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    Kyoko Empty Kyoko

    Post by Kyoko on Wed Jan 04, 2017 3:55 am

    Personal Info:
    Name: Kirigiri Kyoko
    Nickname: Kyo, Kyoko.
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Species: 60% snow leopard gryphon shapeshifter, 40% ice demon
    Alignment: Neutral
    Her appearance:
    Kyoko 5100360-5630248089-21824

    Kyoko Cafereo_96439

    Kyoko Blue_skies_by_araless-d4wjnq4

    Height: 167cm in human form, and 6 feet in her gryphon form.
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Skin, which is pale and smooth. In her gryphon form, she has white fur and feathers with black markings.
    Eyes: Light pink.
    Hair: Her hair, which reaches her waist, is a lavender colour, and her hair is tied into a braid on her left side by a black ribbon.
    Looks: Her outfit consists of a dark purple collared jacket over a white blouse and brown tie, along with heeled knee-high boots the same colour as her jacket. Her skirt is a darker shade of purple compared to her jacket, but it's the same colour as her gloves, which she never takes off. All her clothes vanish when she shifts into a gryphon. Her fur/feathers is pure white, with black markings on them. Her claws are short and black, and she can retract them if she wishes to. If she unsheathes her second set of claws, which are longer, thinner and much sharper, they will shoot out above her usual set of claws, covering them.
    ~She is immune to cold, even in her human form.
    ~She has higher stamina than most, and heightened senses.
    ~She is calm, able to keep her cool in situations where most would have panicked.
    ~Kyoko is observant and analytical, able to notice the subtlest of things such as twitches or slip of words, and will analyse them and use them to her advantage.
    ~In her gryphon form, she can use her wings to create large gusts of wind to blow people away, or to knock them down.
    ~She has excellent aim, and while you can't call her an expert at fighting, she's fairly good at it.
    ~Her feathers and fur are flammable, and easily catches on fire.
    ~Her feathers are easily pulled off.
    ~She has a tiny lung capacity, and can only go without oxygen without 20 seconds, meaning that she cannot survive long underwater.
    ~She also has a weaker immune system. Poison/venom will deal 2 times more damage than it will deal to the average human's. This also increases her chances of falling ill, and she takes a longer time to recover.
    ~While she is capable of focusing on her opponent and shutting out all other distractions, loud noises can easily break her concentration and distract her.
    ~Pain weakens her magic.
    ~Her defense is weak; in her gryphon form, her fur and feathers don't do much against attacks, especially magic, and in her human form...well, her skin is easily pierced. She relies more on her speed than on her defense.
    Special Abilities:
    ~Hidden Dangers
    She has the ability to create animals in the form of ice. They are made to either confuse, or to attack. While they can bite and dodge, like a normal animal, their will is Kyoko's. If she wants them to stop and retreat, they will do so, but usually she leaves them to do what they're commanded to do - attack a particular target. However, the real power of the animals is not revealed until Kyoko finally commands them to unleash it onto their targets.The ice animals will explode on contact, releasing ice that will slowly spread over their target, freezing them. The freezing process is easily stopped by warmth that has a minimum temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. At the same time, while the animals explode, they release a misty blue-white fog. Only Kyoko is able to see through it.

    ~Ice Blasts
    Kyoko can release ice from her palms, usually in small bursts of blue-white ice in the form of a sphere. It fades upon contact, but it will cause the target to feel cold, as if they have stepped into a cold place. With each post, the body temperature of the target drops by 2 degrees Celsius, and it will keep on dropping until 3 posts have passed. Once 3 posts have passed, the target will go back to normal; their shivering and cold sensation would have vanished. If she wants to, she can also release her ice in small/medium-sized needles. Instead of causing the target to feel cold, the ice needle, once it has struck its target, will give the target a cut (its size depends on the size of the needle), which will freeze over with blue-white ice, making the cut sting with cold. The ice will vanish after 2 posts; only then will the cut be able to heal. She is able to release 5 ice needles in one burst, 10 if she's using both hands, each of them so small that the target is often unable to see them coming.

    ~Ice Creation and Manipulation
    Another one of her ice abilities is to conjure up things that are made of ice, like an ice dagger, or a frozen crown. The sizes of objects that she can conjure ranges from small to medium, but large items, like buildings, are impossible for her to conjure. In order for her to bring her desired object into existence, she must close her eyes and picture it appearing in her hands. Easy as that. Things that she can conjure are special as she can dissolve them into water or freeze them into ice. She can also soften them and shape them like clay, then harden them again.

    ~Pain Illusion
    Like its name, Kyoko can cause illusions of pain to a particular target, who will feel the pain of a wound that isn't there. Kyoko requires concentration to do this, which is easily broken, and a person who has a strong will will be able to see past her illusion. Another way to stop her is to inflict physical wounds on her. She rarely uses this ability because it comes with a price: corruption. Each time she uses it, she loses a bit of her sanity, and eventually, if she uses this ability too much, she will go insane. This power is inherited from her demon father.
    Personality: To most, Kyoko comes off as a stoic and mysterious girl who tends to hide her feelings behind a mask of composure. She has a calm demeanor and tends to be completely unfazed by most of the events that occur, and is able to keep her cool in most situations. Sometimes, Kyoko's words may come off as harsh and mean, and that may be because she doesn't sugercoat her words, being the blunt type. She will state her opinions only if she knows that the other person won't be offended by her words, and although she doesn't show it, she cares about a lot about what others think of her.

    Most assume that she is an introvert because she doesn't talk much. That, however, is not true. She isn't afraid to approach people and talk to them, though she prefers not to, as she doesn't make the best conversation partner and often finds that she makes the other person feel awkward. While she prefers to remain polite to avoid offending anyone on accident, she has a sarcastic personality, and can even be mocking if annoyed. Around strangers she is polite and formal, but around friends she lets herself be herself, though she still watches her words, afraid to offend her friends.

    Kyoko is also confident, though she never gets bigheaded, and praise, instead of inflating her ego, inspires her to work harder and improve. Kyoko is calm and observant most of the time, and actually works well with others as she can understand them and their needs. She secretly looks out for them and shows her affection, or concern, for them in small little gestures that most would dismiss as nothing. She is a tad bit cruel though, sometimes seeing birds and having thoughts like "I want to squish them..." but she never voices this out as she's afraid that she might lose her friends. Friends. While Kyoko can live without company, she cannot bear the thought of disappointing, losing or hurting her friends. While she might seem tough, she is extremely vulnerable to verbal wounds.
    ~She secretly loves hanging out with her friends, but will never tell them that.
    ~When she's not practicing knife-throwing or fighting techniques, she's often seen drawing.
    ~Listening to music
    ~Taking photos of the scenery
    ~Listening to the sound of the ocean/watching it
    ~Being forced to do something she doesn't want to do.
    ~Nosy people
    ~People who think that they're funny/smart when they're actually not.
    ~Her friends leaving her, permanently.
    ~Becoming an outcast.
    ~Someone hating her for what she is, and what she did.
    Parents: Killed.
    Mate: Looking for one~
    Offspring: None.
    Relative: Also killed.
    Brothers/sisters: None.
    History: Will be revealed through RP! >:D
    RP paragraph: Must I? ;-;

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    Post by Kyoko on Sat Jan 14, 2017 10:54 pm


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    Kyoko Empty Re: Kyoko

    Post by Bermuda on Wed Jan 18, 2017 6:46 pm

    Too bad she's straight, cuz she's a cutie ;3


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    Post by Yuuki on Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:29 pm



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