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    Darker; Akuma's Escort


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    Darker; Akuma's Escort

    Post by Akuma on Fri Nov 11, 2016 4:15 pm

    Name: Darker
    Age: 2 years old
    Gender: Male
    Species: Amur Tiger
    Appearance: He is just a regular tiger. But he is on the bigger scale of tigers, at 10.5 feet long from head to tail (3.3 meters) and weighs 600 lbs. (which is about 272 kilograms). He has pale orange fur and brown stripes. He has a white chest and belly and a white ruff of fur around his neck. He also has a scar across his left eye.
    Personality: He is just a regular tiger so he acts like a regular tiger. He is a bit aggressive to new people though not as much as a average tiger. He is completely submissive to and protective of Akuma.
    Abilities: Nothing special, just what a average tiger could do.
    • His left eye is blind which restricts his vision.
    • His left foreleg is longer than it should be, which slows down Darker.
    • Also Darker is a regular tiger which makes him stupid in the sense of human intelligence.

    Weapons: Darker has claws, teeth, and his cunning.
    History:Darker was found as a cub by Akuma. Akuma took in this scared and alone cub and raised it. It has been in many a fight, which is not the reason for the scar. The scar was there when Akuma found Darker.
    Extra: This is Akumas main defense.

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    Character Name: Cedric
    Species: Paradigm
    Alignment : Chaotic Neutral

    Re: Darker; Akuma's Escort

    Post by Cedric on Fri Nov 11, 2016 7:49 pm



    "It's not that I hate people. It's that I dislike people. There IS a difference, even if it's subtle. Just means that making friends is a bit harder for me. Speaking of which, Why's Allelujah's kingdom considered to be the darkest kingdom of all?

    Because he's got so many damn knights."

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