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    The Fallen Guardian (Solo topic, Mature; Contains gore)


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    The Fallen Guardian (Solo topic, Mature; Contains gore)

    Post by Lexia on Thu Dec 15, 2016 3:43 pm

    The building was abandoned, a long time since any living being had been in it. Believed to be cursed, it was left to ruin, to rot and collapse through time. Never to be touched. However, Lexia didn’t care for superstitions anymore. If the curse, creature being or whatever the hell it was, truly did live within the walls, then fine. It could kill her and save her the agony of living. Her skirt was torn, the arm braces that she wore, destroyed. The shirt, all but tatters covering the essentials as her right hand was held over her chest. She approached the doorway, over the cracked concrete and towards the broken wooden door which swung eerily from its hinges. Lex pushed through it, uncaring of if it creaked and cracked.

    She already failed, not making it out of the city. Lexia was still near its heart...

    Her footsteps echoed in the empty house, and her feet took her up the stairs to her right. She didn’t care about taking in her surroundings. Everything was going to die anyway. Everyone was going to die because of her. Every single thing was going to die because she took on that stone... The ruins.

    She had thought that she had discovered something worth living for, the people she met unspurred by her appearance. Lex sighed. If they saw her now, they truly would see her as a monster. Especially if they saw what lurked in the shadows beneath her skin. The being waited on the edge of her mind. To strike them and murder them. Their crimson blood was the only thing which they wanted to see. The streets to run like rivers of blood.

    Yes! You know me well~! It laughed in her mind, but Lexia’s eyes were glazed. She didn’t respond, her face completely devoid of emotion. Turning left, she looked to the new room presented to her. A table, a tilted and cracked glass, broken furniture, mould crawling up the walls and... She looked away, why would she take in something that she was going to destroy anyway?

    Why did anything matter any more?

    Glass came crashing down as Lexia screamed in frustration, her fist slamming down onto the table and throwing the half broken cup the rest of the way off the furniture. The force was enough to split it down the middle. Why! Just why! Why the hell was she cursed?! Was that what her life would become? A torrent of disappointment, despair, destruction? Throwing her head back, tears streaming down her face, she shouted aloud, agony tearing through every word. Her heart ached, her whole being ached. Her voice rang through the area, only for the cold silence to greet her.  Another disappointment. Another let down. Another curse. Another chance gone.

    You never had a chance, the world’s always been cruel to you. Do you really think you had a chance with that man? Do you really think that you had a chance living a normal life, one outside of being torn apart in every way, in every direction? You’re foolish! Haha! It sang, the control already loosened from Lexia’s mind, her body slowly falling to the creatures will.

    “A girl, I was an outcast, ugly. My family was murdered through the damn fires, through tongues of wicked flames. Their death was... simply for blood money...” Her hands curled further into the fist like shape, paling further than what would be considered natural. “Why! Why did this happen to me? What have I done to deserve such horror, such agony? You tormented me fate! You tricked me. You made me think that I had something when I found Nithya! But you tore him away from me too, didn’t you? You made me think I was worth something when I met Sly! But look at you all now, you laugh at me. Why do you twist me like this, fate! Why? What did I do wrong? Why am I destined to hold this psychopath in my mind?!” She screamed, the rooms pale walls holding her voice in place, not allowing her cries to be heard by anyone.

    Because you’re fun~ I like having you around... Even if you aren’t covered in your own blood and scattered from the ground! MAYBE THAT’S WHAT ILL DO TO YOU IN THE END! The voice shouted, and Lexia was mortified when her lips parted, her throat painfully twisting to unleash a screeching and unholy laugh...

    She shouted, the words being blocked by an invisible barrier of pain as she felt her back and neck snapping forward and apart, allowing for more vertebrae to form, her skin stretched thinly over her form.  Physical agony that mirrored her turmoil. Lexia’s blood-curdling scream pierced the air, her hands snapping and shifting, her jaw cracking and pushing forward, white fur pushing through her skin. Blood welled at her feet as wounds opened up across her body, only to be patched by brilliant white fur. She collapsed onto her hands and knees, her back arching unnaturally, tears cascading down her face. Her voice died, her face twisting into the cruel expression of pain that she felt. This was it. This was the day that Lexia fell. This was when she could no longer keep that beast at bay.

    Her mind snapped - breaking and falling into the darkest abyss...

    Soon, there would be nothing related to Lexia aside from a haze of pain in the back of the beasts mind as she fell into the blackness where it once was stored, where it slumbered for many, many years. Insanity rose a white paw over its head, a smile, sickening and cruel, twisted on its face as it looked at the familiar claws. Its long, incredibly long tail flicked behind it. It’s neck twisted, its head almost turning in a complete rotation as it growls. Around and beneath it, the building suddenly exploded and a roar of fury tore from its maw.

    “Now... The world shall pay for their incompetence...”


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