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    Aiko Papyrus Kaijin


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    Aiko Papyrus Kaijin

    Post by Aiko on Thu Nov 17, 2016 6:47 am

    Personal Info:
    Name: Aiko Papyrus Kaijin
    Nickname: Aik, Ko, Kitty Cat
    Age: 13 years
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Demi/Heterosexual
    Species: Neko
    Alignment: Good
    Height: 4'11 ft.
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Pale, fair skin
    Eyes: Bright sky blue
    Hair: Long and chocolate brown
    Looks: Aiko likes to think she's beautiful but is actually average. She has a petite form with long legs and normal-sized arms. Long, pretty brown hair frames her face, often flowing at her back or flipped to one side of her head. The dark shade of her locks brings out her blue eyes, making them seem brighter than they actually are. Her eyelashes are long and have a fluffy appearance to them. Aiko often wears normal tees and jeans, whatever makes her feel comfortable. Sometimes she wears a skirt. Converse always goes on her feet. She enjoys wearing toboggans and beanies, even when the weather isn't cold. She wears hoodies as well, but sometimes they annoy her. So yeah, a tee is her preference. A set of brown cat ears go atop her head, and a long, thin tail protrudes from behind her waist.
    Architecture-- Aiko would like to be an architect when she grows up. She is good with design and what would look better if only so and so was added or taken away. She knows what looks good and what looks tacky... But only with buildings and structures.

    Math-- This Neko is good with taking measurements and, of course, participating in math class. Who teaches her anyway? Well, Aiko is pretty good at it, but it goes with architecture, so yeah.

    Fast Reflexes-- This Neko reacts to things as soon as she sees them. But, although she has fast reflexes, it doesn't mean they're always good. She may do something stupid, like scratch someone who was only playing a prank on her (notice she won't know what she's doing), or just run away.

    Strong-- Aiko looks small, but she has secret hidden strength. It's not like, strange or extraordinary, but a little above average. Most girls can squat 90 pounds and lift 45 or 50, but Aiko can squat 105 and lift 65.

    Studying-- Aiko can't just sit down, pull out notes, and stare at them or read over and over and over to memorize it. She has a good memory, yeah, but when she does this, she doesn't really catch what's happening. Her learning style is more in practice quizzes, not in staring at words.

    Being Pulled By The Tail-- It hurts. Don't do it! Aiko just goes completely limp, completely out of control, and you can do pretty much anything to her as long as you hold her tail in a tight and painful grip.

    Flattery-- Although the kitty doesn't like being flirted with, it is easy to get her cheeks to turn red. Use flattery on her, and your will shall be done. It's also not difficult at all to guilt trip her. Words are enemies to Aiko. Enemies!

    Sensitive Hearing!-- Cats have excellent hearing. However, this means that Aiko's ears can be damaged by really loud sounds. She's also really spooked by sudden noises, as she'll jump when surprised.

    Gullible-- This can go with flattery. Aiko is pretty gullible. If a creepy old guy came up to her and said he had caramel apples in his van, she'd follow him. How you like dem apples?

    Special Abilities:
    Retractable Claws-- Aiko has retractable claws that are actually quite small (a little more than half an inch) but don't do much damage. Scratching someone will only feel like the swipe of a cat, and the effects will be the same as well. Except, you know, the possibility of infection. Aiko's claws/nails are often kept clean. Aiko can scratch 2 times a post, then must wait two more before she can do so again.

    Enhanced Hearing-- Aiko has really good hearing, an ability that comes with her cat heritage. She can't hear better than humans, but can hear 1.6 octaves in higher pitches than a normal human. This doesn't aid in combat, but it sure does hurt her ears when there's loud, sudden noises.

    Personality: Aiko is a happy and cheerful early teenager who despises being alone. She is energetic and likes to do activities outside like play kickball, soccer, or just a simple game of catch. She is a cuddly and affectionate person, especially towards Team Dragonstorm, and never hesitates to tell them "I love you". She is almost always in a good mood. She is kind of goofy as well, as she sometimes cracks jokes or a pun, although sometimes it may be bad. She's friendly to strangers and enjoys striking up conversations with them, as long as they're friendly. She's impatient, though. She gets annoyed when people don't do stuff right, or when she has a partner they don't help her or are bad at whatever they're working on. Although Aiko tries to remain friendly, sometimes she may snap or say something mean and regret it later. She's not proud of that. She's also pretty gullible and is quick to believe whatever someone says. If someone told her Arik was secretly a unicorn with shapeshifting powers that came from the future and is here to defeat his archnemesis that drinks man blood and has five heads, she'd probably believe it and question Arik all about it.

    Aiko is embarrassed easily and has a huge guilty conscience. Her emotions are sensitive and it's easy to hurt her feelings. If someone laughs at her for tripping or pronouncing a word wrong, she'd probably cry. And, if not, she'll just casually laugh it off and sit in her room and let her eyes get wet with tears. She is protective of her feelings and what people think. She doesn't want others to worry about her or notice that she's crying, so if someone asks her if anything is wrong then she'll lie. "Oh, you have tears in your eyes..." "Just allergies." She wishes she wasn't so sensitive. She views herself as a wimp.

