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    Aasim's Weapon


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    Aasim's Weapon

    Post by Aasim on Sat Dec 03, 2016 3:04 pm

    Character name: Aasim

    Name: Hana
    Type: Katana made to size, almost like a large dagger
    Appearance: A silver handle with leather dyed blue wrapped around it. The sword lacks a hilt and lets the silver transition into a long thin curved blade.
    Materials: Leather, Dye, Silver
    Thickness: N/A
    Purpose: It seems like a normal katana to help Aasim defend himself, but he can use his fox fire to set the sword on fire and fight with it without destroying the craftsmanship
    Abilities: When lit by fox fire it can burn and stab people, fox fire can be throw off of the blade. When fox fire is coating the blade normal flames cannot affect it. When sword is in a "normal" state normal fire cannot have the same effects as the fox fire.
    Energy Cost: I am not sure what to put here.
    Limitations/Weaknesses: Cannot be lit by normal fire, Is thin and can be damaged by larger swords or weapons, is relatively short, and is more defensive over offensive
    Cost: I will let the approval squad be the judge of that.
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    Re: Aasim's Weapon

    Post by Yuuki on Sun Dec 04, 2016 10:37 am

    For an enchanted weapon like that, I would say the cost would be around $1,000.

    Umm, just remind me to remove your money later, k?



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