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    Character Applications Review [PLEASE READ]


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    Character Applications Review [PLEASE READ]

    Post by Lexia on Wed Nov 16, 2016 1:48 pm

    Hello TB Community! Members and staff alike!

    While we have been having some steady progress with adding a few more things to the site (including your own little guild areas!) we have also decided to just do a rather large recap of all apps. The apps we have gone through were both in the unapproved section and also in the section that we have approved. The admins wanted to ensure that the members and all their characters are on even terms, and none is incredibly overpowered than the others. This was to also make sure that every character is on even terms, human, dragon, event ability humans, or other creature, and no one is able to god-mod other characters abilities. However, while we were going through all these different apps, we were rather surprised to find some rather powerful characters which had been approved. Due to this, we are going to be taking the following characters out of the approved section and requesting that they reduce the power levels of these characters.

    These are the characters which we are going to be taking out of the approved section for editing due to the strength of their powers.

    1. Kimberly (minor changes need to be made).

    2. Shudaar (major changes need to be made).

    The characters who are still a WIP (but we are aware of their potential god-modding and just general over-poweredness) but will be requiring a LOT more attention and editing are;

    1. Sunesning  (major changes need to be made).

    2. Akuma (slight changes need to be made).

    3. Chrysanthemm (major changes need to be made).  

    To keep this fair, staff members have also double checked the available event characters that they can check. It was brought to their attention by even reading these event characters that some regular members are much MUCH more powerful than EVENT characters. Due to this, there is a requirement for these characters to be changed.

    We apologise for causing inconveniences for anyone who had been approved to redo the strengths, weaknesses and/or special/unique abilities section of their app.

    Within 24 hours of this being posted, there will be an app review on all of the mentioned apps regarding the things which they need to change.

    Thank you for your time!

      Current date/time is Sat Jun 23, 2018 2:23 pm