highly abused and liked by all of the others. In an attempt to prevent this, they were moved to a place where a different, much more sinister creature inhabited. The two were forced to live with “the demons” who had killed F.U.R.’s best friend and tortured him every day. One day he decided to run away, and this was when he had unlocked his female form, who was much bolder and stronger. He moved to the beyond in hope of a new better life.

    RP paragraph: F.U.R. walked into the city. She was currently in female form, and decided to go get something to eat. The white creature walked into a restaurant and flailed her money in the air and yelled. “Yo! Get me food or something, I don’t got all day.” She was met with stares as she made her way to a table. “Judgmental much? Man, these people should get used to seeing strange creatures. After all, I WAS told that this is a place for all to gather and live. What’s their problem?” She snapped out of thought as somebody had served her a glass of water. F.U.R.’s gaze had met out the window as she stared in empty thought.
    Aero Dynamic
    Aero Dynamic

    Status :

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    Age : 16

    Character sheet
    Character Name: Aero Dynamic
    Species: Dragon
    Alignment : Lawful Neutral

    F.U.R. the Odd Empty Re: F.U.R. the Odd

    Post by Aero Dynamic on Sun Sep 20, 2015 8:49 pm



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