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Happy Holidays (Event) OoC81

    Happy Holidays (Event)


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    Happy Holidays (Event) Empty Happy Holidays (Event)

    Post by Cedric on Mon Dec 26, 2016 3:44 pm

    Post order will be: Cedric, Lex, Sly, Aasim, Arik, Leif, Six, Keskorie, Nova, Guryon, Shudaar, Nightingale, and Hishashi.

    Cedric stared around at the empty tavern. For once, in Xastristan, it was almost silent. Families all gathered among themselves, enjoying the holiday that they had dubbed 'Christmas'. Some celebrated other events, odd names flowing from their tongues like the language of the Chasers from back home.

    Wreaths of winter pine decorated the windows, odd white fluff sitting on the sills in an imitation of the snow that fell softly outside. Mistletoe was hung in a corner, where earlier a couple had paused to kiss. Seeing this, the Paradigm could only assume it was a custom of these people.

    Raising his thumb and index, Cedric signaled to the bartender he wanted a refill of the Ale. Her eyebrows flew up, the scar over her left eye unclouded by the pearly white locks she had. Jade eyes held shyness, barely caressed by the kindness she naturally had in her cheeks. Yet again, she silently pulled down on the tab to refill his sixth mug. Of course, he had seen a male bartender before her. Assuming that she was the waitress, he let himself smile. This place knew how to pick them. It wasn't right of him to just play off his solidarity like this, to be fair. Yes, the girl was lovely. Even if he could now speak to women, it didn't necessarily mean that he would be willing to objectify them like they were items rather than people...

    Setting the glass down before him, she shyly fondled the leather of her overcoat. Odd dresses for a person in this timeline, but he couldn't deny how it complimented her pale skin. Deciding against whatever she was going to ask, she retreated once more into the back. Turning around in his stool, he took a large gulp from the mug in his hand. For such a large place, none of the eight tables were filled in the bar. Memories of the nights he would spend drinking with Allelujah and Six filled his mind, and he couldn't help but find a pang of homesickness.

    It felt lonely.


    "It's not that I hate people. It's that I dislike people. There IS a difference, even if it's subtle. Just means that making friends is a bit harder for me. Speaking of which, Why's Allelujah's kingdom considered to be the darkest kingdom of all?

    Because he's got so many damn knights."

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    Happy Holidays (Event) Empty Re: Happy Holidays (Event)

    Post by Lexia on Tue Dec 27, 2016 3:58 am

    Lexia stretched back, feeling her shoulders cracking as she did so. A bar, situated in a more extravagant area of the city. That's where the invitation or formality thing had told her to go. . . Right? Lexia gave herself a small shrug, looking down at her feet as she continued on her way. Perhaps this was it, but perhaps it wasn't. Maybe it was the right area, or maybe it wasn't. Lexia didn't know, and she felt incredibly exposed without anything or anyone by her side. Nithya nor Sly accompanied her, and this sad sense of desolation was getting more and more common.

    She ascended the stairs, her hand pushing open the wooden door.

    A smile broke out on her face as she saw a rather old friend who sat down by themselves, a fiddling waitress deciding to excuse themselves. Lexia cast a gaze around the room, taking in notes of the lights which hung from the ceiling, the marble bench tops, but... Why would a place so detailed and gorgeous on the inside be so average on the outside? Lex made her way towards the counter, her black hair glistening in the low light. "Heya, Ced." She greeted him, before clicking her tongue.

    Of course no one was there at the moment. Wait, there was. She did a double take when she saw the blonde haired person, before biting her lip gently. Lexia held up two fingers to indicate to Ced that she would need just a few moments before getting back to him. She turned back around, weaving through and around the tables and chairs as if she were a wraith.

    Reaching her target, Lexia wrapped her arms around his chest to draw them into a hug and she gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. "Is this what you have been doing in your spare time, Sly?" She asked gently, a thumb gently trailing down his cheek. The typical Christmas theme music played in the background, but she ignored it for now. Currently, Sly was the centre of her attention, the man she loved and adored.

    There was absolutely no point in denying that she did.

    However, the waitress would notice that Cedric was having a little bit of a lack of drinks, and she would take up another glass of the alcoholic substance. The fair skinned lady would go back to him, nervously looking down as she approached him again. "Here... Have this, you are running low." The green eyed female smiled gently at him, struggling to keep her one good eye on him as she would keep him company until, well, she simply couldn't. "So I... Umm, why are you by yourself?" She stammered, kicking herself as she couldn't help but stutter at such a gorgeous man. His cyan eyes glinted brightly in the low light, sparking with curiosity. The feathery appearance coating him in a layer of mystery.
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    Head Administrator

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    Happy Holidays (Event) Empty Re: Happy Holidays (Event)

    Post by sLy on Tue Jan 03, 2017 3:27 pm

    It was that time of the year again. When people think of Christmas, one thing that came to mind was holidays, spending time with loved ones, away from work, eating a family feast, lots of chocolate and eggnog, or opening presents. It did kind of miffed him that Christmas was also depicted with a lot of snow, when in some places like... everywhere in the lower hemisphere, Christmas was in the middle of an incredibly hot day. Even worse for him, he found himself still working at the bar rather than staying at DS HQ, and had to choose one employee to yell at him later after spending their Christmas working when they... should not really. Perhaps one way to keep them happy was doubling their pay.

    The bar was rather empty, but Sly was expecting a number of people to walk by. The first one was a man, and by the time he turned to look at him, the waitress had poured the sixth mug of ale. Sly expected him to be at least tipsy by this point, but it appeared that he had rather high tolerance for alcohol. He returned to rubbing the glasses behind the counter, wondering who else would spend their Christmas at the bar.

    That was when the door swung open once more and, greeted by the familiar blue eyes and long raven hair, he stiffened. After she greeted Cedric, Lexia strolled to him and, before he could say anything, landed a hug and a kiss to his cheek. Sly found himself flushing a bit, setting the glass down carefully as he made a slightly nervous laughter. Y-yeah. It's great to see you here as well Lex. Would you care for a drink? Sly reached for the drinks menu, heavily decorated with a lot of Chirstmas stuff like wreaths and mistletoes. We have a holiday special today. Eggnog included for the Christmas spirits.


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    Happy Holidays (Event) Empty Re: Happy Holidays (Event)

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