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    Musei the Voiceless Empty Musei the Voiceless

    Post by Musei on Fri Nov 11, 2016 4:44 pm

    Musei the Voiceless Cb025abe94e6359601bd86123abc702eab2a16ed_hq
    Personal Info:
    Name: Musei
    Nickname: None at the moment.
    Age: Predictably in late twenties or early thirties
    Gender: Seems genderless at first glance, but is male.
    Sexuality: Demisexual
    Species: Unknown, but predictably a spirit
    Alignment: Neutral
    Height: 7'8 ft.
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Slick, black skin that looks like ebony and sometimes reflects the night sky at dusk. Feels like the skin of a baby.
    Eyes: White and shaped in perfect circles
    Hair: Musei possesses no hair.
    Looks: Musei is a tall, slender figure who is wholly black with the exception of round white eyes and a pattern resembling a shirt collar and bowtie at the base of his neck. His head is a perfect sphere, and doesn't seem to move. Rather, his eyes shift on his face that lets the reader know that he is looking in their direction or elsewhere. However, his eyes can't completely move to the back, top, or bottom of his head. Musei has abnormally long limbs, including fingers. Toes aren't visible, as they seem to be captured within a shoe. Musei has no detail to his body. You can never tell if he's wearing clothes or not, but if he does, he's always wearing the same thing. Therefore, he has no mouth, nose, or ears. Blushes are always visible, though, a rare moment to see pink tinting this night creature's face. In addition, his 'skin' sometimes reflect things, such as light, turning bits of his hide white.
    -Music. Musei is a lonely creature and has turned to playing instruments in his free time. He's good at them too! He can play violin, piano, guitar, and trumpet.

    -Blending into the shadows/night. Being given his dark hide, Musei can disappear into the shadows or dark surroundings. That is, if his skin doesn't reflect anything. And even if it doesn't, his eyes can give away his hiding spot.

    -Reading. Huh? Reading can be a skill? Well, kind of. In Musei's case, he enjoys reading and does it often. He can read at a fast pace and understand things written on paper easily. Sometimes better than when people speak!

    -Romance. Musei understands the idea of being in love and flattering a lady, but he's bad at it. He can't flirt. He can't even speak! If he cares about someone a lot, he would give them a bouquet of flowers. But actually dating?! No way! It's not a dislike, but rather something that Musei is bad at.

    -Trading/bartering. Musei cannot haggle. He is too kindhearted to try to trick or flatter someone into giving him a discount. But, in addition, he can't come up with a good trade. Let's say he was trading for a grand encylopedia. Awesome!! But how much gold will he pay for it? Musei is in the presence of a 'bad' merchant who sells things for expensive prices. The encylopedia is 100 dollars. That is ridiculous, but Musei is totally oblivious and buys the book.

    -Roleplaying. Ironic, right? This creature is awful at roleplaying on forums. You'd think that a guy that reads a lot has excellent grammar! But no. Musei has awful spelling, and uses text abbreviations frequently to the point that it annoys other players. (Example: r u dooin gud? gud. gud 2 here.)

    Special Abilities: Musei has a secret ability. He doesn't use it unless provoked which may never happen. Don't worry, mods and admins. I will update this character sheet as soon as the power is required to make sure it's approved! For now, it remains a secret. ;)
    Personality: Musei cannot speak, but that doesn't mean his personality is a lesser one. He is a very social creature despite living away from civilization, as he sometimes makes the trip to reach a village or large city. He enjoys interacting with people. He can't talk, yeah, but he finds a way to communicate with others despite being without voice. Although mellow and chilled out, Musei is almost always a happy being, but his emotions can't be picked up from or noticed unless he makes certain movements. If he's sad, his eyes will shift downwards, implying that he is looking at the ground. If Musei is happy he always looks straight ahead and perky in posture. In anger, his fingers twitch. Musei is also timid and skittish by instinct, but for unknown reason. If insulted, threatened, or spooked by a sudden sound or suspicious noise, he will 'teleport' away. No, he can't teleport. But if spooked, he will run away! FAST! (this isn't a special ability, he's fast as far as the average speed for a human goes) He is quick to put trust in someone, but this trust will be swiftly taken away if the person does something to harm him, his friends, or innocent people. Musei is a pacifist, as he promises himself often that he will never hurt another living being... But of course, promises are sometimes destined to be broken. He has a vast amount of confidence in himself. He sets his goals very high. He hopes to become a professional musician and to perform in front of lots of people! And gain fans! He has low expectations for friends though. He has a high ego sometimes, too. Pride is easily detected when he holds up his head and becomes ever more erect in posture, maybe even arching his back a bit to give himself a sophisticated look. Musei wonders what others think of him frequently, to the point he has dreams about it.

    -Writing, even though Musei is awful at it.
    -Making tea
    -Interacting with people
    -History/science meuseums
    -Clingy people
    -People who follow him around to see if they can learn more about him. This is more common with scientists. Seriously, why can't they just ask?!
    -Gore and guts. Musei gets nauseous easily.
    -Getting his hands sticky
    -Art meuseums. Boooooooooorrrriinnnnnggg.
    His books being burned to ashes
    Being rejected
    Being experimented on
    Parents: Unknown
    Mate: None.
    Offspring: None.
    Relative: None.
    Brothers/sisters: None.
    RP paragraph: NO ;-;


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    Musei the Voiceless Empty Re: Musei the Voiceless

    Post by Lexia on Sat Nov 12, 2016 3:35 am

    Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaw you better add it later then/ask me for it to be added (or any of the admins!! Or Mods!!!) XD

    Approved! (But no using special ability till you add it please <3 )


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