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    Post by Mitsuko on Sat Sep 19, 2015 8:56 am


    Personal Info:


    Name: Mitsuko

    Nickname: Mit

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Species: Neko

    Alignment: Good




    Clan: Team Dragon Storm

    Rank: N/A




    Height: 5” 3’

    Skin/Fur/Scales, Ex.: Her skin is the color of a pale peach.

    Eye color: Pink

    look:  She has pink hair with her cute little cat ears and two ribbons red in color behind her kitty ears. Has handcuffs on her wrist as accessories. Has on a traditional Japanese school girl outfit accessorized with a pink bow and is wearing spanx under her blue skirt. There are also little wings on her back. She also has a pink tail with a bright pink bow on it.

    Extra: N/A




    Hobbies/skills: She likes singing, dancing and playing the violin.

    Strengths: She is good at singing and coming up with crazy stories.

    Weakness: She has a small attention span and is forgetful. She also is addicted to catnip.

    Accessories: Two ribbons and broken handcuffs.

    Special abilities: Heightened hearing and sense of smell. Has night vision. Is really flexible and has good agility. Also has retractable claws. She can also heal people.

    Attacks: Claws and Healing

    Combat style: She uses her claws to scratch her opponents and throw them off guard.




    Personality: She is a very talkative person and she can easily talk your ears off. She has way too much energy for her own good, which often gets her in trouble. She has no interest in working alone instead she prefers to work with a group of people. Because she is so energetic she tends not to act younger than she really is. She is addicted to food and can be seen eating when she should be working. She also pretends to be tougher than she really is.

    Likes: She likes to eat, dance and sing. She also like all things cat; cat purse, cat hat, cat gloves, cat boots, cat pajamas, cat shirts, cat pants and big cats.

    Dislikes: She does not like to do work, run, hurt people or spiders.

    Fear:  Dogs, Water, Bears and Thunderstorms




    Parents: unknown

    mate: N/A

    Offspring: N/A

    Relative: N/A

    Brothers/sisters: N/A


    History: She lived in an orphanage all of her younger years. While she lived in the orphanage she would get picked on a lot because of her cat ears. Every time after she was bullied she would run to her room at the end of the hall, grab her teddy bear, and cry on her bed. She did this for 5 years. When she turned 10 she started ignoring the bullies and they slowly stopped bullying her. After some time she got along better with the other children and they became her friends. If anyone tried to pick on her or bully her, her friends were there to help her. She then started high school and started wearing little angel wings as an accessory. When she wore them she felt like she could express herself and not care what other people thought about her. Unfortunately, this didn’t last forever. One day they moved away and she was all alone again. After they moved away the bullies started to pick on her every day in any of the classes that she had with them and during lunch. After a year of this she could not take it anymore and decided that she would run away to Oak Hollow.


    RP paragraph:
    Mitsuko is at her friends house and is getting ready to pull a prank on her. She has taped plastic wrap to the door frame again and is waiting for her friend to walk in. They have been pranking each other like this for about a week now and her friend still falls for it anyway. Mitsuko can’t wait to see if she will fall for the prank or not. Then she sees her friend walking towards the door. She does not realize that the door is covered in plastic wrap so she walks right into it. She starts to laugh because she fell for that prank, yet again, for the fifth time this week.
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    Re: Mitsuko

    Post by Yuuki on Sat Sep 19, 2015 8:35 pm


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