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    Post by Lexia on Thu Dec 15, 2016 5:33 pm

    Alright, so, let’s get to it, before I post my event, there are a few things which I would like you all to consider and read through. And I have a few rules that need to be followed, or else this will get hectic and more chaotic than I would like. Which are basically all in the explanation, but I’ll do a summary when it’s all done.

    Firstly, you all applied to be in a specific group. These groups are to determine if you will be either a) attacking Insanity, or b) protecting people around the grounds and leading them to safety. Within these groups, I have separated you all into teams. These teams MUST WORK TOGETHER AND NOT AGAINST ONE ANOTHER. If I see anyone fighting each other, I will kick you from the event. No exceptions. However, that being said, small amounts of bickering and insult hurling are allowed, no combat between one another will be accepted.

    Now, in each of my posts, I will be telling you which team must post in reactance to what Insanity has done. I may also call upon other people to post if I do something specific to their character in the previous post (so that they can get away and such). For example, Insanity could leave an opening for people to retaliate to, in this instance, I would call upon an attacking group. Seeming there are two attacking groups, I will then tell which attacking group gets to post. They have 3 DAYS to post. After this, I shall be posting my response to them, then do new actions for Insanity and then delegating the next group to respond. And so on so forth, I hope that made sense!

    So, you’re all now wondering ‘What group am I in??’, well, thankfully, that’s simple enough. Here you guys go! Here are your teams.

    For you defenders! These are your buddies, you must work with them to protect people around you!

    Refuge group 1. Arik, Leif and Jhonen.
    Refuge group 2 . Sunesning, Yuuki and Guryon.
    Refuge group 3. Sly and Cedric.

    Good luck, my little Refuge groups.

    For you attackers, these are your teams.

    Attacking group 1. Aria, Nebula and Aasim.
    Attacking group 2. Hisashi and Aiko.

    Good luck! Do your best to cripple Insanity and slow it down.

    Now, for other little tidbits and such, I don’t mind if you have conversations and such between two characters, but if I see two people in a team making out while Insanity is destroying the city, I will be kicking both people. It’s fine for contact and such, but come on, smooching and such and passioning it out, just no. Stop. Just... ergh. Why are you doing that when there’s a GIANT creature hellbent on destroying the most advanced city on the planet?

    One more thing to note, you can control some NPCs, but the majority will be done by myself. If you do control them, you can only control civilians but remember, they are terrified and would do anything they can to get away from Insanity. The military is mine to control. The news people at the start are mine as well, as I have a lot to set up for you guys!!

    So, basically, here’s a recap of some rules I want you all to follow.
    ~Only post when I call you/your group up to post.
    ~When it’s your turn, post within 3 days. If you don’t you miss out and I will react to the ones who have posted. If no one posts, Insanity’s attack goes through and destroys sections of the city.
    ~No smooching/other things on the side.
    ~You can control civilians, but do not send them to attack Insanity or there will be a giant loss of life.
    ~No controlling the military.
    ~Have fun and do your best guys! :D

    I hope this all makes sense and is understandable. So, good luck everyone, I hope that you have a great time participating in my event!

    Do your best. . .


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