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    Kuro  Empty Kuro

    Post by Kuro on Sun Nov 06, 2016 12:55 pm

    Personal Info:
    Name: Kuro
    Nickname: Black Cat
    Age: 2,000+
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Probably bisexual
    Species: Nekomata
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Height: Human: 6' 1.9". As a cat, his size can vary. His maximum size is 20 ft tall, and his minimum size is around the size of a regular housecat.
    Skin/Fur/Scales, Etc.: Kuro is lightly tanned as a human, but as a cat, he has pitch black fur.
    Eyes: Dark red
    Hair: Kuro's hair is a product of his sleeping style, where he sleeps kind of facedown with two pillows covering both sides of his face to seemingly block out the world. It's a crazy bedhead that Kuro can't tame, so he kind of just lets it be. A part of his hair falls into the right side of his face, while the rest is just spikes.  
    Looks: Kuro is tall and thin with a muscular but still slender frame, encouraging the nickname of lanky from a few people. His black hair is styled in a messy bedhair style, with one fringe hanging slightly in his right eye. Kuro's facial features are rather sly and cat-like, a constant shit-eating smirk worming its way across his face. The smirk can both be unnerving, but it also does well to piss people off, as if Kuro is taunting them when he might not even be looking at them.

    While not in his complete human form, Kuro has a pair of black cat ears sticking out from his head, and a long tail that splits into two. His hands are clawed, and he has elongated canines. Red markings outline the top of his eyes while two smaller curved lines rest underneath them. At the tips of his tails burns a ghostly blue flame.

    In his full demon form, Kuro is a giant monster cat with pitch black fur, razor sharp claws and long fangs. His mouth is etched into a ghastly smile that may look a bit similar to a fanged skeleton's grin, the ends of his mouth revealing a lot more than usual. His signature forked tail with the ghostly blue flame is still there, but now his eyes glow an unearthly red. The red designs are still located around his eyes, but they also seem to glow with a soft light. Ghost lights will sometimes blaze around him.
    - Kuro is a fast thinker, and a smart talker. He is equipped with something called the silver tongue. He is a very smooth and persuasive talker, able to talk people into doing things that they normally wouldn't do.

    - Kuro is someone who excels in the art of adaptability and disguise with his shapeshifting abilities. He thrives in espionage, gathering information and intel that people usually couldn't get. He is stealthy, and works quickly, as he was one of the top mercenary thieves in the past, having stolen things of massive scales and never being caught. He is also an escape artist, able to escape from various traps and locks in impressive amounts of time.

    - Kuro is fast, agile and slippery. He's an expert when it comes to close-ranged combat, utilizing his speed and agility to aid him in battle. Kuro commonly uses knives and daggers in battle claws included, able to take down even large opponents with ease with just a knife.

    - Kuro has extremely keen senses and smell, equipped with all that comes with being a cat. This includes night vision, enhanced senses, and of course, stealth tactics.

    - His very nature makes it difficult for him to stay away from trouble.

    - Generally, people find him rather untrustworthy and tend to shy away from him, which might make things a bit difficult when gathering information.

    - Mirrors reveal his true form, or any other super reflective surface. The reflection of running water can also reveal him, and also weakens his ability. There's also the fact that whenever Kuro shapeshifts, he retains a slight feature of his original form, which in his case is his dark red eyes, and sometimes dark hair/fur/scales.

    - 100% pure gold will burn him rather badly. Spiritual, purifying wards can also either hurt, or keep Kuro away.
    Special Abilities:
    Spiritual Awareness
    As a Japanese Nekomata, Kuro is spiritually aware, and can see and interact with spirits and demons that other mortals cannot see, such as spirits, ghosts, demons, etc. The same also goes for him, as well. Kuro cannot and will not be seen by regular non-spiritual beings, and thus is rendered invisible to them. This is how those mysterious occurrences that seem to have been caused by ghosts happen. Kuro will only be seen when he wants to be seen, or a being with spiritual power appears.

    This spiritual awareness also allows him to see other creatures' spiritual power, their aura if you will, which allows him to see where people are, what people are, and sometimes even what emotion they're feeling. He reads people's souls, and since you can't hide the soul, he can figure out what you truly are.

    He can also extract souls from the dead, taking them into his custody. Once again, this can only happen once the person is dead, and Kuro can do nothing with them except keep or eat them. After all, souls of the dead are another one of his food sources. Same with live humans. He eats them. But you know. Occasionally.

    Kuro can fluidly shift his form into an animal, or a human. His most preferred form is his original form, the form he had before he died, which is a pure black cat. Kuro's forms are also limited: he can only shift into his cat form, a select few animals, his Nekomata form, or that of a human's. He also can't copy a human's form directly, which is why he comes up with his own variations. His most common human form is listed above in the appearances, and that's the one he uses on a daily basis. On any super reflective surface or running water, his true form will be revealed. Kuro is aware of this weakness, which is why he takes careful precautions to avoid reflective surfaces.