    Aiko is honest about what she thinks as well. If someone asks her if their hair looks good, she won't hesitate to say no. She won't just go up to someone and point out everything bad about them, but if a person asks for her opinion they shouldn't expect her to sugarcoat it. But, like I said earlier, she has a guilty conscience. She hates hurting other people, physically or emotionally, and would often frantically apologize afterwards. Aiko gets angry easily, like if someone pushes her buttons on purpose. When she trips over something in her room or stubs her toe against, say, a bucket (just go with it ok) and she already had a bad day, she'd grumble to herself and kick it as hard as she can. But only if it belongs to her. She won't kick anyone else's stuff, because she knows that's rude.

    ~Caramel apples. It's her favorite food in the whole wide world!!
    ~Playing and hanging out with Team Dragonstorm. They're her family, and she loves them!!
    ~Dank memes. Oh my god. Aiko loooooooooves her some dank memes. She has a LOT and enjoys showing people.
    ~"We Are Number One" meme videos. She enjoys watching these over and over and over, no matter how long they are. As a child she watched her fair share of Lazy Town, but didn't realize how cringey it was until she got older.
    ~Math. Most people hate it, but Aiko actually enjoys it. It may be because she's good at it, but who can know for sure?
    ~Summer. Aiko relishes in the hot weather and enjoys spending most of her time outside during the summer rather than looking at dank memes on the internet inside.
    ~Fish. This is Aiko's favorite food-food. Like, supper food. She likes it grilled, fried... Just not raw!!
    ~Coloring. Aiko doesn't really draw, but she does enjoy getting a coloring book and coloring in it. It's a good way to pass the time when she's bored.
    ~Her sword, Sting. The Neko was thrilled to get a sword of her own and likes to admire the shine of the blade. She has yet to learn how to use it, though.
    ~Lizards. As animals, not food!! Lizards are so so so SO cute!! Aiko likes to chase them and catch them, and put them on her ears.
    ~Frogs/toads. Hey, they're cute too!
    ~Zoos, especially petting zoos. Aiko enjoys going to look at animals and petting them, too.
    ~Playing outside. Aiko has a lot of energy and likes scampering around outside, playing games with her friends in Team Dragonstorm or chasing animals.
    ~Tomatoes. Don't get Aiko started. She just hates the texture of it. Not to mention the taste!
    ~People who like to talk only about themselves. Aiko gets bored when this happens. She also gets annoyed with the person, and starts to think lowly of them.
    ~Screaming. Aiko hates screaming, both hearing it and doing it. It hurts her throat and her ears.
    ~When people look over her shoulder like "what are you doing". This annoys Aiko SO SO SO SO much. This is one of the things that will most likely make her snap.
    ~Bad fandoms. Just... Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad fan art. Bad fanfiction. Bad fans who go overboard in supporting whatever. Just... Bad.
    ~Sticky hands. Must I explain?
    ~Documentaries. They're boring! Aiko doesn't wanna hear about it!
    ~People who have a high ego but pretends they have a low ego. UGH. These people just want attention!! Don't give it to them if they're gonna act pathetic!
    ~Cold weather. Just no.
    ~Bug bites. They're so obnoxious. And you can't stop scratching them!
    ~Having sore muscles. It hurts...
    ~Aiko is scared of accidentally hurting someone, emotionally or physically.
    ~Aiko is afraid of the dark.
    ~Aiko is scared of falling from incredible heights.
    ~Aiko is afraid of losing her tail.
    Apricot-- Mother, deceased. Neko with red/orange hair and brown eyes.
    Delta-- Father, deceased. Neko with black hair and blue eyes.
    Draligon-- Adoptive father, alive
    Arik-- Father figure, alive. Aiko is secretive about viewing Arik as a second dad.
    Boyfriend: None. Date her only if you dare...
    Offspring: None
    Relative: None
    Brothers/sisters: She views Team Dragonstorm as brothers and sisters.
    History: Aiko was born to two Nekos named Apricot and Delta. The mother and father was thrilled to become parents and loved Aiko very much. When a terrible plague struck all three of them, Apricot and Delta were the unlucky ones. They died. An orphanage in Meirie was aware of Aiko now being alone and without a guardian, so they took her in when she was 8 months old. Soon, Team Dragonstorm adopted her and Draligon became Aiko's father.
    RP paragraph:
    Pit, pat, pit, pat.

    That was the rain outside, masking the world in a grey shroud. It was rather gloomy. Aiko sighed as she checked the weather and walked to the kitchen. She had just woken up, her hair a hot mess and tangled up in a brown mass. Her eyes were droopy, wanting to close so they can return to their slumber. The sleepy Neko rubbed them to keep awake. She took an apple from a bowl, leaning on the wall. It was quiet. She wiggled her toes in her fuzzy orange socks in thought. What would she do today? Playing outside was no option. She looked at dank memes yesterday and got quite a bit. Coloring? Maybe. . . But spending time with her father sounded much more appealing. Swallowing the rest of her healthy snack, Aiko walked out of the kitchen in hopes to find Draligon and give him a 'good morning!'.

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    Female Posts : 56
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    Character sheet
    Character Name: Aiko Papyrus Kaijin
    Species: Neko
    Alignment : Lawful Neutral

    Re: Aiko Papyrus Kaijin

    Post by Aiko on Fri Nov 18, 2016 2:35 pm

    Bump, ready for revision <3
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    Head Administrator

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    Re: Aiko Papyrus Kaijin

    Post by sLy on Fri Nov 18, 2016 10:19 pm



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    Re: Aiko Papyrus Kaijin

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