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    Post by Lorne on Mon Nov 07, 2016 7:52 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Lorne Bane
    Nickname: Lorne, Lore
    Age: 929
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Species: Kitsune
    Alignment: Good
    Height: 6'6, which is approximately 198cm tall. 1.98m.
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: He has paleish skin, and his tails have long, clean and white fur.
    Eyes: He has a pair of light greeny-blue colored eyes.
    White, Lorne has lone white hair, the back is pulled back and tied into a delicate and loose plait. His hair at the front of his face is free, falling across in front of him.
    He is an incredibly muscular Kitsune, but mainly he is build like that due to exercise, not due to fighting. Lorne can pack a punch if he has to, and has adequate fighting skills when he is close, however, he prefers not to get his hands dirty.
    Lorne is tall, almost 2 meters, with slightly longer canines thanks to his fox-like lineage. On his head are three little red stripes on his cheek, with two white, long fluffy ears poking out from his hair. His family have pure white tails, which he inherited from his father, he didn't get a fancy colour change when he had the ninth tail form. These tails are long as well, reaching around 11 feet in length from the tail base to the tip. He currently has 9 long tails, which he controls individually. His movements with them are graceful, purposeful, and move with ease. He can hide his tails whenever he wants, make them disappear.
    On his arms he wears golden bands on his biceps and has white bracers on his arms (when he is about to fight that is. He also ditches the shirts and trades the jeans for a white loosely flowing pants. These items are the only thing which transforms with him if he swaps forms).
    When he's around town, he wears a simple white, button up shirt, which is normally accompanied by either blue or black jeans. He never removes the pendant strung up to his hair, which is an item that he's had for many years. Inside this pendant is his star ball, which he treasures.

    Lorne Bane Lorne_10

    In his true form, he is either the same size as he is in his human form, or he can become tiny, incredibly small, around 1 foot tall at max. His tails are 2 feet long in this form. His fur is a pure white, with intricate silver patterns on the tips.

    Lorne, fox form:
    Lorne Bane 8a0fc104ee92fc5e04649cfe93c19e91

    Personality wise;
    ~He's a prankster by nature and does his best to make at least someone laugh. Or will do it to amuse himself.
    ~Lorne tries his absolute best to be a charmer to try and get on people's good side, although has a streak of concern for others.

    Skills/combat wise;
    ~His nose is incredibly sensitive and he is able to smell if something isn't a pure human. He can also use this to tell if something is spicy, hot, cold, mild, etc.
    ~Lorne has incredible hearing as well, able to hear a twig snapping from a great distance (approximately 100 feet).
    ~He is quite agile on his feet and light-footed.
    ~In his fox form, he can run up to 70mph, so he can outspeed a lot of things, but won't be able to outrun a bullet by any stretch.
    ~His fox form can move almost silently, but his white fur tends to stand out in the darkness.
    ~He is a master assassin.

    Personality wise;
    ~He thinks he's a charmer half the time, and can often push that to his advantage, in all the wrong ways.
    ~He's arrogant.

    Skills/combat wise;
    ~He wears no armor.
    ~He relies on silence, moving swiftly to get close to his target.
    ~He can't recognize danger, or a bait, very easily, he becomes too focused on his work.
    ~His hearing is also a downside, as too much noise can get to him and he cracks.
    ~If his star ball is taken from him, he would literally do anything to get it back. He would obey the thief's every word until he got it back.

    Just other things he's not great at;
    ~Knowing when a prank has gone too far.
    ~Sometimes reading other people, as he can get it horribly wrong.
    ~People could consider his apparel something to avoid, as he normally prefers to be shirtless. Even during fights.

    Special Abilities:
    Lorne has the ability to mark his opponent. He does this by coming within 20 feet of his target and using his star ball to burn their skin. When they are burned, a symbol of a two-tailed fox appears there. When they are marked, Lorne is able to see them clearly in crowded streets. If they are on the other side of walls, he is able to see an outline of them. If there is only 1 wall in between them, he can see the outline for up to 400 feet away. 2 walls make it 200 feet away. 3 walls, 100. He cannot see them through 4 walls. He also cannot see their outline through two steel walls but can see them through one. The mark lasts for 6 posts before it disappears. He then has to wait for another 2 posts before he can remark his target.
    Seeming this is used with his star ball, he is incredibly hesitant to use it, but if he can burn them and mark them clearly, he will do it.

    Lorne has the ability to make illusions appear in front of others. This illusion can form up to 200 feet away from him, and will mimic what he looks like, an object, or something of a smaller size. He can influence it and make it move, as well as influences their smell, so it literally looks real in every way. Except that its not. He cannot distinguish who does and doesn't see it. Once something touches it, it vanishes in a puff of air. It lasts for a maximum of 3 posts. After its broken, he has to wait 3 posts before he can remake the illusion.

    At will, he can transform into his fox form. He has to trigger this ability again to go back to being a human. In this form, he can run up to 70mph, and he is incredibly small. He also can run silently in this form so he can push off vases from ledges, then run away without being seen.
    Lorne is a huge trickster. Aside from being a giant trickster and getting a giant laugh for doing pranks, he also tries to be an absolute charmer to entice others into liking him. He isn't afraid to speak his mind and compliment someone on their looks, even if they are of the same gender or not. So one minute you could have an adorable little Kitsune resting on your arm, staring up at you innocently while stating how adorable you are, then the next, he could be giving you an apple disguised as a piece of cake... All for the sake of a laugh.

    However, he doesn't do this without a reason. He believes having a wider network of friends and people to talk with will allow him to find his targets quicker. Complete missions faster to get back to being free.

    Lorne doesn't know when to stop with jokes, wanting to have fun practically all the time with his pranks. He is a complete joker. He loves having fun and is a really chill person to be around. He loves to show off what he can do with his illusions as well, just wanting to have a great time and have fun.

    That is until he's on a mission. When he is, he is completely focused on killing his target. Lorne will not stop until his target is gone, and becomes a serious, cold, and distant little Kitsune. Even though he tries his best, he cannot hide it from others when he's on a quest. He just wants it over and done with to get back to pranking people and having fun!

    ~He enjoys playing tricks on others, anything to make himself laugh.
    ~He also enjoys being a bit of a show off.
    ~Studying and learning.
    ~Grooming his tails.

    ~Having restraints on his freedom.

    ~He fears being locked up in a cell, terrified of confinement.
    ~He also fears that his star ball will be taken, and if it is, he would basically do anything to get it back.
    Parents: Unknown
    Mate: N/A
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: N/A
    Brothers/sisters: N/A
    History: The Kitsune came from a planet to the far reaches of space. Over the course of time, one broke away when he heard of the new planet. Since landing there, he has continuously explored and tried to learn of the new world.
    RP paragraph: Lexia here~
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    Post by sLy on Tue Nov 08, 2016 12:59 am



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