    Ghost Lights
    Kuro can manipulate ghost lights in the shape of fiery ghostly blue orbs. In other words, blue fireballs. Blue flames are also located at the end of his tails. While not as effective on mortals as spiritual beings, they can still burn other objects albeit not very well. Kuro usually uses these as a means to prank people as well. He uses his tails to act as torches to set fires.

    Necromancy Nekomancy
    The most standard ability of a Nekomata, Kuro can obviously raise the dead. This is the most effective when in his cat form. He raises the dead by, well, dancing. He gestures with his paws and tails to summon the dead, and can effectively control them like a puppet master. They are not zombies, because they are still absolutely dead. Kuro just controls their very movement. As long as Kuro controls them, the dead are still actively moving unless immobilized in their place. They can also be cut down rather easily because Kuro cannot concentrate on each dead person and have them dodge. Disrupting Kuro's concentration is also another way to cancel out the necromancy. There's not much of a limit to what dead creature Kuro can summon, but larger creatures take more effort to control, which is why Kuro can only limit them to one.
    Personality: Kuro could be called an eccentric person, but he knows how to keep a level mind and think clearly. Most of the times. He is a very laid-back and easy-going person, with a scheming and sly personality to boot. Called the provocation expert by many, Kuro is a huge tease, and good at riling up people which could be both a good or bad thing. Kuro also very much loves his cat puns, and will use them anywhere, anytime, any place.

    Externally, Kuro seems like the type of person you wouldn't want to trust with anything, but once people get to know him, they find out that he really is a decent person at heart. He cares for his friends deeply, and would sacrifice quite a lot to protect them. He also lets slip parts of his more serious persona, the part that he keeps bottled within him. Kuro hates showing weakness; he doesn't want people to think he's worthless which is why he keeps up an easygoing facade on the outside. He bottles in his emotions and keeps them pent up inside. And when they burst... it can turn messy.

    Kuro is also actually pretty organized, despite what some may suspect from his appearance. He usually keeps all of his belongings in order, and has a mild case of OCD when it comes to grammar and punctuation.

    - Kuro is the guy who would crash a kid's birthday party and belt out Disney songs. "CAAAAAAN YOU FEEEEEEL THE LOOOOOOVE TONIIIIIIIGHT!"
    - Kuro is also the guy who would wonder how many flamin' hot Cheetos he could stuff up his nose, and try it.
    - He's also the person who, at a toy store, would steal a tricycle and ride it around the store.
    - Is also the guy who would make loud and obscene sex noises with a shit-eating grin while a friend is calling on the phone, because he's a shithead.

    - Teasing people
    - Fish, especially mackerel
    - He actually enjoys swimming
    - Who doesn't like friends
    - Kuro adores cats as well, and they mostly adore him as well
    - He has somewhat a collection of human souls now, souls that he's taken from the dead after they die. It's not like he can actually do anything with them, he just kind of keeps them.
    - He's kind of a dorky nerd, and cries when watching sad nature/animal documentaries.
    - Snakes
    - Dishonest people (although it's ironic, since Kuro is a thief and liar himself)
    - Black licorice
    - Dirt. This is why Kuro constantly bathes himself and his balls, and kind of just showcases them off to the world because he has no shame.
    - Strong scents
    - Extra spicy foods
    - Mild fear of snakes
    - Attics and basements
    - Vacuums, especially when in his cat form
    - His biggest fear is the thought of becoming close to people again. In his past, he grew close with people, only for them to either leave him, or betray him in the worst way: sealing him away for centuries. Kuro has since then become jaded from creating close attachments, but in reality, all he really wants is comfort and companionship again. He's however, very much torn in which side to choose. He wants the trust, but he doesn't want to risk the idea of betrayal again.
    Parents: N/A
    Mate: N/A
    Offspring: N/A
    Relative: N/A
    Brothers/sisters: N/A
    History: (Brief history; Can explain more later. Optional)
    RP paragraph:


    Kuro at 3 am: "The intrinsic nature of the human soul is marked by its exhaustive pursuit of an impossible utopia. Whether or not this utopia truly exists is a question that has plagued the minds and teased the hearts of humankid for thousands of years. My fear, my deepest fear is that this human-crafted concept of paradise is only a manifestation of our fruitless hopes and inevitable disappointment."

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    Kuro  Empty Re: Kuro

    Post by Cedric on Sat Nov 12, 2016 5:14 pm

    For spiritual awareness, I'll put the dumbed-down explanation here:

    19:09:48] Kuro : Kuro is a literal spirit. As a spirit, he can't attack anybody but other spirits/spiritual creatures or whatever.
    [19:09:49] Kuro : In return
    [19:09:57] Kuro : People without spiritual pwower cannot harm him
    [19:09:58] Kuro : *power
    [19:10:03] Kuro : Which is why he resorts to the floating hot dog trick




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    Because he's got so many damn knights."

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