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    Post by Nightingale on Wed Nov 23, 2016 7:46 pm

    Name: Pixel
    Age: 7 years
    Gender: Male
    Species: Not specified, but can be referred to as an eel or snake.
    Pixel is an eel-like creature that is covered in slippery, slick skin that would feel like a dolphin if touched. He is a pretty sky blue shade, with gray-blue eyes. The inside of his mouth is a royal blue color as well, his tongue being navy. He has a mane that look like water droplets or bubbles. They feel like silly putty when touched. Pixel goes up to two feet in length. Width and height-wise, he is the size of the lower part of an arm. He can slither on the ground like a snake.
    Personality: Pixel is often a cheerful and playful creature. He loves to play and move around, especially around Nightingale and her friends. He doesn't bite, so fetch or tug-of-war doesn't appeal to him. Instead, he enjoys playing hide-n-seek. Someone would go hide, and when they're ready Pixie will slither around to find them. He is generally a touchy and affectionate creature. He'd crawl up in your lap or the seat beside you. He is pretty brave and obedient when something is asked of him. He tries to be helpful often. He's shy around new people and often cowers at Night's back. He has a good memory though and would happily greet friends with nuzzles. Pixel hates being alone.
    Pixel Being Summoned:
    Pixel has the ability to shock anyone who touches him. It's not enough to kill anyone or cause critical injury (unless they're dumb and keep on picking him up), but it's a small zap that'll inflict brief pain that won't linger. The shock won't last long-- Pixel can only zap a person twice every four posts.

    Pixel is summoned through something Nightingale carries all the time: her cell phone. He can stay as long as he likes and just sticks around like any other pet, but with a click of a button he can be gone. Nightingale doesn't keep him trapped like, 24-7. She lets him wander around in the house when she's home and leaves him spinach for food (spinach is his favorite) while she's at work. When she stays overtime or plans to be gone for a long time, she'll take him along in her phone. Wherever she goes, she'll let him go with her, often coiled around her arm. However, summoning him doesn't save battery life. It takes up a lot of battery to summon him. Once all the life is gone, Pixel cannot be summoned anymore and will return to Nightingale's home.

    Pixel cannot speak, but he can make human-like sounds that displays his emotions. He coos if he's happy. He whines if he's sad or scared. He has a wide variety of noises that match emotions or tones.

    Pixel can count, but only to 25. This gives no advantage in combat, but it lets him play hide-n-seek, which he loves.

    Pixel is weakened if he's grabbed firmly and squeezed. It doesn't take a lot to squeeze, since he's a fragile little creature. This can kill him or cause fatal injury.

    Pixel, with his watery theme, doesn't do well with fire or heat. In plain hot weather he begins to feel lazy and he will just want to sleep. If ordered to fight, he most likely won't, and if he must, his zaps will be weaker. Burning him causes critical energy.

    Pixel's shocks won't be effective if the opponent is standing in water. Yes, you can call that shocking, but it seems like water serves as some kind of protection for people who want to avoid his zaps. That's pretty odd, since water often causes electrocution in the real world.

    Weapons: Pixel can't wield a weapon.
    History: Nightingale got her first phone at age 19. They lived together in the middle of nowhere, so why would she need one? Anyway. Shenzi had purchased her a special cell phone that can summon a creature that is compatible with its owner's personality. So Pixel and Nightingale got along from the start! He has been with her ever since was 19.
    Extra: Pixel can be called Pixie if you'd like.

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    Re: Pixel

    Post by Lexia on Wed Nov 23, 2016 11:55 pm

    I think this is good!



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